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Issue: January 2009

Fingal’s Supper

by Roland
10 years ago in September my father, Oliver, wrote a letter to my brother describing how on a walk with his dog, Fingal, he became overcome with tiredness and so he lay down in a wood under a tree.  He closed his eyes and was just drifting off into what he felt might be an everlasting sleep when Fingal started licking his face. My father felt concerned that his dog shouldn’t miss his supper and so he got to his feet and walked home and fed him.  The next day my father felt ill and phoned for an ambulance.  By the time the ambulance arrived he had lost consciousness.

He had had a severe stroke.   I was on holiday in Scotland and drove down to the hospital in Banbury where he had been taken.  I found him in a state of very partial consciousness.  I would talk and he would murmur incoherently with his eyes closed.  With his right hand he fidgeted with his white hospital gown and eventually managed to pull the gown up far enough to expose his genitals.  I gazed for a few moments at the pink flesh before gently pulling the gown down again.  Very shortly afterwards he fell into a fully unconscious state.  I felt there was nothing further for me to do and so decided to drive back to Scotland.  As I drove through the night I wondered what on earth he might have been trying to communicate to me by this act of exposure.  Part of me rationalised that he wasn’t trying to communicate anything and that what he was doing were just involuntary movements of a dying man.  But the part of me that wanted to give meaning to this incident decided that this act was his way of showing me where I had come from and my connection to him.  I owed my existence to what had shot forth from that part of his body and I was his son.

A week later he died never having regained consciousness.   My brother and sisters visited in reverse order of our births.  Finally, 20 minutes after the elder of my twin sisters left the hospital to return to her home, he stopped breathing. 

I have recently visited the wood where he was overcome with tiredness and imagined him lying there and I pictured his death as his soul slowly leaving his body and emanating out into the soil beneath him, the trees around him and then out into the leaves of those trees and then the sky and finally out into the atmosphere and the universe beyond.

One of my sisters took his ashes to the Island of Iona, which we felt was Oliver’s spiritual home, and scattered them on an isolated beach.  She built a small cairn to mark the spot and made maps to give to the rest of the family.  Over the next few years all my family have all gone to visit the beach on Iona except for me.  This troubled me and I found myself pondering about it one day while I was walking.  Very quickly something came to me.  It was not enough for me to just drive there or go by public transport.  I needed to walk in order to do it properly and almost instantaneously I resolved that this is what I would do.  A few days later I made the plan that I would devise the route so that I would visit many of the places where my father had either stayed or lived during his life, including the 5 houses of his children.  The walk would begin at the Lizard, which is the southerly most point in the UK and would snake its way up to Scotland, across the Isle of Mull on the west coast and then to Iona.

I began the walk two years ago and have completed about half of it.  The rest I am going to complete this year and I plan to arrive at Iona on Sept 17th which is the 10th anniversary of my father’s death.  I estimate that this will take about 41 more walking days.

It occurred to me while I was walking down a small lane, which was ankle high in running water caused by thunder storms which had been circulating above me all day,  in Hertfordshire last summer in a pair of boots which that very days had decided to split across their uppers and so let in water, that maybe I could raise some money for the School of Movement Medicine Sponsorship fund with the walk.  The fund had just been approved for charitable status by the charity commission and I was keen to see it being active again.  In fact it has taken several months to actually do anything about this but finally I have set up a page on the Justgiving website:, which makes it very easy for people to donate to the fund and, if you’re a taxpayer, Justgiving makes sure 25% in Gift Aid, plus a 3% supplement, are added to your donation.

I am particularly keen to raise enough money to support one or more people who come from a part of the world which is in conflict or is recovering from conflict to come and go through the programme that the School of Movement Medicine has to offer, including the Apprenticeship Programme and Teacher Training programmes and then to be able to take this work back to their own country and people as a qualified teacher.  Without financial support it would not be possible for people from these places to come and do this work.  The money raised would be used for helping with travel and accommodation cost and the tuition will be provided by the school at a reduced cost and in some cases, free of charge.

It is very important that if this plan is to succeed that we get a significant sum of money into the fund fairly soon as although the next Apprenticeship programme does not start until 2011 it is important that support is also provided for all the necessary prerequisite workshops – The Journey of Empowerment Ongoing Group, Initiation, The Ritual Work and The Phoenix Retreat.

