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Issue: February Newsletter

By Hanna
For me, in my human experience here, it has been of such great help to grasp the importance of really arriving here, on this earth, in the physical realm and in my body! After years of searching in other dimensions, I finally can move into accepting my soulís choice to be here now, in this physical body.

And is that not the basis for living here on earth –recognizing, honoring and nurturing my presence in my body, and caring for its needs? And as I remember, during the ‘Journey of Empowerment’, the starting point there too was the laying out and building of a basis together, as safe and solid place to land, be and become. A foundation from which work, fun and play can start.
For me, embodiment also holds something refreshingly clear and down-to-earth: I need a body for this human experience here. Period. It is present and tangible and I can feel it. With its realness of weight and needs, I can feel gratefulness each time I remember that Mother Earth is holding my physical body, in every single moment of my life here, and that she is feeding me, every day.

I was led to Movement Medicine through my deep desire to get to know and learn from my body. I wanted to hear it speak to me, whisper to me, cry, forgive me, laugh and heal with me. I had spent a lot of time with my body (studying dance and yoga), and was able to do all sorts with it. Yet almost only after my body had “abandoned” me, as it felt then, and I had been unable to exercise for about 2 years, did I become curious… not of what my body can perform, but of what my body holds inside, what may be hidden, what it wants to express, how it wants to move me, not how my mind decides. After the first day of the journey, I had written the following in my journal, inspired by Susannah’s question: What does this workshop and your choice mean in the context of your life? “. I used and abused my body to “deal with”, hide or compensate my story. My body became the passive canvas on which I acted out my pains, insecurities and strict impositions, and I trained it fairly fiercely to (subconsciously) be/come my strong armour and shield to protect me and make sure nothing can happen to me, no matter what. My body –silent, passive, enduring, patient. Now I wish to offer my body the stage of real truth and expression, from within. I want my body not to remain a passive canvas, but I invite it to draw with brush and pen, and to dance onto the canvas which is my life!”

I knew little about Movement Medicine, and last month I wrote I had no idea of what else would be offered to me in a MM journey. Yes, indeed: here I was, wishing to learn from my body, yet offered to me was the personal embodiment of past, present and future. Offered to me was a safe journey into fully embodying my personal stories, pains, fears, and despairs; of fully embodying my dreams, visions, healing and soul-strength; and of giving body to my spiritual parts, relations and connections. And so much more …

How can I say … in my very own personal experience of healing in these past few years, I had come to a point where I felt so strongly (before I met MM), that now is the time for processes, learnings, transformation, experiences, growth … of everything going on in my psyche and in my heart and mind to go through my body; as a catalyst and means of expression, and to literally move down, towards earth, through my body: embodiment, becoming real, having shape. For me, embodiment has the feel of colouring in, or filling out, giving body, giving life and physical manifestation to all I just mentioned –and for that reason, it has been so powerful for me.
For example: I may have grasped the thin outline of “I am as valuable as everybody else” (as I once “understood” in a therapy session: a totally new belief and thought in my mind and all my cells). I can see the pencil drawn lines of this sentence. With the dance and my body however, I start to flesh it out fully, and bring it into experience and manifestation. And because my physical experience is directly linked to my heart (emotions) and mind, this experience becomes one of such great value: experiencing and “colouring in” on many levels.

How potent it is when I actually embody the restricting and binding thought patterns, or “untrue realities” that are going on inside. How powerful when they themselves become “alive” and move my body. I can physically experience the effects this “story” has on body, heart and psyche, and the consequence it brings for me and my being. How real and transforming to then consciously and physically release this story and let it go!

Processes and transformations I go through are made REAL. They happen, physically and on this earth –tangible and real. The letting go of negative thought patterns that have been dominating large parts of myself and my experienced life actually happened! My body danced it, my cells felt it, my heart created it: an entire healing process has been embodied and “created”, and does not remain just a thought in my mind, or a thin pencil drawn outline.

So it was the same intensity when moving through the various qualities of the elements or power animals. (Or when embodying the Tree of Life, dancing my “ugly” parts, or my boundaries, when physically exploring the connection to the earth with my feet, or when physically feeling, in the dance, how the divine Female and the divine Male energies are united in my being, and many more examples!) My body led me to spaces within emotional landscapes that day, which I think I had not seen nor felt before. That day, when being led by Susannah and Ya’Acov to be in and with the Fire and to dance and be moved by what my passion is, what I defend when necessary, to dance the fire of my soul-flame and my creativity! Experiencing fully the embodied and pure emotion of what it feels like when I, Hanna, am protecting myself, my path, my choice, and my needs. I am opening a channel of being allowed to voice and speak! To let out what I need to, and being allowed to stand up for what I love. I tap into, discover and unleash totally new resources within myself, and I experience such great and pure strength, emerging from an authentic, deep-lying place of true purpose and passion, and not from a well-known I-have-to-prove-something-place. A rediscovering of raw emotion, which largely had been silenced or hidden. Wow –what I find when I uncover!

I also enjoy the purifying quality these embodied processes bring: After having been guided through the embodiment of a wide emotional landscape (Chambers of the Heart), my whole being feels thoroughly cleansed and rinsed through, on all levels. Purified, afresh, and as if I my own me has just peeled itself out of some more layers of “stories” or other binding experiences. As if I have seen some more shades and colours of my own heart and soul I have not noticed so far.

This experience of embodiment also nurtures my own trust in my body and its wisdom. This reminds me of Ya’Acov’s invitation and words to us: “Give it to the dancer.” (Any emotion or process going on) Through that I have experienced I am giving it over to an innate wisdom which simply “knows”. An innate wisdom which always transforms or “works with” what I offer, no matter what it may be. It is also a witnessing that my body can let this mystery of being human appear in a real and manifested (cute, funny, moving, gentle, wild, slow, daring, alive…) way.

So I came with the invitation and the question of what my body holds inside, how it speaks and expresses from within. In turn I am now discovering how my body plays such a vital ingredient in my growth, awakening and healing, when I approach this on an all-embracing, truthful and inclusive path. I am discovering little and big miracles, when I take my body with.

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