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Issue: February Newsletter
The Daily Dance of the Divine

By Kate Lawrence
I have just returned from the Winter Dream Dance and one of the precious moments of the ceremony for me was an amazingly funky, fun dance I had with the Divine. Just before this I had been extremely tired and only able to move my feet from side to side, just to keep moving and rocking in the rhythm.

Susannah and Ya'acov were leading us to bring the Divine down and through, and to me this meant moving from a sense of the sacred being 'up there somewhere' to coming through this sweating, dancing body into here and now. Suddenly I was leaping like a salmon in this huge tidal surge of energy, filled with joy and fun and music. Ya'acov said 'the Divine is all seven chakras', something inside clicked and sparked and it came to me that 'Everything is a prayer'. Not in an ethereal, exalted way, though of course that is beautiful too, more that the Divine is in everything - in food, in sex, in the floorboards; the Divine is matter-of-fact, it is the intrinsic fact of matter. How extraordinarily ordinary the Divine is!


I am heading back to work and I know that on the first day I will be able to rest in this understanding that my keyboard is a prayer, my colleagues are a prayer, the photocopier in the hall where I do my mini bursts of dance is a prayer and so are the grey carpet tiles. What I am calling for - from myself, from you the community, from the mesa - is to help me hold this understanding through days 3, 4, 5 and beyond, when I haven't had enough sleep and my job is stressful and my head is busy with all the little and big jobs I have to do. I am calling to remember that everything is a prayer, the Divine is (a) matter of fact.

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