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Issue: Newsletter November 2014
New Editor

By Roland
You might be surprised to hear that we have been running this newsletter since 2003. During this time we have published nearly 1000 articles in about 200 editions. Now, I am pleased to tell you that we have a new editor, Hanna Richter, to whom I am handing over the running of the Newsletter for a while.

Hanna, I am sure, will do a great job of editing the newsletter and I hope you will give her lots of encouragement and support and most importantly keep contributing articles.  Hannah is a passionate Movement Medicine dancer and has connections with South Africa as well as Europe and is bilingual in English and German.

I will still be working in the office taking bookings, answering the phone and doing all the other mysterious things that seem to take up so much of my time.  And I also fullly intend to write the occasional article.

This is not the only change that is happening at this time.  Rosie Perks, who has been designing for us for 18 years, has decided that she needs to move on and to concentrate her energies on her practice as Movement Medicine teacher - thank her for all the great work she has done and wish her all the best on her future journey.

Rosie has put her stamp on the school with her great eye for design and for taking the ideas presented to her for the various workshops and translating them into an artistic and creative visual format that has become the schools' very identifyable in-house style.  One of the last major bits of work she has done for the school was the creation of the stunning slide show on the new website.   If you haven't seen it yet go and check it out at

We have started the process of looking for a new designer and hope to introduce her (or him) to you shortly.

Please see Hanna's article for all the forthcoming events.  Please note that we are now taking bookings for Dancing with the Heart of the World  17 - 22 Dec - this is a great retreat which we are presenting for the 2nd time at the wonderful Waldhaus venue.  We are also starting to take bookings for Journey of Empowerment, Phoenix Retreat and the Summer Long Dance, all of which will take place next year.

Wishing you all a fun, insightful, loving and joyful time on the dancefloor.


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