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Issue: Newsletter November 2014
Seasons and changes

By Hanna
As I am sitting writing this introduction article to the November newsletter, the limes in front of my window are shedding their beautifully colored leaves, the morning mist is lifting only very slowly, I am wearing my extra super thick woolen socks, my nose is running and I am sipping away on a herbal good-for-throat-tea. Yes, all signs for the changes of the seasons.

Here in the northern hemisphere its the change from summer into autumn and into winter. Its the change from bathing costumes, late warm evenings outside and meeting friends for ice cream, to burning candles, sitting by the fire, enjoying pumpkin soup, to shorter days and more time spent inside, to less sunlight and to possibly more internal processes.

Our sisters and brothers in the southern hemisphere however experience different changes: the air is getting warmer, father sun is getting stronger, spring flowers are blossoming, the signs of new life and fertility are everywhere and an energy of new beginnings can be sensed in nature -and so in us.

I absolutely love the change of seasons!

It reminds me of all the aliveness around. The aliveness of nature and of us. The aliveness of life. This might sound strange, for what else could life be. However, I do catch myself again and again to experience fear of changes, I catch myself to at the back of my head and mind wish for this or that to not change again. While I write this, I cant help this big grin on my face: how human, but how “ridiculous” to think or hope that known situations, relationships, places, etc shall be excluded from the universal life and movement of change. Watching nature go through her seasonal changes offers a feeling of peace, trust and serenity. Its all good: mother natures is allowing and giving space to constant change, and so can I. And the trees that let go and shed their old leaves can fully trust in new and fresh ones when the time is right.

Each year I find great inspiration in these processes when watching nature transforming herself naturally, as a matter of course, slowly and with so much beauty and grace: A shedding of skin and a letting go of the old; or the daring and the joy of bright, fresh leaves and new flowers. The going inward and the growing outward. The reflecting and meditating and the daring and moving. Possibly even mirroring one of our themes of this past Journey of Empowerment module I took part in: The balance between and the trust in my own being and growing.

No, I am not surprised that nature mirrors exactly these truths and insights, since she holds all the wisdom we are part of, but sometimes need reminding. Thank you, nature.

The “seasonal” changes reached all the way into the running of the Movement Medicine Newsletter, and I am very happy to share with you that I will be in charge of the newsletter from now on (until the next changes might blow our way).

Please keep daring and sharing! Send us your experiences of workshops, or of your dance in and of your life, with your colleagues, in your living room, or on your balcony. This is what makes this community. We all share the dance, yet its different for everyone and we love to hear about your dances, or whatever else moves you.

You can either send it to Roland:, or directly to me:

Upcoming events and workshops:

Back from their well deserved break in October, Susannah and Ya`Acov are offering and sharing the last workshops this year:

November workshops:

7-9 Love Stories with Susannah in Warsaw (Poland) on 7th-9th November: A beautiful, very touching and deep workshop, looking at and dancing through love and relationship. Love-stories: the patterns (stories) we live when showing, asking for, needing, extending or sharing love and living relationship. Its about the relationship with yourself, and your self love, as well as relationships with and love towards others or your partner.

Contact: Olga: +48 509 774 884

8th A Matter of Spirit and Moving into Dreaming. London. Ya`Acov is holding an evening workshop, together with Charlie Morley, a lucid dreaming teacher, with whom Ya`Acov has worked and taught before. The talk and practical parts of this evening will look at the bridges between spirit and matter, between dream and “reality”, and the intelligence that travels through both -body and spirit. You will meet your inner dancer and mover and recognize some of the power you hold inside.

14-16 Dare to Dream. Hamburg. Embodying the Yin and the Yang in movement and in body, this workshop with Ya`Acov invites you to establish a balance of being in your truth and condition on the one hand, and moving into your courage and commitment and responsibility on the other. Through dance finding yourself as co-creator of your life and your dreams.

Contact: Jens +49 40 729 100 61

18th Bringing the Dance back Home. In this Movement Medicine webinar you are able connect with other Movement Medicine dancers, experience a led Movement Medicine session in your own living room and invite friends to join in. Its £35 for 10 webinars, plus the online access to all the past webinars. For further information contact Roland +44 1803 762255

21-23 Dare to Dream. Zurich. With Ya`Acov.

Contact: Kristin +41 78 801 32 10

22-23 Power of the Heart, with a preceding “Move! Evening” on the 21st. Amsterdam. With Susannah. Exploring the great beauty and power of the heart. Dancing and moving with and from your own heart, identifying it as your personal guide, and learning about your full emotional landscape.

Contact: Frank +31 71 8893253

28-30 Holy Trinity. London. With Ya`Acov.

In this weekend workshop participants dive into the intelligence as well as the unity of body, heart and mind through movement and dance, and through meeting with the Dancing Warrior, the Wise Elder and the Fool.

Contact: Alex + 44 7868842219

December Workshops:

5-14 Apprentiship Programme, Module 2 

For Information on the next one starting in 2016: Apprentiship Programme

16th Bringing the Dance back Home. In this Movement Medicine webinar you are able connect with other Movement Medicine dancers, experience a led Movement Medicine session in your own living room and invite friends to join in. Its £35 for 10 webinars, plus the online access to all the past webinars. For further information contact Roland +44 1803 762255

17-22 Dancing with the Heart of the World. Susannah and Ya`Acov. Waldhaus (Switzerland). In the wonderful and nurturing home and land of Waldhaus in Switzerland, Susannah and Ya`Acov invite the dancers to a workshop focusing on each individuals heart, dreams, and visions. During our Winter Solstice and close to a new year dawning (both a time of shift, change and giving space for the new), this workshop will help the dancers to remember their love for life and the voices of their hearts. It is about seeing where we are as individual and as collective spiritual human beings in this world. It is about own choices, empowerment and responsibility -towards your own heart, and towards the heart of the world. Reflection, choice and growing. What an inspiring and beautiful way to celebrate the Solstice and yet another year coming to its close.

Contact: Roland +44 1803 762255

From 5th-19th January, there is the Amazon Edition of Dancing with the Heart of the World, in Quito, Ecuador.

With many happy greetings, and the courage and trust instead of the fear of change,


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