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Issue: January Newsletter

Happy Birthday
By Hanna
A warm welcome of the whole Movement Medicine community and friends to the January 2015 newsletter and to a new year dawning. May there be light and truth within and amongst us, and may there be love, joy and compassion, witnessing, daring, holding and encouraging. And many happy birthday wishes to Movement Medicine, on this 10th of January.

I feel particularly honoured to be introducing this newsletter: Apart from being a Movement Medicine Birthday edition, it also launches and invites you to participate in an extraordinary vision and project of Susannah as it is tracing further steps into realisation: the Movement Medicine Community Mosaic, a digital platform for us human citizens of this earth to stand up and to stand together “simply” for a truthful, heartfelt, compassionate and responsible way of life here on this planet. I am not introducing this vision here, since Susannah does so herself in both her articles. Yet, when reading about this mosaic, my heart was touched deeply, and once again was I realizing that the work of Movement Medicine and of Susannah and Ya`Acov always reaches this much deeper or expands that much further than I believe I will be able to put into words. It`s simply overwhelming sometimes, in fact oftentimes.

For me this is also yet another shade and aspect of Movement Medicine I appreciate greatly and which makes it so real, tangible and truthful: that its work, its movement, and its healing and transformation never stops at the comfort of the workshop space; that the authenticity (of this works simple complexity) is given shape and body again and again and again through projects, through reaching out, through give-aways, through offering the nourishment and shifts we may experience together on the dance floor, to various many contexts on an international and far reaching, global level. With this quality Movement Medicine remains so true to itself, to its teachings and to its essence.

I appreciate the notion in Movement Medicine that healing on the personal body-heart-and-mind level is as important and necessary, and in fact establishes the healthy grounds from which to expand and take this healing out into the world. As with so many things: it starts small and it starts with myself: I have the permission, if not the responsibility to spend time with my own growth and healing, and to establish my own stable ground within my being, under my feet and in my life. From this safe and stable place of empowerment I am then able to draw on personal dreams, creativity and other resources, and let these ripples of grounded truth, commitment, love and healing extend further and further outward.

A healthy seed can grow into a healthy tree and being. Many healthy seeds can grow into a healthy forest, or into healthy communities. And I believe Movement Medicine takes it on to start with those seeds, but never stops following the ripples of commitment and healing as they are urging and tracing their circles wider and wider.

As in the dance, so in life and in the work of Movement Medicine: a moving and travelling within and in between the micro, the medio and the macro. A weaving and a nurturing, inspiring and encouraging of and in between these three levels, when dancing, healing, living life, or when making an offering to others and the world.

To make an offering to yourself, to others and to the world, you find yet another invitation in this newsletter by Lynne Twist of the Pachamama Alliance together with a short video, which takes less than one minute to watch.


For me this newsletter is a coincidence of celebrating the Movement Medicine birthday, and the changeover between the years, which brought me to realise just how much my past year had been shaped and nurtured by Movement Medicine.

When I write birthday cards for loved ones, I often take these moments of reflection and writing to also remember the gift I receive “just” by having crossed path with this person and soul; remembering and seeing the light, the growth, the nourishment, the experience and the love this friendship or relationship has brought into my life. For me it’s like I am personally celebrating his or her birthday and the fact that I have met her or him on my journey.

Without writing a birthday card for Movement Medicine, this remembrance and reflection is moving inside me.

When I reflect my past year (which I have given space to in a MM end-of-year dancing/creating/meditating ceremony with Kat Forrester), I notice how much of it is filled with the spirit of Movement Medicine and the healing, the movement, the dreaming, way-of-being and the growing it offers with loving open hands.

These Movement Medicine colours and textures have through still ongoing integration and their weaving through my being and parts of my life, brought delicious and sour, sweet, bitter and juicy fruits of transformation, healing and creativity; fruits of truth, prayer, connectedness, deepening, expanding, and uncovering. It has led parts of myself to such daring depths of healing and discovering.

