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Issue: February 2009
Movement Medicine Shop

The Movement Medicine Shop is born, taking over the baton from Second Wave Productions. We have new stock, check it out! And I’ve put up more clips, so you can hear more of the music we have. As we move into a more distinctly Movement Medicine world of music, DVDs and books, our product range is changing. We have some beautiful stuff for you. And a sale also!

Our first batch of Nick Barber’s beautiful and tender  “Clear Blue Sky” have already sold out, new ones in this week, and the long awaited Darpan CD is also in stock, with the anthemic “Pacha Mama” that many of you have been yearning for. And soon we will have Morgan Doctor’s new CD in.

And we have an amazing DVD of Eva Mozes Kor speaking at a Family Constellations conference. With her twin, Eva was in Auschwitz, where they suffered Dr Mengele’s twin “experiments” and survived. She talks with great chutzpah, passion and honesty about her own journey and the power of “never giving up” and the power of forgiveness which she has arrived at. This is one of the most inspiring pieces of communication we have ever seen.

When we watched it in my Constellations training I felt that this is treasure to be shared. It inspired one of my colleagues to teach us the beautiful groovy South African song “Bambela!” (“Never give up!”) which has since become one of my favourite songs to teach and sing.

Go to our website:  and you can buy online using most major credit cards. Or you can e-mail Frazer on: or call him on 0044 (0)1803 731003.


All the best!

Susannah and Frazer


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