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Issue: January Newsletter
Pachamama Alliance

By Lynne Twist
This is our colleague and friend from the Pachamama Alliance with an important message. It seems time to face the music and do all that we can, so please do listen to her message and let it inspire you to take whatever action is congruent with your heart and soul. Thank you esteemed community! Love, Susannah and Ya'Acov

Dear all,

As you may know, the area we have been working on protecting—the sacred headwaters region of the Amazon rainforest—is under great threat as the Ecuadorian Government continues to press for oil exploration. This is the greatest threat we have faced in the last two decades to this most bio-diverse area of the entire Amazon basin.

As someone whose eyes are open to the wider world and the miracle of our planet, I want to talk to you specifically about what is going on with Pachamama Alliance right now and what you can do to make sure that this threat is averted.

Please listen to this special message I have recorded for you.

The Amazon rainforest is the "lungs of the planet," cleaning our air and regulating our climate, yet it continues to be destroyed at an alarming rate. We must draw a line in the forest: no new oil development in this sacred and pristine area.

By making a donation of $25, $50, $150, you will help provide the training, tools, and legal support to ensure our indigenous partners can protect this pristine rainforest from oil development.

This is not merely a crisis for these indigenous nations of the Amazon, but for all of humanity.

I am honored to have your support.

With gratitude, 
Lynne Twist 
Pachamama Alliance Co-founder

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