There have been moments in the journey where all I was left to “do” is let go and trust in the guidance and the process, with no idea where I would “come out” again, but with the knowing that there is no return now once “started”: I have lifted this veil or slightly pushed open that one door.... and the true and real consequence is to “just” continue with these steps of showing up, of staying present, remaining true, allowing the process to happen, being gentle; and of feeling and experiencing so much deeper shifts within than I believe my mind can find words to express and share.


When I first met Movement Medicine, I quickly knew that I wanted “more”, I knew I had arrived without knowing where and without having searched. I knew that this is a path which totally speaks to me and which I wish to explore further. My main intention then was to spend a lot of time with and inside my body, and to start embodying, exploring and expressing my personal story, it’s un-knotting and its healing. I understood that this is what Movement Medicine is about. All the other layers, facets, colours and levels of this work, what else it is about and just how much more I would be offered, I had no idea!

So, I am looking at endless many gifts received through crossing paths with Movement Medicine:

There is the integration of my meditation practice and mindful breath right into my dance and the intimate tuning into internal body landscapes.

The experience of profound and far reaching spaces of healing in my own body, mind and heart; in my story, through my emotions, and through the dance space held and created by teachers, assistances and participants.

The deepening and growing of my spiritual practice and connectedness and its integration and manifestation in everyday life.

A discovering of ancestral stories, strengths, patterns, gifts and restrictions and how these appear in my life; a remembering and bathing in those ancestral energies that nurture me and help me on my path, and an uncovering of the ones that I feel important to let go of with time.

A beginning in discovering and uncovering the raw landscapes of my heart and my mind, and their great potential I have not fully grasped or realized.

These many, many moments of being seen, being accepted as I am, being held (physically or otherwise), and being encouraged, witnessed and accompanied on my path, in my truth, in my being and in my healing.

Such transforming moments of totally being welcome here, and of with all my cells and essence making the experience of not being or walking alone.

Fully embodying some power animals and through that unleashing absolutely unknown potentials inside, or getting to know colours and spaces of and within myself I did not quite know (or dare to know) they actually exist.

Experiencing myself through the eyes of my Wise Elder, or in the middle between the divine Mother and Father -moments which again brought such deeply felt, profound shifts for me.

Then these wonderful encounters in the dance with the elements and their essence, messages, reminders and most importantly with their support on this journey of healing and living life fully.


I could go on and on, yet I chose to close the “birthday card” here, with only the best wishes for Movement Medicine on its journey and unfolding, and with the deepest felt gratitude’s towards its offerings here on this earth -from the micro, through the medio to the macro and back.


With Love,



Upcoming Events and Workshops:


3-8 Winter Dream Dance (Apprentices only). Susannah and Ya’Acov. Rill Estate, Devon, UK.

This Dream Dance opens the space for the Apprentices to come together in a 48 hours ceremony of dancing, praying and dreaming together in a nourishing, gentle and more inward going way.

With this link you find more about the Apprenticeship Programme, with the next one starting 2016.

13-15 Dare to Dream. Ya’Acov. Johannesburg, South Africa. 

Embodying the Yin and the Yang in movement and in body, this workshop with Ya’Acov invites you to establish a balance of being in your truth and condition on the one hand, and moving into your courage and commitment and responsibility on the other. Through dance finding yourself as co-creator of your life and your dreams.
Contact: Ryan +27825520619 

13-15 Love Stories. Susannah. Bern, Switzerland. 

Love Stories with Susannah in Warsaw (Poland) on 7th-9th November: A beautiful, very touching and deep workshop, looking at and dancing through love and relationship. Love-stories: the patterns (stories) we live when showing, asking for, needing, extending or sharing love and living relationship. It’s about the relationship with yourself, and your self-love, as well as relationships with and love towards others or your partner. There are still places available.
Contact: Kristin +41 78 801 32 10  

17-21 The Alchemy of Stillness. Susannah and Ya’Acov. Cape Town. South Africa.

