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Issue: September 2008

By Th. G
Last year I attended Resonance with Susannah. It was really magic, I'll never forget what I felt was happening both outside of me and inside me during those four days. The air around us was vibrating full of love, warm. Just as if we were birthing ourselves again and in a different way, one after one, helping the others to "come to light" as we call birth in Italian and in French.


I wanted to tell you that the work was so powerful and reached some areas very deep inside me.


There was a seminar in my work that occurred 2 days after the workshop. I was worried about it because I had often experienced a sort of panic on similar occasions in the past. Well, it is the first time in life that I felt totally at ease speaking in public!! It was almost like a feast, a celebration, I felt so happy inside!


I received the congratulations of all my bosses and directors, and accepted and welcomed all those sentences into my heart. They were not only for me, but also for the strength which brought me to dare, to love myself enough to go ahead, to go towards life, to embrace life.


Thanks so much, Susannah, your heart allows all of this... It was the oil to make the engine switch on and go!

I've been invited to speak at an important institute in December. I couldn't even imagine this only two years ago!


In gratitude,


Th. G


Two Months later:

As soon as I began freeing my voice, and what was blocked with it, a further important occasion arrived to let it go outside of myself, in the occasion of an important national seminary of my work. I had to give a speech.


It went very well. I loved hearing myself, feeling my heart, my feet, my belly, while my brain was dancing around and through some concepts, datas, technical explanations. I could feel the air was very special in the room. Not only due to what I was saying. It was also how I was saying it. With my heart. The silence when I finished

was ... warm.


In the past I attended a lot of that kind of seminars and I always felt tense, feeling people around as potential aggressors. Sometimes I thought it would be impossible for me to speak to all those people... I

could never imagine I would do it one day, with that wide peace inside me!


What I feel now is that this workshop opened something in me. A feeling arose from much deeper in me than the panic I was used to; something like: "it is time to let go" "there is another reality deeper". It was strong, clear, true. Full of love and plenty. It opened a way.


Thank you.



Th. G.
The next Resonanceworkshop will take place 29th Oct - 2nd November at the Earth Spirit Centre in Somerset.  For more details please contact Susanne on   01803 762999 or


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