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Issue: January Newsletter
You are invited

By Susannah
You are invited to become part of the Movement Medicine Community Mosaic pilot project. This will not cost anything except a moment of your time, and could do 5 great things: 1) Open up possibilities for you 2) Open up possibilities for international Movement Medicine community by giving a way for Movement Medicine dancers to network and connect with each other, globally 3) Create a beautiful rainbow image of the Movement Medicine mandala, each pixel of which is from one of us dancers

At the same time, by doing this you will be:

1)    Supporting other campaign or community groups to gain a way to grow their impact and connectedness

2)    Supporting a way for the people of earth to stand up together for life on earth at this years pivotal climate change talks in Paris (December 2015)

That’s a lot to achieve with just a few clicks! We hope you will support this pilot project and help us streamline it by giving us feedback.

You can join the Movement Medicine Community Mosaic now. It’s easy.


What is it for?

Re 1 , 2 and 3 above.

We are aware of some of the diverse work and visions that people who dance Movement Medicine are part of, and we are aware that, in the workshop setting, there is little chance to discover this about each other. We are aware of the potential co-creative potency of being able to find like-minded people in the world you move in, and this mosaic is an exploration of one way to do this and to be able to literally ‘see’ our community.

So we hope that this mosaic can serve both you as an individual and the transformative potential of Movement Medicine dancers everywhere.  The more we use it, the more it will.


What do I have to do?

Click on The School of Movement Medicine website’s community forum. If you are not already a member of you will have to sign up to become part of it first- this is very straightforward. Please give us any feedback about anything that would make the whole process any simpler.

How does it work?

The Movement Medicine community mosaic is an image of a rainbow mandala. Currently it’s mostly a feint version of itself. Each person who adds their image to the mosaic “colours in” one pixel of the mosaic in full colour. Thus together, we will bring the mandala to life, simultaneously becoming visible to each other. You can fly about the mosaic, zooming in and out to see images and read the messages, and you can search for any key words to find each other.

You can put up an image of yourself or whatever you care about, and your message for other members of the MM community. The computer colour matches your picture and places you somewhere in the mandala which is a fun “divination” moment. My image has ended up in “interconnection”.

Wider Context

Re 4 and 5 above.

Our mosaic is acting as a pilot mosaic for the Mosaic Earth project which began life in 2009 as 6 Billion Reasons. It is intended, via a series of daughter mosaics to give campaigning organisations a way to create “digital demonstrations” or “visible petitions” as well as creating a way for geographically spread out communities (such as ours) to connect with become visible to them selves.

There is one big mosaic which we hope will be happening this year for the Paris Climate Change summit in December 2015. This will be to mandate, encourage and demand that our politicians and policy makers take the unprecedentedly bold and co-operative commitments needed to protect life on earth for all beings and for all future generations.

So please give us feedback about how our Movement Medicine community mosaic works and how it could work even more smoothly. And if you belong to an organisation which might want to be have a mosaic, let me (Susannah, via Roland) know.


Thank you!

A huge thank you to Peter Armstrong and Anuradha Vittachi ( formally of One Climate and now of the Hedgerley Wood Trust who believed in this project from the beginning and who have entirely made it possible through their courage, skill and commitment to life on earth. Thank you to Ken Kitson the programmer wizard who has created the technological magic behind the scenes to make this global interface so smoothly effective. Thank you to everyone of you who contributed to 6 Billion Reasons (now 7 Billion Reasons) either with a donation or with your pictogram. Have a look at it now!

Thank you to all the customers of the Movement Medicine Shop, each purchase of anything over £8 triggers a donation of £1.00 to the Hedgerley Wood Trust for development of the Mosaic project and is matched (i.e. doubled) by funding from Peter and Anuradha’s other sponsors.

Thank you Rosie Perks for all your design work and shared vision for this project.

Thank you Van Jones, the Pachamama Alliance for all your inspiration.

And thank you Ya’Acov, for supporting me in daring to dream a big dream and in all the gracious and clumsy steps along the way.

And thank you so much for reading this and I sincerely hope you will join the mosaic and help bring the mandala, and this pilot to life.

For my personal story with this project, see the article Grace and Intent.

With my love and hope for you that this will be a year of courage, love and unexpected breakthroughs into love, beauty, healing and transformation,

Susannah Darling Khan

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