Revealing and uncovering the pureness of the heart as a centre of wisdom, emotion, instinct and intuition, the dancers will get to know and dance with the four domains of the heart: Courage, Surrender, Integrity and Gratitude. In a whole night ceremony in the Alchemists Garden, you will be invited and guided to find your own purification and healing prayer in dance and meditation, in a wonderful, self-created landscape of temples and altars to explore with, rest in, nourish, dare or let go. Uncovering and discovering the power and the beauty of the pure heart.
Contact: Jayne + 27 737487743 

20-22 Awakenings. David Mooney. Graz, Austria.

Working with the Dancer, the Dreamer and the Warrior, this workshop will explore the offerings you hold and how to manifest these in this world. Using the maps of Movement Medicine, David guides the dancers on a journey of healing, dreaming and creating.
Contact: Helga Bauer +43 650 4358585

24th Bringing the Dance Back Home. Susannah and Ya’Acov. Online.

In this webinar you are able to strengthen and experience your practice at home, dance a led Movement Medicine session in your own living room and invite friends to join in. Its £35 for 10 webinars, plus the online access to all the past webinars. For further information contact Roland +44 1803 762255

Journey of Empowermnent Ongoing Group with Ya'Acov.  17 - 22 March, 10 - 16 June and 6 -11 October.  Please note that the early booking discount worth £125 for this groups runs out on 27 January.  This group is one of the pre-quisites fro the next Apprenticeship programme which starts in the Autumn of 2016.  For more details or the applciaiton form please go the website at or contact Roland at

Re-Creation 25 - 29th March.  An intensive residential workshop wiht Ya'Acov. This workshop focuses o nthe circumstances of our lives and to recreate our relationship to them.  Contact Katriona +41 33 676 2708

Grace and Intent
By Susannah
“A standing ovation begins with one fool standing up!” Van Jones. I want to tell you a personal story of intention, grace, clumsiness, near disaster and a return to grace. In the last circle at the end of the December module of the current Apprenticeship the two elder women in that fine circle of people both said more or less the same thing: “The time is now, don’t wait, this is it”. It certainly feels like that to me, that what we do (or don’t do) this coming year may well have a particular potency. My own heart feels particularly connected with the Pachamama Alliance and the tribal people the Achuar and Sapara of the Ecuadorian Amazon, and with climate change in general. In both these arenas, I am reminded of Galadriel’s words in Lord of the Rings, “the quest rests on a knife edge”.

The story

In 2009, in the months of the run up to the Copenhagen Climate Change summit I felt as if my guiding spirits were knocking loud, saying that I had been asking to be useful to life on earth and that they had got a job for me. I was reluctant and afraid, and kept trying to convince my guidance system that they had got the wrong person.

On the human level I’d had several key inputs in 2009:

I’d heard Ed Milliband (then climate change spokesman for the opposition) on the radio begging the public to make a much bigger noise about the urgency of tackling global warming in-order to mandate and empower the politicians to do what they knew was necessary but didn’t believe there was public support for. I had Jake Chapman talking about people getting the politicians we deserve. And I had Van Jones and Lynn Twist in the Pachamama Awakening the Dreamer Symposium giving us their classic lines:

“A standing ovation begins with one fool standing up! Just one fool standing up doesn’t make a goddam bit of difference in the rational world, but if you stand up, you license others to stand up, and soon enough the whole stadium is standing up and it’s a different moment!”  Van Jones

“You don’t have a big part to play, you don’t have a small part, you have your part”.

Lynn Twist

But I was still frozen. I didn’t have the digital skills or know how to do what I felt I was being asked to do: to play my part in creating a digital way for people all over the world to stand up together for life on earth.

I had no idea where to start. ‘They’ had got the wrong person. But the knockings from above (that is what it felt like, a knocking somewhere above my head) were not put off, and eventually, encouraged by my father quoting Gandhi’s lines about taking action without being attached to the results, I surrendered and did something. I contacted Nick Hart Williams, he put me in touch with Peter and Anuradha, and the rest is pretty well history.