I am, of course, paying for all my own expenses and all the money raised will go to the Sponsorship Fund.   I hope my project will also inspire others to raise money for the fund.

One of the first intensive workshops that someone on this journey might take is the Awakening course which will take place 31/3 – 4/4 at Dartington, in South Devon.  I am often asked if I dance.  For those who doubt this is true, then I invite you to come along and see for yourself.  This course is in some ways a bit like a gathering of the Movement Medicine clan as many of our local organisers will be attending.

Our postal mailing is going out a little later than usual this year and will be with those of you for whom we have postal address before the end of January.  Our postal mailing list is getting smaller every year whereas the email list keeps growing.  If you would like to be on the postal list then please email your address to  Also contact me if you would like multiple copies of any of our fliers.  I am always happy to send these out and we very much appreciate it when you help to get our work noticed by others. Susannah & Ya'Acov's letter which accompanies our mailing is also available to download from our website and it also appears as an article in this newsletter.

We still have place for 2 more couples on the Space Between Us workshop which will take place at the Waldhaus in Switzerland in 11 – 15 Feb.  Contact me on if you and your partner would like places.
We have recently updated the How to Study page on the website.  This should help people who are wishing to know where various workshop fit in to the Movement Medicine map and the best order to do them in.
We are also pleased to tell you that we are simplifying the payment structure for our intensive courses.  As a result of some very good work by our accountant we will be able to receive money into just one account.  This is for the courses which are promoted by myself - Roland and by Susanne and will not affect other courses.
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New Year Letter

By Susannah and Ya'Acov
We wish you a very happy, peaceful, healthy, wealthy and wise New Year. Over the past few months, our curriculum has fallen into place. The Movement Medicine mandala feels so alive and our understanding of it is evolving through every workshop and every dance we witness and take part in. We take our hats off to the community of amazing and courageous humans that we are part of. We have witnessed many transformations over the past year, some simple and some quite miraculous. It is through you that we find the heart of our work and we want to thank each and every one of you.

As each season passes we understand more deeply that spiritual practice, the joyful task of knowing who we are and offering what we are here for, and the global challenges of climate change and social justice, are deeply inter-connected parts of the same thing. Inner change means outer action.


Our first book which will be published by Hay House in September 2009. It’s called Movement Medicine, 9 Gateways to a Remarkable Life. Our curriculum offers a journey through these 9 Gateways and we look forward to sharing more of their everyday magic with you. The evolution of our curriculum has brought a change to our Ongoing Groups, as we recognise the importance of detailed movement embodiment practice and of song and voice work as intrinsic threads of Movement Medicine. Susannah’s Ongoing Group, previously advertised as ‘Fundamentals,’ has meta-morphosised into a three-module adventure of dance and voice that works specifically with the first three gateways of Movement Medicine practice, the Body, Heart and Mind. It is now called The Journey of Empowerment: Essentials of Movement Medicine. The new brochure for the course is enclosed with this mailing. We have been able to significantly reduce the price of the course and the early payment deadline has been extended to April 14th. Susannah’s Ongoing Group is an absolute prerequisite for those wanting to apprentice with us when our second apprenticeship programme begins in the Summer of 2011.


Ya’Acov’s ongoing group, Ritual, has also gone through a transformation. Like the workshops Initiation and The Phoenix Retreat, it focuses on the second three gateways of our mandala, the Past, the Present and the Future. Ritual will be a three module course focusing on the S.E.E.R process, the Vision Quest and the Burial of the Warrior ceremony. The next Ritual programme will begin in the UK in March 2010. For those wanting a thorough introduction to Movement Medicine practice, may we recommend the Awakening course which will take place March 31st to April 4th in the beautiful surroundings of Dartington in Devon. Application forms and information for all our courses are available from Roland and up-to-date information is always to be found on our website.


2009 promises to be another creative year for us. Along with our book being published in the Autumn, we will begin our first Apprenticeship Programme in the summer, be producing Movement Medicine CDs with movement journeys and original music, as well as continuing to develop our work with you. Ya’Acov will continue his film project in January and throughout the year and Susannah will be bringing out The Walrog on CD, and working on her new CD of songs and music. May 2009 be a year of peace and awakening for us all and may the dreams we hold continue to find their ground and grow in harmony with the seasons and for the benefit of all our relations.


