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Issue: January Newsletter
Happy Birthday

By Hanna
A warm welcome of the whole Movement Medicine community and friends to the January 2015 newsletter and to a new year dawning. May there be light and truth within and amongst us, and may there be love, joy and compassion, witnessing, daring, holding and encouraging. And many happy birthday wishes to Movement Medicine, on this 10th of January.

I feel particularly honoured to be introducing this newsletter: Apart from being a Movement Medicine Birthday edition, it also launches and invites you to participate in an extraordinary vision and project of Susannah as it is tracing further steps into realisation: the Movement Medicine Community Mosaic, a digital platform for us human citizens of this earth to stand up and to stand together “simply” for a truthful, heartfelt, compassionate and responsible way of life here on this planet. I am not introducing this vision here, since Susannah does so herself in both her articles. Yet, when reading about this mosaic, my heart was touched deeply, and once again was I realizing that the work of Movement Medicine and of Susannah and Ya`Acov always reaches this much deeper or expands that much further than I believe I will be able to put into words. It`s simply overwhelming sometimes, in fact oftentimes.

For me this is also yet another shade and aspect of Movement Medicine I appreciate greatly and which makes it so real, tangible and truthful: that its work, its movement, and its healing and transformation never stops at the comfort of the workshop space; that the authenticity (of this works simple complexity) is given shape and body again and again and again through projects, through reaching out, through give-aways, through offering the nourishment and shifts we may experience together on the dance floor, to various many contexts on an international and far reaching, global level. With this quality Movement Medicine remains so true to itself, to its teachings and to its essence.

I appreciate the notion in Movement Medicine that healing on the personal body-heart-and-mind level is as important and necessary, and in fact establishes the healthy grounds from which to expand and take this healing out into the world. As with so many things: it starts small and it starts with myself: I have the permission, if not the responsibility to spend time with my own growth and healing, and to establish my own stable ground within my being, under my feet and in my life. From this safe and stable place of empowerment I am then able to draw on personal dreams, creativity and other resources, and let these ripples of grounded truth, commitment, love and healing extend further and further outward.

A healthy seed can grow into a healthy tree and being. Many healthy seeds can grow into a healthy forest, or into healthy communities. And I believe Movement Medicine takes it on to start with those seeds, but never stops following the ripples of commitment and healing as they are urging and tracing their circles wider and wider.

As in the dance, so in life and in the work of Movement Medicine: a moving and travelling within and in between the micro, the medio and the macro. A weaving and a nurturing, inspiring and encouraging of and in between these three levels, when dancing, healing, living life, or when making an offering to others and the world.

To make an offering to yourself, to others and to the world, you find yet another invitation in this newsletter by Lynne Twist of the Pachamama Alliance together with a short video, which takes less than one minute to watch.


For me this newsletter is a coincidence of celebrating the Movement Medicine birthday, and the changeover between the years, which brought me to realise just how much my past year had been shaped and nurtured by Movement Medicine.

When I write birthday cards for loved ones, I often take these moments of reflection and writing to also remember the gift I receive “just” by having crossed path with this person and soul; remembering and seeing the light, the growth, the nourishment, the experience and the love this friendship or relationship has brought into my life. For me it’s like I am personally celebrating his or her birthday and the fact that I have met her or him on my journey.

Without writing a birthday card for Movement Medicine, this remembrance and reflection is moving inside me.

When I reflect my past year (which I have given space to in a MM end-of-year dancing/creating/meditating ceremony with Kat Forrester), I notice how much of it is filled with the spirit of Movement Medicine and the healing, the movement, the dreaming, way-of-being and the growing it offers with loving open hands.

These Movement Medicine colours and textures have through still ongoing integration and their weaving through my being and parts of my life, brought delicious and sour, sweet, bitter and juicy fruits of transformation, healing and creativity; fruits of truth, prayer, connectedness, deepening, expanding, and uncovering. It has led parts of myself to such daring depths of healing and discovering.

There have been moments in the journey where all I was left to “do” is let go and trust in the guidance and the process, with no idea where I would “come out” again, but with the knowing that there is no return now once “started”: I have lifted this veil or slightly pushed open that one door.... and the true and real consequence is to “just” continue with these steps of showing up, of staying present, remaining true, allowing the process to happen, being gentle; and of feeling and experiencing so much deeper shifts within than I believe my mind can find words to express and share.


When I first met Movement Medicine, I quickly knew that I wanted “more”, I knew I had arrived without knowing where and without having searched. I knew that this is a path which totally speaks to me and which I wish to explore further. My main intention then was to spend a lot of time with and inside my body, and to start embodying, exploring and expressing my personal story, it’s un-knotting and its healing. I understood that this is what Movement Medicine is about. All the other layers, facets, colours and levels of this work, what else it is about and just how much more I would be offered, I had no idea!

