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Issue: July 2008

by Susannah

Why is song and the drum central to every shamanic path I know of? Why is music so central to our lives in the west, whether or not we open our mouths and sing ourselves? Why is singing solo such a big deal for so many of us?

When I dance I feel visible. When I sing I feel naked. There is no hiding. This is the power of the voice. It connects our inner world with the outer in a totally direct and clear way. To let go and really sing I need to have come to a place in which I can reveal who I am, in all my strength, beauty and vulnerability, my wounds and fears, my love and my pain.

I think this is why song is so central to shamanic healing the world over, voice and song mediate directly between the shaman’s inner world and the world of the spirits. Song communicates with spirit of things, it is vibration, and so connects directly with the vibrational realm. 

I’m often asked “What is the difference between the ‘DanSing’ workshops and ‘Resonance’?”

DanSing is a weekend workshop which introduces song and sound through and with the dance.

Resonance is an intensive 4 days of movement and voice work with a group limited to 30 participants, where we can develop the intimacy and trust to go further into the ‘naked’ realm of solo voice as well as luxuriating in the power and joy of ensemble harmony singing, and lots of dancing of course!  We work with Ben Burrow, the brilliant and sensitive drummer who has accompanied Resonance for many years.

This year is special, Resonance is held at the beautiful Earth Spirit centre near Glastonbury, England. Staying in the same place together, we have the time to drop into a community of mutual learning and co-evolution, welcoming each other as we are, and supporting and challenging each other to take our next steps to release ourselves to be and express our souls through dance and song. The course culminates in each participant writing and singing their own song. Terrifying in abstract, but wonderful in practice.


Robbie Robertson

“Everyone has a song

God gave us each a song

That’s how we know who we are

Everyone has a song”


“Sing my sister’s sing! Let your voice be heard, you don’t need to disrespect yourself again. Don’t hide your light behind your fears!” Annie Lennox

The next Resonance workshop will be held at the Earth Spirit Centre, Somerset  29th Oct to 2nd Nov.  Fro more details please contact Susanne at  01803 762999


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