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Issue: February 2009
The Dreamscape of Fusion

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By Hannah Mackay


February 2009.  

In December, I participated in the Fusion workshop led by Susannah in Sheffield. During the weekend we were invited to dance as our deep Dreams, and then, as our Dreams, to write about ourselves. Back on the dance-floor, we let our ‘arrows of intention’ go, to fly towards these dreams; whilst at the same time accepting we would not know the path these arrows would take, nor whether we would see these dreams come to fruition.

After the workshop I was inspired to write a description of the Dreamscape of the workshop, putting together dreams from the some of the members of the group; this is what follows. Many thanks to those who sent me words about their dreams.


We are the dreams of dancers on a cold winter’s weekend.

We are whole. We bring healing into the world. Life is beautiful.

Some of the dreams speak:

I am the dream of the light at the mountaintop, the deep dark ocean places, forests of kelp swaying, sunbeams touching deep blue. The dream of the seals and the dream of the clashing icebergs.

The dream of the dolphins, the ocean spray, the currents, the dream of the grains of sand on the beach, the mouse’s heartbeat, the swallow baby giving its mouth to be fed, the antelopes crossing the plain.

The dream of the tiger, the dream of teeth.

The dream of the cicada singing the summer away, the dragonfly dream, the eternity of a mayfly life, the slow sea-serpent dream, the centipede’s dream.

The dream of the bird with the broken wing, the dream of falling, the dream of deep blue falling broken-hearted. One black bird in a blue sky. The dream of those who fly too close to the sun and fall.

The dream of leaving. The dream of beyond.

The dream of breathing the heartbeat back into the broken-hearted, warming the small feathered creature, blowing warm breath back into the lungs. The dream of fur and feather, warm and soft.

The dream of teeth and claws and beaks.

The dream of the sea, the longing of the seals, the deep deep blue.

The dream of falling, the dream of rising, the small small heartbeat in a cold bright world

The dream of sunrise and warmth on a broken bird.

The dream of tenderness. The dream of the power of small hands, of tenderness, of breath.

The dream of dreaming, falling, sleep.

One black bird in a deep blue sky.

The dream of dreams.


I am the dream of peace and lightness. Fun, community, joyful responsibility. Creativity, healing, fairness, sustainability. Loving relationship. Powerful right action. Focus. Wisdom. Beauty. Simplicity. Fertility. Skilful problem solving. Generosity. 

I am the dream of healing spreading out into the world. Enabled to be as we are, we live without fear and our potential continually unfolds. Every day we have enough energy to do our healing work and to live in beauty. This healing helps and is manifest in the children. We are able to connect to our celestial selves to nourish ourselves in the everyday. Our healing continues to come easily to us. Connected and free in everyday life and in the community, we participate fully in our community and family. Our lives are characterised by great happiness and compassion. We help others find their healing from their sense of exclusion. People come together in beauty.

I am an instrument of peace. Through singing, creating and dance, all those who come together will be open to love. A love that is so big that it overcomes difference. A love that is so big that it overcomes hatred and animosity. Part of my dream is the dance of community, a community that has a similar vision, a passion and commitment to heal hurts and lost dreams. To work with children who live in war torn lands, whose eyes are filled with a terrible sadness, the wounds they hold in their hearts are so large. The dream is so big and so important that it is not the dream of one person; it is a movement with lots of dancers, singers and artists that come together to create a better place. My friends and my children are part of this dream, they will spread this dream to other places. I have a passion to bring this dream into being. I will have my beloved with me in this work.

I am the deep dream of being an artist.  Colour, art, creativity, expression surround me, are embedded in my life.  I am part of an artistic community, a local community of artists.  I show my work to the public.  I have space at home for my art, and it’s well used.  I am proud of my art.  I let it happen spontaneously.  My job involves helping others to express themselves artistically, to heal themselves with art.  I love my job, I dreamed of this.  Everything about my life expresses my inner artist.  I surprise myself with my art constantly. Others surprise me with theirs.  I love this process.

We are harvesting the fruits of our history and using them to create an abundant and joyful present and a sustainable future for all our relations.

To realise the dream means moving beyond the dreams of yesterday, letting go of what might have been. Heart open, walking through the valley of darkness, grief and pain. Opening to this new beginning, bringing the vale of tears, welcoming the foundation of pain from which your arrow will fly.

I celebrate your movement carrying you forward to your dream.

I am a life which is shared with others whom I love, and with whom I share a common vision for the world. I live in nature/with nature. I live with awareness of the energy we use, inner and outer. I engage with, accept and try to alleviate some of the wounds in myself and others. I am deeply connected to the possibility that we/I can live in peace on and with this our Mother, Earth. I am committed to partaking in sharing creative and ritualistic ways of being. I am able, softly, directly, and truly free of shame, challenge others and other ways of living so that perhaps I can contribute to some degree of change in their lives. I give love and care to my and other children and offer them the opportunities they truly deserve. I am content in my intimate relationships with all beings. I am light, I am love. I am a creative/spiritual and innovative residential centre in a beautiful location by the sea which contributes to sustaining life in all its glory and beauty.

You've made a good start, middle and how will it end? I know you're scared but share it and you will be working towards a brand new jumper. Off or on you're on; let it be on. Are you loving as much as you can? Is it enough?

I am a dream of freedom.  Of being who I am.  Of bringing myself to the world with all my gifts and imperfections.  Of accepting myself and others just as we are – and having others do the same. I am a dream of daring to be different and celebrating my uniqueness.  Of courage in the face of challenges, secure in the knowledge that whatever happens is just another step on this life’s journey and one from which I will grow stronger. But more than anything, I am a dream of using my uniqueness to create something good in the world, whether big or small, and of inspiring others to do the same.

We breathe forth life in all its magnificence.

The dreams have spoken. Blessed be.
Fusion Butterfly painted by Sarah Blagg

If you're interested in dreaming in your next steps in life, Return of the Light is the upcoming workshop with a similar theme.


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