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Issue: February 2009
We have some Tickets for you!

The tickets are for the world premier of the cantata OUT OF THE DARKNESS by Julian Marshall which sparkles with rhythm and life and is inspired by the poem 'Aus dem Dunkel' by Gertrud Kolmar, who was a poet who died in Auschwitz. We were so inspired by this project that we decided to sponsor it, and in exchange we have some tickets which we would like to share with you!

Julian Marshall is a wonderful musician who some of you know from  workshops, and as a member of Be-Attitude. "Out Of The Darkness" comes straight from his big heart with all the top flight musicality at his disposable, bringing musical light and passion to Gertrud Kolmar's potent words. He has created new music which shines with classical subtlety and irrepressible groove. If you can possibly get to one or other of these performances, do!  

We have 10 tickets for each performance. First come first served. Please contact Roland NOW if you want one (or two or three!) We suggest a donation to the school's charity:
Thursday 19 March 2009
London – Friday 27 March 2009

For full details go to:
or email

Happy concert going!
Susannah and Ya’Acov

Out Of The Darkness

by Julian Marshall

Last November, I stumbled across the poetry and letters of Gertrud Kolmar and was at once struck by what a remarkable woman and poet she was. During World War II she lived in Berlin, taking care of her aging father until finally being deported to Auschwitz in 1943 where she was murdered. Yet, as her writings suggest, even in the darkest of circumstances she was able to meet her fate with a stoic equanimity.
Her poems are strikingly full of life – colour, vibrancy, deep sensation - and ‘Aus den Dunkel’ (‘Out Of The Darkness’), is surely one of the most beautiful. Written in 1937, it evokes powerful dream-like images of crumbling and decay - serving as an eerie foretelling of the imminent tidal wave of horror about to hit the world.

Deeply moved by this poem, I felt compelled to write a piece in service to her extraordinary capacity to stand powerfully in her experience of life whilst at the same time expressing this with exquisite perception.
I decided to set ‘Out Of The Darkness’ as a cantata for chamber choir, mezzo soprano soloist and two ‘cellos. To begin with, I imagined that I’d settle on a musical language that might somehow ‘meet’ the darkness in the poem. But as I began to compose, quite different stylistic voices seemed to suggest themselves. Influences of Tango and Bossa Nova, as well as more abstract ideas all seemed ironically appropriate! The result is a cantata of about 40 minutes.

For our two premiere concerts, we have a stellar cast of top professional musicians. These include mezzo soprano soloist Melanie Pappenheim (famous for her work with The Shout, Jocelyn Pook and Dr Who), conductor Howard Moody (, ‘cellists Sophie Harris and Lucy Railton and a hand picked professional choir of eight. Concert promotion is by Gabi Faja of Biaerbeck and Holmes – another gem and a true partner for me in this project. We will use our premiere concert events to promote further performances and education projects both nationally and internationally.

A commercial recording of the piece is being planned for release in the autumn 2009.

‘Out of the Darkness’ forms the second part of the March concert programme. The first half includes music be Arvo Part, Ligeti and excerpts from William Byrd’s 4-part Mass – music written, by the way, in secret for fear of political reprisals.

We will also be running an education project to coincide with these concerts and I am delighted to confirm that this will be with students from Kid’s Company - the charity founded by Camilla Batmanghelidjh ( The education project will take the form of a theatre piece exploring themes from the text alongside notions of freedom and constraint. This will be facilitated by Emma Roberts (a highly experienced theatre director and performer) and myself. 

Many thanks for your interest in reading this and with best wishes,

Julian Marshall

JULIAN MARSHALL. Educated at Dartington Hall Schooland The Royal College of Music, Julian Marshall is known internationally as co-creator (with Kit Hain) of the 70’s group ‘Marshall Hain’ - known especially for their massively successful international hit ‘Dancing in the City’ in the late 70’s. He was also a member of ‘The Flying Lizards’ – who scored a top 5 hit with ‘Money’ in 1979.
In the 80’s he formed the group ‘Eye to Eye’ with American song writer and performer Deborah Berg - recording two classic albums for Warner Brothers produced by ‘Steely Dan’ producer Gary Katz and a latter day third album produced by ‘Roxy Music’ producer Rhett Davies..  

He has been a senior A&R man for Polydor Records, has produced records and played as a session musician on both sides of the
Atlantic. He has also enjoyed many years running his own highly successful teaching practice as well as teaching and lecturing in music at Dartington College of Arts, Plymouth University
and elsewhere. He also mentors students who demonstrate outstanding song writing talent – recently including the rising star Cosmo Jarvis. He runs courses on song writing, organises concerts and events and teaches song writing at the Dartington International Summer School.

In 2008 Julian created ‘Songsmiths’ -  a partnership between Goldsmith’s College and The Kids’ Company charity – where undergraduate song writer volunteers from Goldsmith’s College teach song writing and performance skills to Kids Company clients – for more information about The Kid’s Company, please visit

Returning to his classical routes, composition, which has been a constant throughout his career, now assumes a central position in his creative life. His passion for music and education come together in the context of what he describes as a ‘socially engaged arts practise’ – composing music and offering educational projects that look at challenging social issues.  
Julian’s composer credits include, (as well as the many songs for above named bands), the score for Orion pictures film ‘Old Enough’ (directed by Marissa Silver); ‘The Clock of the Long Now’ (with text by poet Rose Cook) for Plymouth Symphony Orchestra and several combined school choirs; the score for the film ‘Still Life’ (directed by Emma George); Music for ‘Shaping the Invisible’ (improvised performance with theatre maker and performer Emma Roberts). Julian has several works in progress.  A premier of his next work ‘Love Songs’ is being planned for 2010.

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