With Love and Respect,


Susannah and Ya’Acov Darling Khan

Fire Balloons and Receiving Instuctions

By Ya'Acov 

Dear Dancing Friends,

Happy New Year and may blessings rain down on you and your family in 2009!

It’s been a bright and challenging start to the year for us. It’s been bright in the sense of our School of Movement Medicine’s 2nd birthday celebrations which happened throughout the night on 9th January. At 05.26 am, after perhaps the deepest and most peaceful ceremony I’ve ever been involved in (and I hope and pray that that is an omen for the year ahead for us all), we set off two beautiful paper lantern fire balloons into the early morning sky.

Anyone watching, as they spiralled up and away on the wind and over towards Roland and Susanne’s house, may well have mistaken them for either UFO’s or biblical omens. Our friends Jake and Eva had given them to us and they were a fantastic celebration at the end of our ceremony.

And it’s been bright too in terms of us closing in on the end of writing our book. What a sobering and focusing task that has been. I feel like I’ve had this book inside me for years and it has taken us years to get down to actually writing it. Many times, the pressure of it felt so intense that I felt like I was pregnant! But as usual, the timing of the Great Choreographer couldn’t have been better. As we have been writing about the 9 Gateways of the Movement Medicine mandala, each gateway has been a profound investigation for us into the medicine that we’ve been distilling all these years. Language is one of those double-edged swords. It’s a blessing to be able to communicate and make our offering on the one hand. And on the other, who knows whether those who read it will get what we mean or not. And the challenge of having things down in print is that people so easily mistake what’s written for the truth. Take the bible for instance. Some people cling onto an interpretation of someone’s story about what happened to someone else and call it the truth. I’ve been heartened by what someone once told me about the ancient Mayans. Seemingly, they only wrote things down so that they could remain open to ‘receiving the next instructions.’ Our book will be out in September and as well as the natural vulnerability I feel about sharing our creation, I’m essentially very excited about it and whatever it is that may follow. Now that we’ve got into the writing dance, I’m sure that there is more to come.

The thing is with any medicine wheel or mandala, they are static representations of a living process and therefore, their meaning will evolve as the people working with it evolve too. For me, a living mandala is like an archetypal imprint. It speaks to things that normally lie behind our consciousness and it acts like a catalyst to awaken the knowledge that is inside us. That’s why our Spring workshop is called Awakening. The workshop is an opportunity to listen to and bring into movement the dreams that have been being nourished in the roots of our psyche during the winter months. As well as that, it is a great opportunity to investigate and awaken the Movement Medicine mandala within you so that you can bring into awareness more knowledge of who you are, who you are becoming, and what you are here for.

Here’s an excerpt from the write-up:

Awakening: The Dancer and the Spirit of the Dance is an opportunity to work with Susannah & Ya’Acov together and be guided on a deep initiation into the Movement Medicine journey.

In this workshop:

  • You will be introduced to the basics of Movement Medicine practice, including working with the 4 Elements, the 5 Dimensions of Awareness, and the 9 Gateways of the Movement Medicine mandala
  • You will learn how to align the body, heart and mind by bringing them into movement through working with the twin pillars of acceptance and intention
  • You will work with the relationship between the dancer within and the spirit of the dance that is a foundation of ecstatic dance practice
  • Through shamanic work, you will meet and dance with the guardians and allies of Movement Medicine practice and so be able to create your own dancing ‘medicine wheel.’


We love this workshop. Last year it was such a profound experience for so many of us who were there, not least, Susannah and myself. Awakening will take place on the beautiful Dartington Estate, March 31st to April 4th. Dartington is a place which for decades has been a rich landscape of learning and creativity in many fields. All this began originally through the generosity of Lord and Lady Elmhurst and their connection to the Indian poet and mystic, Rabindranath Tagore. And it continues now through the efforts of a dedicated group of people who run the Dartington Estate Trust. We are hoping to bring more and more of our work to Dartington in the years to come.