A few days after this, I was in a healing ceremony in which I was asked to let go of my negativity about our species. I’d grown up with this terrible feeling of doom about who we are as humans, and the sense that the earth would breath a huge sigh of relief if our species came to an end. Letting go of this was really tough and I realised how deep the roots of this dark bitterness went into the underground of my psyche. Having let go, breathing in the light of possibility, I knew that this was probably going to be an ongoing challenge for me, and so it is. Within 24 hours of this ceremony I was given £10,000 for the project and off we went.


Sticky waters.

However, we were already in sticky waters. Without any of us knowing, we were working together under mistaken assumptions. I had been introduced to Peter and Anuradha as a funder. This was because Ya’Acov and I had been one of the many micro-funders of Franny Armstrong’s extra-ordinary climate change film “Age of Stupid”. (Franny is Peter and Anuradha’s daughter, and was introduced to Susannah by Boo, their other daughter.)

When I raised that first £10,000 within the blink of an eye, and then went to the Maldives and had dinner with the vice president, Peter and Anuradha naturally assumed I was a big shot funder. I, not knowing how I had been introduced, assumed that they knew I was a passionate individual with faith in their shared mission and some good luck. And I assumed they knew that when I said I was sure more funds would emerge; it was from a place of faith and shared sense of risk. Woops!

Peter and Anuradha had actually put their whole organisation into de-stabilizing debt in order to fund the development of 6 Billion Reasons assuming, from my first early success, that more funds would become available fast. However, despite all our good efforts, it proved impossible to find retrospective funding for work already done.

The whole project and relationship was on the verge of going badly wrong. It took ages to work out what had happened as Anuradha and I tiptoed politely around each other carefully trying to work out the strange vibes we were getting from each other. Once it became clear, it was a relief to understand, and a salutary lesson in not making assumptions especially where large sums of money are involved.

Peter and Anuradha managed to stabilise their ‘boat” and we made a commitment to make supporting the Mosaic an intrinsic part of our online shop business ( and promised to keep using this to “pay back” One Climate until One Climate’s investment was paid off.

Despite these difficulties we and Peter and Anuradha remained committed to our vision of the Mosaic. At this point it was hard to see how to move forward. I had a sense that something was happening which was bigger than my current ability to see it, and that I just had to hang in there and be patient.


Meanwhile, Peter and Anuradha had something else on their minds and in their hearts. Their beloved daughter Boo Armstrong was very ill. To me, Boo was an incandescent human being of vision, humanity, deep intelligence and sense of service. I had met her through a “systems theory in practice” study group I went to led by Jake Chapman.

Boo was a passionate vegan who lived on a canal boat in London, and was commissioned by the government to do a study of the cost effectiveness of alternative medicine in GP practices in Northern Ireland. The results of her 2-year study showed that alternative practitioners and medicine both (hugely) reduced NHS bills and improved the quality of many patients’ lives. Despite its impressive results the government shelved her study. Boo discovered she was struggling with cancer. As she went back and forward between health and illness, trying different alternative therapies, her family supported her through an emotional roller coaster. One month they would be able to dare to hope. The next they would be plunged into devastating feeling that their beautiful, young daughter, with all her strength and spirit might not make it through.

Boo’s new partner and her children were fonts of strength and love. In the end, in October 2012 beloved Boo died.

One year later, Peter and Franny organised an event to celebrate her life.

Those who knew and loved her will always feel her loss.

New Life

In January 2013 after the harrowing year in which they lost Boo, Peter and Anuradha retired from the organisations they had started many years before: One World and One Climate, passing on their international work of 18 years to a committed young team.

