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Issue: February Newsletter
The Circle, The Fire & The Phoenix

By Caroline Carey
Dear Movement Medicine friends! I am very happy to share with you the writings of my latest book, which has just been published. 'The Circle, The Fire & The Phoenix' is a book of poetry prose and true life stories of dancing with and sharing Movement Medicine, both in the micro of my heart and the macro of many lands where I hold gatherings for this medicine.

When I travel I write, sharing some of the experiences of teaching and when I dream I write, sharing what inspires me, what discoveries I come across, and the challenges that can be overcome through dance, ceremony, ritual and by doing our own deep and personal work.


Kari, a fellow MM dancer read the book early on, she wrote "I am in awe! You describe so well – so intimately – how it is to dance within the Movement Medicine matrix. This will one day be a Movement Medicine classic!" 

I was touched at her words and received many other lovely testimonials from other MM dancers and teachers.


I first started writing my autobiography in 2006 and it was published in 2010, 'Ms' Guided Angel'.

This was the beginning chapters to my dancing world and what needed to heal so that I could move into the realms of teacher, since then my love of writing has increased and it gives me great joy to be able to share my world with others, to affect others and inspire where inspiration is called forth.


However much I love to share though, it does not come without its fears, and of course I write about these also. Sometimes risks are taken when we fully share our lives, but I believe if we can all engage in our humanness and realize we are not alone and can accept each other’s vulnerabilities without blame or judgement, then we can heal a much needed area of humanity.

And I thank my friend called Fear, for

reminding me of this and having the good grace to speak out,

rather than simply be an observer from the background and

corners of darkened rooms.

Thank you for receiving these words and if you feel drawn to reading more, then my book is available as is each of my other books, in the Movement Medicine shop.

With Love 


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