We were at Dartington for a meeting this last week to talk about our dreams for a school on the estate. Like many other organisations, we were delighted to discover that Dartington is working on the interface between the arts, environmental responsibility and sustainability, and social justice.

And it’s the social justice part of the menu that has provided us with the challenges so far this year. Like many of you who have been in touch, I have been so upset by what is going on in Israel and Palestine. I know how deep the arguments run in this conflict. As a Jew, I recognise the importance of a homeland for my people. And no matter what the arguments are, Israel isn’t going anywhere. I and we have many friends in Israel and a growing number of friends in Palestine too. I recognise that I am not living in either situation. I am blessed to live in the peaceful green hills of Devon. And, I have struggled with the feeling of the need to be both loyal to my people, and share my truth as I see it. I am truly saddened by the brutality of the Israeli Defence Forces and I feel certain that, despite Israel’s need to defend herself, this is no way to peace. I am also certain that Hamas as an organisation are very far from being in an innocent victim in this crisis. We are sending prayers for all those innocents who have been killed and wounded and praying for peace daily for all our brothers and sisters in all areas of conflict in this world. We will continue to dance our hearts out and our socks off in 2009 for the happiness, liberation and peace of all. May it be so.

Ya’Acov. January 2009.

The Middle East in Us All

by Susannah
This New Year’s eve, we were partaking in a great party some friends had thrown. They were MC-ing, and we were contributing with some DJ-ing, and some serious dancing was happening.  Just before midnight the music came down, Big Ben came on via the radio, and the New Year struck. Amongst the kissing and the hugging, the radio announcer announced the first news of 2009. It was about Gaza. At that moment no-one wanted to hear more painful news.

Auld Lang Syne rescued us and we were back in the arms of our sweet community here in Devon, and after singing and some intense “tunnel of love” (don’t ask!) antics, back to the deep groove. Since then I’ve thought of many alternatives to that moment. On hearing that news we could have had a minute of silence to pray for peace. The news announcer could have started the New Year by talking of the millions of people all around the world who were celebrating at that moment and wishing each other and the world well. Or we could simply have managed to get the radio turned off after Big Ben and before anyone said anything. But we didn’t and the pain of what is happening in Israel and Gaza did mark that moment and has been and is colouring this year along with everything else. There is the anguish of what is happening now, and the anguish of what it may betoken for the future. The pain of the polarisation inherent in this situation has been with us, and between us, as we each strive to understand and to find a response.

It’s difficult to say anything because it’s so complex, and to find a balanced stance feels like trying to balance on a thin edge of rice paper. I’m not going to say anything about the rights and wrongs of it as I see it. I feel for all those who are hurt and who have lost loved ones. I fear that violence can only lead to more violence, but sincerely hope that I am wrong and that the horror of the last weeks (as well as that, on both sides, of the last years) leads to everyone saying “Enough!” and that honest leadership emerges to broker a peace which acknowledges both side’s right to exist, to have a home, and to dignity.

Monty Roberts (known as a the “horse whisperer”) talks about violence as being an admission that the violence-doer does not perceive any alternative.  I find that illuminating.

When Ya’Acov and I are having a bad argument, and we’ve done our fair share of that in our 23 years together, we’ve noticed that normally:

1)     Each one of us feels as if the other is attacking us, and

2)     That “I” (whoever “I” is) feels as if I am only doing what I need to do to defend myself and that if I don’t, I risk annihilation.

Each of us feels vulnerable and that the other is a formidable opponent. It’s been a surprise over and over again to realise how powerful one is perceived as, whilst at the same time as feeling so vulnerable oneself. 

Over and over again I recognise what I now call the  “leap.” This is the leap from the defensive stance of protecting myself (often by attacking) to seeing and feeling what we both need, in my case, what Ya’Acov needs, and caring equally for him and me and the two of us a couple. It always feels impossible to the ‘me’ who fears that if I give up protecting myself I will be annihilated. And it is always amazing how any move or truly spoken word which enables the other to feel seen, understood and cared for melts the impasse and makes the impossible possible.  Its certainly one very real place to practice the leap from war to peace.

