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Issue: January 2009

by Susannah
Last Saturday I went to a football match at the Manchester City stadium, with my father, my husband, and my son. Ya’Acov had grown up going to matches with his Uncle, so this was an important moment for him, and for us all with him. And I was rather thrilled. The level of acrobatic, athletic movement, the speed and nerves of it, the crowd’s collective groans and cries of excitement, the footballer’s buttocks as they did their throw ins, (very nice!) and most of all for the happiness of my husband. And they won!

Whilst we were there I saw on a banner “S.W.P.- The Legend!”  It took a moment for me to work out that it was in praise of Sean Wright-Phillips (I’m so glad he came back from Chelsea) not the Socialist Workers Party or even Second Wave Productions.

And that has made me think, Second Wave Productions (our little company which sells music CDs, DVDs and books which support movement practice) is due a name change. It was called Second Wave Productions many years ago, when our company was called Second Wave. It was called Second Wave because before that it was called 5 to Midnight. That was 20 years ago exactly.

Anyway, the initials SWP have been adorning my office on boxes of CDs for many years. It’s a bit of an odd set of initials, though I’m proud to share them with the footballer I saw charging up the right of the field so many times on Saturday, I think we need to move too. Second Wave Productions is moving over more firmly into Movement Medicine territory, as our work differentiates itself more and more clearly from 5 Rhythms, and so we are letting go of stocking the full range of Gabrielle Roth’s 5 Rhythms CDs. We’re going to go on stocking the 4 albums which we would want on a desert island: Waves, Bones, Refuge, and Still Chillin’.  And for the rest, we are (along with rest of the country!) having a sale! Go to Offers page of the Second Wave Productions website to find out more. And we’ve got new CDs coming into stock, including Nick Barber’s beautiful “Clear Blue Sky” (in stock now) and the long awaited Darpan CD (in stock soon) which contains the anthemic “PachaMama” that many of you have been yearning for.

And for the new name you will have to wait and see!

Love and we hope you will come and visit the shop’s website soon, whatever its called! Frazer, who takes and sends out orders, can be contacted by e-mail or phone, and will be happy to help you, or you can simply order and pay on line.

Second Wave Productions




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