Peter and Anuradha decided to set up a charity in remembrance and honour of Boo, called the Hedgerley Wood Trust, dedicated to supporting the growth of worldwide empathy. One World and One Climate gave them 6 Billion Reasons with them as they retired, and said that they write off the “debt” as a retirement present. Ken agreed to do the work to re-do the digital platform for the Mosaic so that it can be supported on the Hedgerley Wood Trust website.

Where we are now

6 Billion Reasons has been renamed Mosaic Earth has a new focus involving subsidiary “daughter mosaics” of the “mother-ship” earth Mosaic.

The launch of the Movement Medicine Community Mosaic marks the beginning of the next step for the daughter Mosaic concept.

The Movement Medicine Community Mosaic is acting as a pilot to create the technology and user-friendly interface for daughter mosaics to be available for campaign and community groups who are working for sustainability, social justice and creative community worldwide.

A “daughter mosaic” can be commissioned by an organisation with a campaign or awareness raising focus on a particular environmental, climate change or social justice issue. As a pictogram is added to a “daughter mosaic” it can also automatically be added to the “mother-ship” which becomes an amalgamation of voices of global citizenship.

The interface between the Mosaic and other social media has been created so that when someone put up a pictogram, it can instantly be sent to their social network via facebook and/or twitter. This has already been achieved which you will see if you use the Movement Medicine Community Mosaic.

Another intention is that people could easily create their own “fave tours” of a mosaic, with their own choice of music, to share with their own networks. This is part of the next phase, as well as being able to upload videos.

The vision is for the Mosaics to become a means for people to make themselves visible to each other in standing up for life, as well as a way for people to speak to those in power in a creative, beautiful and potent way.

Paris December 2015

I am very aware that the initial impetus for 6 Billion Reasons was the then upcoming Copenhagen Climate Change summit. We did not, then, have the impact we had wanted. Now the Paris Climate Change summit is approaching, and the evidence is more compelling everyday that if we are to avoid extremely painful results of man made climate change, we, the people of the world need to act now, together, the vested interests in the status quo are too big to be overridden by politicians without a huge mandate from us, the people.

 As Van Jones says: “A standing ovation starts with one fool standing up”. Citizens across the globe need to know they are not alone. We need the encouragement of being able to see and feel ourselves as a part of a tidal wave of emergent care for each other, the future and for all life on our only home, planet earth.

"It is possible to develop a sustainable future for this planet, but it needs all of us to get involved.”  Dr Kumi Naidoo, director of GreenPeace.

I hope this project can inspire and support you in whatever you are doing and being, and thank you for hearing my story!

If you feel inspired to do something right now, you can:

a)   Join the Movement medicine Community mosaic (which is free!)


b)   Connect with the Pachamama Alliance. Make either a one off or a monthly donation. If you want you can respond to the ‘donation email receipt’ by saying you want your donation to go specifically to Ecuador.

For info and links to the Mosaic and how to upload please go to Susannah's other article 'An Invitation'. For more info on Pachamama and how to donate go to Lynne Twist's Article.

Much love, and I hope to see you on a dance floor (or a mosaic!) sometime soon,

Susannah Darling Khan

Prayer upon Prayer for your Health, Wellbeing and Deepest Contentment
By Ya'Acov
It’s one of those super surreal mornings. We’ve been up all night praying (again!). Honestly, some habits have a rather habitual way of repeating themselves. For the last few years, December 22 has been our end of workshop, end of year all night prayer binge and this year, no change. After all, why try to fix something that isn’t broken? So we didn’t sleep very much and we’re travelling through the frozen wintry landscape of Switzerland on our way home. And I thought, now’s the perfect time to write to you, dear hearts of the Movement Medicine community and share a few end of year wishes, prayers and gratitudes with you all.

I love praying. Always have. Not in a doctrinal or any kind of preachy way. Just the kind of praying that’s an intimate and cosy chat with the source of life in its myriad forms. Sat round a fire with some drums and some good friends and some songs from the old ways. Last night, we had all of that, not to mention three fine young men playing prayer songs with drum, rattle and shamanic leaf rattle, perfectly in tune and harmonising in a really beautiful way. The next generation is already doing its thing and it was such a pleasure to receive some of that holding. Our own Reuben is studying in Costa Rica before going off on Vision Quest in Colombia and we are very much look forward to sharing his understandings and experiences on his return.