Our workshop for couples, “The Space Between Us” uses much of what we have learnt on our ongoing journey together. Being in a space with other committed couples is very special. It allows for an unusual level of sharing of the challenges, lessons and delights of the couple journey, which each time has enabled us to share and learn in equal measure.

In the world, we seem to me to have got to a point where the way forward to a sustainable future requires us to make the leap to thinking for the whole, to working on the premise that what we need to do needs to work for everyone. Which means we need to learn how to operate from an allegiance to all of life.

What complicates this is the dilemma of how we integrate our loyalty to our own people, family or group, with our loyalty to the bigger whole. It can be a really tough one, as these allegiances are not always aligned. 

To feel our participation as part of the whole web of life, which includes our ‘tribe’ and then continues out to include everyone and everything, we need to feel our connectedness and our love for the whole web of life on earth.  And we need to be strong enough to stand by our truth even as, at the same time, we examine and re-examine it. This is how we are coming to understand the function of Movement Medicine. To support each of us, in our own way, to free our individuality in the context of deep connection with the whole of life, integrating the left and right brain and integrating the personal and the global. That sounds so good, and so serious, I’m so happy that we can practice through dance. Thank-you Gabrielle, for showing us that dance can be a practice of consciousness.

I look forward to dancing, singing and growing a dynamic peace with you on a dance floor sometime soon, and wish you the strength, imagination and courage to take the leaps which your soul prompts you to.

Blessings, in prayers for the Middle East and the Middle East in each of us,


January 2009

We have space for 2 couples on the “The Space Between Us” which takes place Feb 11th - 15th at Waldhaus in Switzerland.  For application forms please contact Roland on  or call 01803 762255


AWAKENING 31 March – 4 April 2009

by Susanne Fehr
Susannah and Ya’Acov’s Spring Workshop ‘Awakening’ will again take place here in South Devon, on the beautiful Dartington Estate, not far from my home. When I embarked on this workshop last year it was the first time we had used this venue and I was a bit tense arriving, aware that if there were problems I needed to be available to deal with them - swapping the participant’s hat for the organiser’s hat without being attached to either.  But I needn’t have worried – the new venue was a real success – with its medieval architecture and beautiful gardens.

‘Awakening’for me conjures up images of Spring, clean crisp air, a promise of sweetness, a sense of renewal, the excitement of new, unexplored territory. And right there, next to this promise of new beginnings is the memory of winter, the bare, sparse directness of the cold. Somehow this sums up perfectly the issues that this workshop helped me explore: the dialogue between the edge, the line, the withholding on the one hand and the circular, yielding, flexible on the other. One could call it the masculine and the feminine, form and emptiness. But I found the reality of this relationship as I explored it in my dance to be much more dynamic than I expected, each having at its core some of the other. I realised that it’s the communication between the two which is the important point. It is through this dialogue that healing happens. And this is the goal of the Awakening journey, it takes us to the healing mandala. By entering the healing mandala, dancing my way through it, I was able to connect the threads, the mother and father lines, the male and female ancestors, the light and dark. I found myself dancing a prayer for my father, it was a prayer of forgiveness, forgiveness not from me to him, I loved him dearly, but forgiveness for himself – as a 17 year old he was forced to join the German army right at the end of the Second World War, he deserted after a few months and hid until the war ended. But he had never told me this, always giving the impression that he had escaped, being too young to join. It was only a year ago when my mother told me that I realised. So this prayer of forgiveness was for him. Since then I have had plenty of opportunity to practice this dance of forgiveness, for myself, for my friends and for the wider circle. When I first did this workshop (it was then called ‘Movement Medicine’) I ended with the line ‘forgiveness for the sins of the fathers’ and this journey was completed at Awakening. My words at the closing circle were ‘My body is a wide church and it is a place for everything’.


If you would like to join the ‘Awakening’ circle this year, there are still places available. Bookings received by January 31st are eligible for the early payment discount, which reduces the workshop cost to £260 (this includes delicious organic, vegetarian lunches). To book please contact me on 0044 1803 762 999 or



Susanne Fehr

Vision Quest revisited

This month's winner of £100 School of Movement Medicine workshop voucher
by Hans Nusink
Before I went to the fourth module of Fundamentals Movement Medicine I again visited Dartmoor, place of my heart.

