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Issue: January 2009
Vision Quest revisited

This month's winner of 100 School of Movement Medicine workshop voucher
by Hans Nusink
Before I went to the fourth module of Fundamentals Movement Medicine I again visited Dartmoor, place of my heart.

I started at Dartmeet and walked upstream one of the confluent rivers. Directed by my intuition and the spirits I choose to go over the naked hilltops to the parking place where our Vision Quest started in June 2007. Rain all over the place  except where I was walking. Lucky me for the moment. I met all the Vision Questers at the parking place. and we went to Mell Tor, the first huge granite outcrop. The food we left after breaking our fast at the end of our Quest had disappeared. The valley, however, showed up in her full autumn beauty hit by rain pouring down in condensed waves. The wind blew me nearly off my feet. I raised my inner fire to stay upright. The elements showed themselves in their full strength. I tried to take a little piece of rock from the granite boulder. First I disturbed a small spider having its winter sleep in a narrow shelter under the rock splinter. Confused I put it back in a little hollow. I tried another time. The rock only gave away a very little piece of itself. This reminded me of all the little things in nature I admired during my Vision Quest, that answered my intentions for the Quest.


I found my way down to a small tributary of the river Dart. I lost my way near a fallen tree obstructing the path that was hard to see under the fallen autumn leaves. I reckonised the tree where my two buddies and I left signals to let each other know we were still alive or had died at least less than six hours before. There were, perhaps only in my fantasy, some leftovers of our signals in the form of half rotten and eaten tree branches.


Feeling happy and enlightened I followed the river although it was raining cats and dogs. (The only idiomatic expression I can remember from my High School English grammar  lessons. Such a funny expression. You have ever seen fallen down cats and dogs in a heavy rainstorm?)


I passed the entrance oak to my shelter. All the mighty and wonderful trees were still present. I sat under one of them feeling the calm energy of the place. I felt at home and was touched by the beauty and the good memories. Getting wetter and wetter from the the rain outside and from the sweat inside I realised that walking to this place and being here as a tribute to Dartmoor was the real reason for my coming to this part of England. And not my original reason, namely to be in Dartmoor  and stay outside overnight in a shelter. I may believe I make my decisions, but the spirits make theirs!!


I struggled along the river, muddy streches and difficult to climb rocks to the place where we had our short Vision Quest at Initiaton: a piece of grassland where now three Dartmoor Ponies were having their meal not disturbed by my presence. I left them and headed for a nice hot meal and drinks at Badgers Holt, spread my wet belongings on the heater and wrote this article for you.


Thanks, Nicoline, for editing


Fire Owl Hans Nusink
Fundamentals has metamorphosed into the Journey of Empowerment and the next one begins in June 2009
The Vision Quest is now part of the Ritual work offered by Ya'Acov and will next be offered in Sept 2011

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