Looking for and deepening the meaning in my life was for a long time the main focus of my journey. It was such an intense moment for me when I realised that there is no inherent meaning in life whatsoever. One of our earliest teachers, Batty Thunder Bear, had shared that with me as a 21 year old. It was very scary at first and I had to resist with the full force of my adolescent passion. But later in life, I reached a similar place of understanding. The meaning that is in life is the meaning we assign to it. This came to me on the side of a Spanish mountain, on a mini vision quest on my 28th birthday. Another all-nighter spent in prayer put me into a deep state of peace and quiet and connection. I felt the mountain breathing under me and the very early morning dawn sky seemed to be expanding in all directions at once. I was asking that life use me and bring out the best of me in service of life. I knew I had so much more to give and I wanted life to know I was willing to go through whatever it took to help me to make my contribution. I still had the “I’m gonna live forever feeling” that seems to land at around the same time of the rush of hormones which drags us from childhood into manhood, at least in a biological sense. But in that early morning, it was as if everything fell away from me. All that was left was the sound and feeling of my heart beating in time with the earth under me and the sky above.  The vastness rushed through me like a surge of spring and extracted me for a moment from the known world of my internal dialogue into the vast silence and love of creation. Prayer is powerful medicine and that night was a watershed for me. On the same night, I called out for my sacred name. On the path I was studying at the time, it was necessary to find one’s own spirit name. The idea was to ask nature and our ancestors to remind us of our ‘real’ name. Once we found it, we had been instructed to shout it out to the night sky. If we immediately saw a shooting star, then we knew we had found our name. If not, we were told to come back and try again on another night. I had tried twice before. I had come close I felt but I knew that my ‘true’ name was eluding me. That night, in that vast silence, I found some part of me crying out for my name and the deep experience of self that it was rooted in. My name came immediately. I shouted it out without any hesitation and to my utter astonishment, across the mountain peaks on the eastern horizon, I saw a shooting star that shone and shot right to left across the horizon in a trail of effervescence. Never had anything so silenced me. It was if the idea of myself as something separate from the land and the sky and the past and the future simply popped leaving only the humming pulse of the blood and a heart that knew love as it knew itself.


That was not the first time for this kind of direct experience but it was certainly the deepest one up until that point. I am amazed how stubborn the part of me is that forgets. It’s so easy to get lost in the temporal world of imagined permanence and the minutiae of day-to-day details that eventually fog the mind and put a blanket between us and our experience. That is why I return to ritual again and again. I return in order to remember who I am and what the story is that emerged from this being’s soul as being one that he wishes to live as fully into as humanly possible. It’s a joy to dream. It’s an even deeper joy to shape one’s dreaming from a place we know we can trust. In ritual, in the repetitive beat of the drum and the deep movement that comes from this listening, I am retuned again and again to the silence that underpins everything and I remember myself and I remember you and I remember what it is we are being given.


As the year turns, we will once again be in ritual at home, preparing for our visit back to our second home in the Amazon Rainforest. We will be visiting our dear friends and family and our three year old god-son. We are taking a group of people with us from around the world who are all committed to learning what they can so that can deepen their capacity to stand alongside our Amazonian family in their struggle to protect their lands, culture and homes on behalf of all of life on earth. On New Year’s Eve, we will be sending out prayers for ourselves, for our families, for the whole Movement Medicine community and all other communities working for the evolution and growing up of human consciousness around the world. We will also be offering prayers for the 8th birthday of the School of Movement Medicine which officially happens on the 10th January at 5.26am UK time.