I started at Dartmeet and walked upstream one of the confluent rivers. Directed by my intuition and the spirits I choose to go over the naked hilltops to the parking place where our Vision Quest started in June 2007. Rain all over the place  except where I was walking. Lucky me for the moment. I met all the Vision Questers at the parking place. and we went to Mell Tor, the first huge granite outcrop. The food we left after breaking our fast at the end of our Quest had disappeared. The valley, however, showed up in her full autumn beauty hit by rain pouring down in condensed waves. The wind blew me nearly off my feet. I raised my inner fire to stay upright. The elements showed themselves in their full strength. I tried to take a little piece of rock from the granite boulder. First I disturbed a small spider having its winter sleep in a narrow shelter under the rock splinter. Confused I put it back in a little hollow. I tried another time. The rock only gave away a very little piece of itself. This reminded me of all the little things in nature I admired during my Vision Quest, that answered my intentions for the Quest.


I found my way down to a small tributary of the river Dart. I lost my way near a fallen tree obstructing the path that was hard to see under the fallen autumn leaves. I reckonised the tree where my two buddies and I left signals to let each other know we were still alive or had died at least less than six hours before. There were, perhaps only in my fantasy, some leftovers of our signals in the form of half rotten and eaten tree branches.


Feeling happy and enlightened I followed the river although it was raining cats and dogs. (The only idiomatic expression I can remember from my High School English grammar  lessons. Such a funny expression. You have ever seen fallen down cats and dogs in a heavy rainstorm?)


I passed the entrance oak to my shelter. All the mighty and wonderful trees were still present. I sat under one of them feeling the calm energy of the place. I felt at home and was touched by the beauty and the good memories. Getting wetter and wetter from the the rain outside and from the sweat inside I realised that walking to this place and being here as a tribute to Dartmoor was the real reason for my coming to this part of England. And not my original reason, namely to be in Dartmoor  and stay outside overnight in a shelter. I may believe I make my decisions, but the spirits make theirs!!


I struggled along the river, muddy streches and difficult to climb rocks to the place where we had our short Vision Quest at Initiaton: a piece of grassland where now three Dartmoor Ponies were having their meal not disturbed by my presence. I left them and headed for a nice hot meal and drinks at Badgers Holt, spread my wet belongings on the heater and wrote this article for you.


Thanks, Nicoline, for editing


Fire Owl Hans Nusink
Fundamentals has metamorphosed into the Journey of Empowerment and the next one begins in June 2009
The Vision Quest is now part of the Ritual work offered by Ya'Acov and will next be offered in Sept 2011

Everything is a potential mirror

by Pål Christian Buntz

I am so lucky to be part of the ritual circle. It helps me to accept who I am, my strength, weaknesses and my potential. I want to share with you a story from our first module and the integration of that.

We were working with the Element of Earth at the first ritual module. What a blessing to feel my roots and connect deeply to Mother Earth. Listening, be still and then move with a direction.

Unfortunatly, I had booked my flight a little bit to early (to save some money),  so I couldn’t attend the last integration part of the workshop. I felt suddenly stressed, incomplete and disconnencted from the group after leaving early. Not able to say really goodbye to everyone. I tried to push this feeling aside and act as everything was ok. Until I was on my way home, realizing that I had forgot my car keys and my Viking figure at the alter. I reached home after some complication and help from a friend. 

Why did I forget these things and what could I learn from this? The first thing I want to do was to be responsible in my communication. Be honest and open to the group about what happened, and share my embarrassment with them.

I continued to dance with Mother Earth the next days and weeks, and suddenly I could see a deeper pattern. I have had a life pattern to not finish things completely. I see that I am often on my way to the next job or project, next relationship or next person before I have really completed what I am doing, because of lack of grounding and connection to Mother Earth.

Why do I do this and what am I afraid of? I am afraid of my own brutality, wild man, my own strength, power, sexuality, and being a responsible human being. I see that it is easier for me to fly up into higher consciousness and move on, rather then stay connected to the Earth. I have sometimes hoped that spirituality should take me away from this fact. Until it became clear that escaping this force is much harder than facing it, accepting it and embracing it. I unconsciously forgot my Viking at the workshop, because I didn’t really want to embrace my masculinity and being a responsible citizen. 