So, I am looking at endless many gifts received through crossing paths with Movement Medicine:

There is the integration of my meditation practice and mindful breath right into my dance and the intimate tuning into internal body landscapes.

The experience of profound and far reaching spaces of healing in my own body, mind and heart; in my story, through my emotions, and through the dance space held and created by teachers, assistances and participants.

The deepening and growing of my spiritual practice and connectedness and its integration and manifestation in everyday life.

A discovering of ancestral stories, strengths, patterns, gifts and restrictions and how these appear in my life; a remembering and bathing in those ancestral energies that nurture me and help me on my path, and an uncovering of the ones that I feel important to let go of with time.

A beginning in discovering and uncovering the raw landscapes of my heart and my mind, and their great potential I have not fully grasped or realized.

These many, many moments of being seen, being accepted as I am, being held (physically or otherwise), and being encouraged, witnessed and accompanied on my path, in my truth, in my being and in my healing.

Such transforming moments of totally being welcome here, and of with all my cells and essence making the experience of not being or walking alone.

Fully embodying some power animals and through that unleashing absolutely unknown potentials inside, or getting to know colours and spaces of and within myself I did not quite know (or dare to know) they actually exist.

Experiencing myself through the eyes of my Wise Elder, or in the middle between the divine Mother and Father -moments which again brought such deeply felt, profound shifts for me.

Then these wonderful encounters in the dance with the elements and their essence, messages, reminders and most importantly with their support on this journey of healing and living life fully.


I could go on and on, yet I chose to close the “birthday card” here, with only the best wishes for Movement Medicine on its journey and unfolding, and with the deepest felt gratitude’s towards its offerings here on this earth -from the micro, through the medio to the macro and back.


With Love,



Upcoming Events and Workshops:


3-8 Winter Dream Dance (Apprentices only). Susannah and Ya’Acov. Rill Estate, Devon, UK.

This Dream Dance opens the space for the Apprentices to come together in a 48 hours ceremony of dancing, praying and dreaming together in a nourishing, gentle and more inward going way.

With this link you find more about the Apprenticeship Programme, with the next one starting 2016.

13-15 Dare to Dream. Ya’Acov. Johannesburg, South Africa. 

Embodying the Yin and the Yang in movement and in body, this workshop with Ya’Acov invites you to establish a balance of being in your truth and condition on the one hand, and moving into your courage and commitment and responsibility on the other. Through dance finding yourself as co-creator of your life and your dreams.
Contact: Ryan +27825520619 

13-15 Love Stories. Susannah. Bern, Switzerland. 

Love Stories with Susannah in Warsaw (Poland) on 7th-9th November: A beautiful, very touching and deep workshop, looking at and dancing through love and relationship. Love-stories: the patterns (stories) we live when showing, asking for, needing, extending or sharing love and living relationship. It’s about the relationship with yourself, and your self-love, as well as relationships with and love towards others or your partner. There are still places available.
Contact: Kristin +41 78 801 32 10  

17-21 The Alchemy of Stillness. Susannah and Ya’Acov. Cape Town. South Africa.

Revealing and uncovering the pureness of the heart as a centre of wisdom, emotion, instinct and intuition, the dancers will get to know and dance with the four domains of the heart: Courage, Surrender, Integrity and Gratitude. In a whole night ceremony in the Alchemists Garden, you will be invited and guided to find your own purification and healing prayer in dance and meditation, in a wonderful, self-created landscape of temples and altars to explore with, rest in, nourish, dare or let go. Uncovering and discovering the power and the beauty of the pure heart.
Contact: Jayne + 27 737487743 

20-22 Awakenings. David Mooney. Graz, Austria.

Working with the Dancer, the Dreamer and the Warrior, this workshop will explore the offerings you hold and how to manifest these in this world. Using the maps of Movement Medicine, David guides the dancers on a journey of healing, dreaming and creating.
Contact: Helga Bauer +43 650 4358585

24th Bringing the Dance Back Home. Susannah and Ya’Acov. Online.

In this webinar you are able to strengthen and experience your practice at home, dance a led Movement Medicine session in your own living room and invite friends to join in. Its £35 for 10 webinars, plus the online access to all the past webinars. For further information contact Roland +44 1803 762255

Journey of Empowermnent Ongoing Group with Ya'Acov.  17 - 22 March, 10 - 16 June and 6 -11 October.  Please note that the early booking discount worth £125 for this groups runs out on 27 January.  This group is one of the pre-quisites fro the next Apprenticeship programme which starts in the Autumn of 2016.  For more details or the applciaiton form please go the website at or contact Roland at

Re-Creation 25 - 29th March.  An intensive residential workshop wiht Ya'Acov. This workshop focuses o nthe circumstances of our lives and to recreate our relationship to them.  Contact Katriona +41 33 676 2708

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