2014 was without doubt the deepest year yet for us. We completed our second Professional Training, began our third apprenticeship, lost Susannah’s mama, said goodbye to our son who will be away travelling for quite some time, began numerous new projects, continued developing our work with new workshops and quantum leaps in understanding what we are about. On the personal level, I made some great progress with my book and felt the call for another level of discipline in my practice. Becoming 50 and celebrating 25 years of marriage and 25 years of teaching was a good inspiration for taking another level of responsibility for myself. I have come to the conclusion that relationship is the deepest spiritual practice I know. And we have certain travelled into brand new territory this year, territory that I didn’t even know existed. Trust is not a very large or complicated word but fuck me, to really learn to trust myself, to trust Susannah, to trust life, even with all the proof I am offered hundreds of times every day, seems to be a monumental project for me. As those of you who know me will already know, I like a good challenge. My end of year (21 worded) haiku for 2014 says it all really:


Jaguar in body, butterfly in the heart

Surrender is not defeat but the sure-footed trust

Of a man living life


I wonder what yours is?


So dearest Medicine community, I send you:

Prayer upon Prayer for your Health, Wellbeing and Deepest Contentment for 2015. May we all dare to become conscious of what we are dreaming and make some choices that dignify who we are, where we come from and where we are going.


With my love and respect to each and every one of us.

I look forward to seeing you at one of our events in the year ahead.

Be well. Be true. Be yourself.


Ya’Acov DK. January 2015

You are invited
By Susannah
You are invited to become part of the Movement Medicine Community Mosaic pilot project. This will not cost anything except a moment of your time, and could do 5 great things: 1) Open up possibilities for you 2) Open up possibilities for international Movement Medicine community by giving a way for Movement Medicine dancers to network and connect with each other, globally 3) Create a beautiful rainbow image of the Movement Medicine mandala, each pixel of which is from one of us dancers

At the same time, by doing this you will be:

1)    Supporting other campaign or community groups to gain a way to grow their impact and connectedness

2)    Supporting a way for the people of earth to stand up together for life on earth at this years pivotal climate change talks in Paris (December 2015)

That’s a lot to achieve with just a few clicks! We hope you will support this pilot project and help us streamline it by giving us feedback.

You can join the Movement Medicine Community Mosaic now. It’s easy.


What is it for?

Re 1 , 2 and 3 above.

We are aware of some of the diverse work and visions that people who dance Movement Medicine are part of, and we are aware that, in the workshop setting, there is little chance to discover this about each other. We are aware of the potential co-creative potency of being able to find like-minded people in the world you move in, and this mosaic is an exploration of one way to do this and to be able to literally ‘see’ our community.

So we hope that this mosaic can serve both you as an individual and the transformative potential of Movement Medicine dancers everywhere.  The more we use it, the more it will.


What do I have to do?

Click on The School of Movement Medicine website’s community forum. If you are not already a member of you will have to sign up to become part of it first- this is very straightforward. Please give us any feedback about anything that would make the whole process any simpler.

How does it work?

The Movement Medicine community mosaic is an image of a rainbow mandala. Currently it’s mostly a feint version of itself. Each person who adds their image to the mosaic “colours in” one pixel of the mosaic in full colour. Thus together, we will bring the mandala to life, simultaneously becoming visible to each other. You can fly about the mosaic, zooming in and out to see images and read the messages, and you can search for any key words to find each other.

You can put up an image of yourself or whatever you care about, and your message for other members of the MM community. The computer colour matches your picture and places you somewhere in the mandala which is a fun “divination” moment. My image has ended up in “interconnection”.

Wider Context

Re 4 and 5 above.

Our mosaic is acting as a pilot mosaic for the Mosaic Earth project which began life in 2009 as 6 Billion Reasons. It is intended, via a series of daughter mosaics to give campaigning organisations a way to create “digital demonstrations” or “visible petitions” as well as creating a way for geographically spread out communities (such as ours) to connect with become visible to them selves.