Seeing this pattern I decided to slow down. I chose to complete our film from Tibet, find an international distributor and try to get our documentary on different film festivals before thinking about the next project. I met the fear of being still and the fear of economic insecurity. Luckily enough I survived that fear too….and it felt good to really do what I could to get international attention for our Tibetan film.

After a couple of months my mensgroup had decided to be together for a weekend at our summerhouse. It was the weekend of Samhain, and I took the chance to hold my first ritual. The ritual went very well and the men and I were happy with it. At the same time I want to admit that I had some emotional stress being the organizer for the ritual and also responsible for all the practical things. When we left for the weekend I was tired and a friend didn’t say really goodbye. I felt a little bit hurt of his lack of gratitude. When he then called a little bit later asking us to drive back and collect one of his belongings I became angry. “No, it is your fault and I am too tired to drive back to get it”, I told him.

Seeing this in perspective – I can see that this is the mirror of what took place with me at the ritual workshop. Is it strange that I became upset when my friend called me? It was a mirror of myself and for the things that I am not willing to take responsibility for. Wow! What an insight! What if all the things I become angry or frustrated at are things that I haven’t embraced in my own being? How would my life be if I started to take responsibility for my own projections? To stop and feel my own pain. Suddenly, I see that the whole world is just a reflection of myself. Not as an esoteric revelation, but from my own practical life. I now see the truth in what I have read many times. I really start to understand the gift of slowing down and become conscious and responsible for my life. I am getting humble and will from now on go with even more gentle step on Mother Earth. Taking responsibility for what I am creating in my life.

I will also do my 21 gratitude’s as often as I can and especially in times of anger and frustration. I am happy that I can see this and that I can use some time to integrate the teaching from the second ritual workshop. I thank and bow to my car keys, the Viking, the healing medicine of the Movement Medicine, Ya’Acov, my support group and to the whole ritual circle. I am looking forward to the teaching and revelations in the next weeks and months to come.

Pål Christian Buntz


by Susannah
Last Saturday I went to a football match at the Manchester City stadium, with my father, my husband, and my son. Ya’Acov had grown up going to matches with his Uncle, so this was an important moment for him, and for us all with him. And I was rather thrilled. The level of acrobatic, athletic movement, the speed and nerves of it, the crowd’s collective groans and cries of excitement, the footballer’s buttocks as they did their throw ins, (very nice!) and most of all for the happiness of my husband. And they won!

Whilst we were there I saw on a banner “S.W.P.- The Legend!”  It took a moment for me to work out that it was in praise of Sean Wright-Phillips (I’m so glad he came back from Chelsea) not the Socialist Workers Party or even Second Wave Productions.

And that has made me think, Second Wave Productions (our little company which sells music CDs, DVDs and books which support movement practice) is due a name change. It was called Second Wave Productions many years ago, when our company was called Second Wave. It was called Second Wave because before that it was called 5 to Midnight. That was 20 years ago exactly.

Anyway, the initials SWP have been adorning my office on boxes of CDs for many years. It’s a bit of an odd set of initials, though I’m proud to share them with the footballer I saw charging up the right of the field so many times on Saturday, I think we need to move too. Second Wave Productions is moving over more firmly into Movement Medicine territory, as our work differentiates itself more and more clearly from 5 Rhythms, and so we are letting go of stocking the full range of Gabrielle Roth’s 5 Rhythms CDs. We’re going to go on stocking the 4 albums which we would want on a desert island: Waves, Bones, Refuge, and Still Chillin’.  And for the rest, we are (along with rest of the country!) having a sale! Go to Offers page of the Second Wave Productions website to find out more. And we’ve got new CDs coming into stock, including Nick Barber’s beautiful “Clear Blue Sky” (in stock now) and the long awaited Darpan CD (in stock soon) which contains the anthemic “PachaMama” that many of you have been yearning for.

And for the new name you will have to wait and see!

Love and we hope you will come and visit the shop’s website soon, whatever its called! Frazer, who takes and sends out orders, can be contacted by e-mail or phone, and will be happy to help you, or you can simply order and pay on line.

Second Wave Productions




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