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Issue: February 2009
Living the Dream

by Ya'Acov
I am always astonished by the promise of spring. Even amongst the snow and the fierce cold, the early spring growth has the audacity to do its dance. Iím travelling again, this time to Padova to run a Source weekend workshop. As the train moves through the February mists, thereís an ever-changing backdrop to let the mind flow out into. I watch the landscape change from flooded fields to rows of bicycles on the station platform and back out into the countryside where thereís a giant white horse carved into the hillside. I travelled this same route the other way earlier in the week and the subtle signs are everywhere that the sun is returning and spring is on the way.

I wonder how those early spring plants feel when they pop their first shoots out from the ground and into the light. I wonder if they feel the excitement or the fear as they begin to unravel their own particular expression and make their offering into the world. If they do, I know how they feel. We finished the first draft of our book this past week and itís now being read for the first time by the publisher and a few friends. I have been amazed by what a big thing it has been for me to have taken this giant step towards getting our first book out. Itís got a new title that weíre much happier with: Movement Medicine Ė 9 Gateways to Living the Dream.

And, I had no idea what a weight Iíd been carrying inside me for all these years. Many years ago, I discovered a painful little lump on my back. I had it removed and it was quite benign. Susannah said at the time that she was sure that when they checked it in the lab, they would find thousands of words all wound tightly together that needed to be crafted into stories, books and other creative offerings. Iím sure thereís more to come. Itís been a major pattern breaker to have written this book. I feel that in the last three years, the dam with which I was holding back my own creativity has well and truly burst. And that hasnít happened by itself. Iíve made a number of choices that have been much more consistent with the tuning fork of truth inside me. And there have been many fears to acknowledge, learn from, dance and let go of in this time. I feel that the years of disciplined practice are beginning to bear their fruit now and I can feel the shudders of excitement and gratitude inside me as I think about it.

I am aware that there is so much fear being pumped out into the airwaves every day and if weíre not careful, we can be gripped by it. I discovered many years ago that if we let our fear sit still in the pit of our stomachs, we are a short step from becoming the victims of other peopleís stories about reality. I learned how to get up, find my ground, remember who I am and what I am connected to, and dance my socks off. In returning to the whole wisdom of the body-heart-mind in movement, I remember the deeper truth that the intelligence of fear is in its ability to get us moving and taking action if necessary to protect our selves and what we love. After all, nature shows us that when itís time to grow, itís time to grow. Can you imagine if the daffodils turned round and said, sorry folks, weíve decided not to grow this year because of the recession. We have chosen to tell the story in this life that this life is an invitation to learn from, grow with and create with any situation that the Great Choreographer chooses to send our way.

Given the evermore acknowledged truth that all of life is entirely and thoroughly interconnected, whether we like it or not, and that our experience of life is a blend of our own perceptions and the environment and times we live in, how close are you to Living the Dream you came here to live? Whatís been growing in you in the dark winter months? What are you planting in the garden of life through your thoughts, choices and actions?

Those of you that have been dancing with us recently will know that the workshops we are offering are places to nourish, strengthen and encourage each other to be who we are and give everything weíve got. The choice to be your self is not a one-off choice. Itís an ongoing discovery as you meet each new situation that life offers.

For All Our Relations was born in an afternoon conversation with Christian de Sousa several years ago when we were looking for the theme of a workshop Christian was organising in London. Itís now done the rounds with weekend workshops in Warsaw, Hamburg, Stockholm, Oslo, Kempten, Israel, and of course London. In May, Iím running it for the first time as a week-long residential in the wonderful Waldhaus Centre in Switzerland. An important part of the work we do is focused on dancing our dreams and prayers for our selves, our loved ones, our communities (and this includes the whole community of life on earth), and our ancestors. Through the all-night Long Dance, we invite the spirit of the dance to deliver us into the grace lands of connection with the eternal divine source within us and beyond us. The Long Dance is a powerful ceremony in itself. I am continually receiving e-mails from people who have benefitted in concrete ways from the ceremonies. And, since give-aways are an important part of such ceremonies, dancers are invited to raise money from their families and friends by asking them to sponsor them for the Long dance Ceremony. More than £25000 has been raised so far for a host of small charitable projects. So at a time when there may be more fear in the air than normal, I invite you to take the leap, join us in Switzerland, and follow the old Zen saying which reminds us: ĎIf you want something, give it away.í

The choice to be your self is very often a challenge. Donít let fear stop you growing with the season and finding the next expression of the totally unique offering you are.

I leave you with two excellent, short You Tube films to remind you why dance is a must in this life!


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And finally, our good friend Michael from the Waldhaus has just let us know about this search engine. Seemingly, every search you do saves a little pristine rainforest. Sounds good to me.

All power and kindness to you on your journey. Hope to see you somewhere on the road.


With love and Respect.


YaíAcov. February 2009.




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