There is one big mosaic which we hope will be happening this year for the Paris Climate Change summit in December 2015. This will be to mandate, encourage and demand that our politicians and policy makers take the unprecedentedly bold and co-operative commitments needed to protect life on earth for all beings and for all future generations.

So please give us feedback about how our Movement Medicine community mosaic works and how it could work even more smoothly. And if you belong to an organisation which might want to be have a mosaic, let me (Susannah, via Roland) know.


Thank you!

A huge thank you to Peter Armstrong and Anuradha Vittachi ( formally of One Climate and now of the Hedgerley Wood Trust who believed in this project from the beginning and who have entirely made it possible through their courage, skill and commitment to life on earth. Thank you to Ken Kitson the programmer wizard who has created the technological magic behind the scenes to make this global interface so smoothly effective. Thank you to everyone of you who contributed to 6 Billion Reasons (now 7 Billion Reasons) either with a donation or with your pictogram. Have a look at it now!

Thank you to all the customers of the Movement Medicine Shop, each purchase of anything over £8 triggers a donation of £1.00 to the Hedgerley Wood Trust for development of the Mosaic project and is matched (i.e. doubled) by funding from Peter and Anuradha’s other sponsors.

Thank you Rosie Perks for all your design work and shared vision for this project.

Thank you Van Jones, the Pachamama Alliance for all your inspiration.

And thank you Ya’Acov, for supporting me in daring to dream a big dream and in all the gracious and clumsy steps along the way.

And thank you so much for reading this and I sincerely hope you will join the mosaic and help bring the mandala, and this pilot to life.

For my personal story with this project, see the article Grace and Intent.

With my love and hope for you that this will be a year of courage, love and unexpected breakthroughs into love, beauty, healing and transformation,

Susannah Darling Khan

Pachamama Alliance
By Lynne Twist
This is our colleague and friend from the Pachamama Alliance with an important message. It seems time to face the music and do all that we can, so please do listen to her message and let it inspire you to take whatever action is congruent with your heart and soul. Thank you esteemed community! Love, Susannah and Ya'Acov

Dear all,

As you may know, the area we have been working on protecting—the sacred headwaters region of the Amazon rainforest—is under great threat as the Ecuadorian Government continues to press for oil exploration. This is the greatest threat we have faced in the last two decades to this most bio-diverse area of the entire Amazon basin.

As someone whose eyes are open to the wider world and the miracle of our planet, I want to talk to you specifically about what is going on with Pachamama Alliance right now and what you can do to make sure that this threat is averted.

Please listen to this special message I have recorded for you.

The Amazon rainforest is the "lungs of the planet," cleaning our air and regulating our climate, yet it continues to be destroyed at an alarming rate. We must draw a line in the forest: no new oil development in this sacred and pristine area.

By making a donation of $25, $50, $150, you will help provide the training, tools, and legal support to ensure our indigenous partners can protect this pristine rainforest from oil development.

This is not merely a crisis for these indigenous nations of the Amazon, but for all of humanity.

I am honored to have your support.

With gratitude, 
Lynne Twist 
Pachamama Alliance Co-founder

Like a Winter Leaf
By Hannah MacKay
Remember You know how to rest. Remember You know how to settle down Like a winter leaf.

The life lit summer spent tip-stalk extending a high branch

Reaching out, always up towards the light

Turning to the sun, working, transforming

Her shine to growth and substance

A full-growth flutter of verdant life.


And then the release of the working green

The glory colours revealed –

Were you orange, crimson, scarlet? –

Before the thrill of the wind-blown

Air dance fall flutter

Whirling plummeting drop.


You know how to rest now,

You know how to settle down,

A dark winter leaf brown on the ground


Time slows,

No work to do

Feeding the tree

With your being body

Holding moisture

Bringing goodness.

Gradual sinking

Merge with Earth

Autumn comes round again soon

So soon, more leaves fall

Leaves upon leaves

Leaves upon leaves upon soil

Down in the dark

Let yourself go





Hannah MacKay


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