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Issue: Newsletter November 2014
A Dance Awake - My PachaMama Dream

By Claudija Rieger-Reinecke
I was a bit short on sleep already when arriving end of September at last JOE module, where I had the privilege and joy of assisting Susannah. Not having slept so well nor enough during the next three nights at beautiful Waldhaus-seminar house, I was really annoyed, when I heard a sharp “SssZzzzeee” right at my left ear. A hungry mosquito, preparing for her meal. OMG, that feast would be ME!

It was about 4:30 in the morning, all my inner bells rang, here I was wide-awake AGAIN! Must tell you I’m allergic to insect bites – what is an insignificant sting for most people, can turn into a massive one for me: In the past attacked areas pretty often had become enormously swollen and inflamed. A mosquito bite in my foot or leg can sometimes turn out into such a swollen limb, I can hardly walk for two days. A bite at certain areas in my face will let me look like a monster the next day… That I just could not allow to happen now!

So I was hiding my feet under the duvet, trying to cover my face completely with my long hair – a pretty desperate, neurotic program in my mind started: I just HAD to sleep now, I just had to BE FIT in the morning, I just NEEDED that rest, OR I wouldn’t be able to do my job as MM-assistant the next day, which is asking presence and concentration… Feeling I couldn’t give care and attention during our next sessions, if I would miss the only 3 hours of possible sleep left!

As the walls of the room where covered by wood completely, camouflage for the beast was easy and there was no way to find and kill my enemy. Turning out the light again and lying in my bed, full of tension, mental and physical resistance: My feet and legs covered by duvet, but not so sure face and neck were really protected by my hair?! Then I decided to “offer” arms and hands as an alternative source of blood supply for the mosquito: A sting there would be unpleasant but at least my feet would be safe, I would still be able to dance and probably also not looking like a monster tomorrow. Aahh! While offering my arms deliberately, I could feel a slight relaxation going through my whole body – as I had learned in many, many hours dancing with Susannah for being open to the possibility of pleasure, I now consciously tried to surrender to the possibility of UNpleasantness…

And then my thoughts went to that little, maybe even VERY hungry mosquito, now hiding somewhere on the wall and waiting patiently or maybe lurking excitedly for her opportunity: It might be unpleasant for me, but it is her nature to do so, it’s just her way of staying alive! Realising that, I invited my breath to let me sink deeper into my body and let my body sink deeper into Mama-Bed…Aah… But of course I didn’t want to overdo it, by now switching from the Victim into the role of the Martyr: There was still a possibility this mosquito was not soooo hungry and might not find or hurt me, if while sleeping I’d cloak and protect myself in an energetic bubble of bluish light, and so I did…

The next thing I remember is one of the most stunning pictures I have ever seen in my life: On the wall behind my bed, right behind my head suddenly were hanging very exotic, little brown insects with very strange folded wings. At first glance they looked a bit scary or even disgusting but when I came closer I could see, they were just the most amazing little winged animals you can think of, somehow like tiny, tiny baby bats. All hanging in a row and smacking, and guess what, they were smacking MOSQUITOES, one after another! Oh, THEY are not only liking these pests, they are LIVING on them, I thought and I was so, so touched by watching these smacking little beings. And suddenly felt so safe and protected. Oh, THEY would deal with all mosquitoes around here, in fact they would be SO HAPPY for any mosquito existing!

I was deeply in awe for these exotic beings, felt surrounded by wonder and such a strong connectedness to nature and all of life! And then my eyes wandered from the maybe-baby-bats to green leaves nearby and while getting closer I could see that the supposed blue dots on the leaves were all skyblue little butterflies resting and sleeping on the big leaves. They were gossamer-winged butterflies, a species which still could be seen often when I was a child and nowadays vanished from where I live. Wow, they were so unbelievably beautiful! Struck by awe I realized the interconnection or interbeing of everything and all: Such a beauty in this world!

It was then it just hit me, “this is just not possible, that this is in Switzerland, that this is happening in the Waldhaus NOW!? This must be in the jungle, maybe in the Amazon? And with this doubting questions I woke up from my dream. Again! Wide-awake again, but now due to the vivid experience I’d just gone through. And now feeling so nourished by all the beauty and bliss, I could easily fall asleep again.

Next morning I had had enough rest to do my job properly. Later in the afternoon I discovered an itching sting on my jaw: No allergic reaction, no monster-face… In the late evening when all JOE participants and all assistants too, had their moments on stage singing their personal songs, I was sooo tired. And must say, gave a relatively weak performance – forgot even temporarily my melody, although the song was about gratitude for Pachamama and my life…!

Yes, the beauty of that dream and the wise loving lesson of Pachamama teaching me, is still with me: I am safe, I am surrounded and held by so many beings, visible, invisible and some beings visible just in the dreams… I’m full of gratitude: For the assisted Journey of Empowerment just finished yesterday, for the blissful journey in my dream AND for the next journey ahead, which means a long dream coming true:

Starting my own offering of Movement-Medicine-classes in Munich/München beginning from 28th of October: Please come and join celebrating the wonder, beauty and love for all life – including your own!

Classes are offered every second Thursday evenings and on Sunday afternoons once a month. Details and times see or my Facebook page. Hope to see you soon!


Claudija Rieger-Reinecke

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