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Issue: January 2009
New Year Letter

By Susannah and Ya'Acov
We wish you a very happy, peaceful, healthy, wealthy and wise New Year. Over the past few months, our curriculum has fallen into place. The Movement Medicine mandala feels so alive and our understanding of it is evolving through every workshop and every dance we witness and take part in. We take our hats off to the community of amazing and courageous humans that we are part of. We have witnessed many transformations over the past year, some simple and some quite miraculous. It is through you that we find the heart of our work and we want to thank each and every one of you.

As each season passes we understand more deeply that spiritual practice, the joyful task of knowing who we are and offering what we are here for, and the global challenges of climate change and social justice, are deeply inter-connected parts of the same thing. Inner change means outer action.


Our first book which will be published by Hay House in September 2009. It’s called Movement Medicine, 9 Gateways to a Remarkable Life. Our curriculum offers a journey through these 9 Gateways and we look forward to sharing more of their everyday magic with you. The evolution of our curriculum has brought a change to our Ongoing Groups, as we recognise the importance of detailed movement embodiment practice and of song and voice work as intrinsic threads of Movement Medicine. Susannah’s Ongoing Group, previously advertised as ‘Fundamentals,’ has meta-morphosised into a three-module adventure of dance and voice that works specifically with the first three gateways of Movement Medicine practice, the Body, Heart and Mind. It is now called The Journey of Empowerment: Essentials of Movement Medicine. The new brochure for the course is enclosed with this mailing. We have been able to significantly reduce the price of the course and the early payment deadline has been extended to April 14th. Susannah’s Ongoing Group is an absolute prerequisite for those wanting to apprentice with us when our second apprenticeship programme begins in the Summer of 2011.


Ya’Acov’s ongoing group, Ritual, has also gone through a transformation. Like the workshops Initiation and The Phoenix Retreat, it focuses on the second three gateways of our mandala, the Past, the Present and the Future. Ritual will be a three module course focusing on the S.E.E.R process, the Vision Quest and the Burial of the Warrior ceremony. The next Ritual programme will begin in the UK in March 2010. For those wanting a thorough introduction to Movement Medicine practice, may we recommend the Awakening course which will take place March 31st to April 4th in the beautiful surroundings of Dartington in Devon. Application forms and information for all our courses are available from Roland and up-to-date information is always to be found on our website.


2009 promises to be another creative year for us. Along with our book being published in the Autumn, we will begin our first Apprenticeship Programme in the summer, be producing Movement Medicine CDs with movement journeys and original music, as well as continuing to develop our work with you. Ya’Acov will continue his film project in January and throughout the year and Susannah will be bringing out The Walrog on CD, and working on her new CD of songs and music. May 2009 be a year of peace and awakening for us all and may the dreams we hold continue to find their ground and grow in harmony with the seasons and for the benefit of all our relations.


With Love and Respect,


Susannah and Ya’Acov Darling Khan

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