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Issue: July 2008
Vision Quest - June 2008

By Eline Kieft 

In the second week of June, 33 inspiring people came together, for the final module in what became a 2-year cycle in Ritual, with Ya'Acov, Sue and Hege. Seeing many faces of each other, sharing food, laughter, pain and sometimes the hot tub J, allowed us to drop deeply into ourselves, into our strengths and weaknesses, into our Dreams and discovering our magical skills to manifest. I’d like to share some of my experiences during the course and the Vision Quest as powerful gateway ceremony.


During these 2 years, my boundaries of (im)possibilities have become flexible and permeable; I've surprised myself many a time by doing something that I thought I could not do - and hey, there I did it. This gave me a major sense of Trust in Life, in myself, in providence, in taking small steps... There is always help along the way, you only have to ask for it. Thank you Sophia, “thought that dwells in the Light, who exists before the All, who moves in every creature and is the invisible one within the all”.[1]


Appreciating that Gods’ gifts are just endless, as Rumi says, there are so many ‘unopened gifts from your birth-day’. I’m just overwhelmed by all the blessings and the love, it’s almost too much to take in, everywhere I look, everywhere I look, I see evidence of Gods love, and of how much God holds me, holds me through Sun, through Water and Air, through music, through the little brave bumblebee, through Light that streams through the windows, through my partner Wayne, my family, my friends and my fellow dancers. Thank you God! And thank you for letting me find your Temple on the Dance Floor.


I thought the main issues to encounter on this vision quest, were around fasting (for 60 hours, just water, no food), and around carrying my gear all the way down hill without physically hurting myself; for these issues were my main worries and fears. However, they just ‘popped’ in thin air, as fears often do, and weren’t difficult at all (for some of you who know me; Eline okay without food, this must be as big a shock as it was for me J).


Surprisingly and unexpectedly, the vision quest formed the final threshold of my 9-months period of being born into mature womanhood. Last August I shaved my head, and continued to shave it each month for 9 months, with a triple intention; as an offering to the Great Mother, to become closer to the spirit world and language, and for maturity in life and relationship. All of these started to emerge and manifest in their own timing. I am more and more able to see synchronicity and recognize messages of the divine, and my relationships to my mother and to Wayne have changed drastically. The vision quest allowed time for ritual, giving thanks to and saying goodbye to Maiden and welcoming Woman. Dances, Dreams and physical experiences all evolved around two themes; Waterfall (cleansing and being born anew) and throwing up, first energetically in the dance, then in my dream, and finally physically as well. It was as if the pink fluffy lining that created a safe girly room inside, to protect me from my own emotions and from emotions and events of the outside world, came out; because it is no longer necessary.


I was also reminded of a strong connection to Tree Spirits, which inspires me to continue on the written course in Druidry, the 2nd year of which will teach about Tree teachers, plant spirit and herb lore. I'm very excited, although after the first year I thought I would not continue.


Not finally, never ‘finally’, because the beginning is always in the end, and because there is much, much more... encounters with animals, songs, inner and outer guidance, teachings from the elements, being visited and danced by spirit, waking up in each state (getting the celebration of my life, without having to feel 'ashamed' of not having experienced many trauma's), and Breath, the luxury of breath, I really don't need 'a hot chocolate' to treat myself anymore, breathing does the trick, so lush, rich and delicious! And the newness of experiences; unpacking the car; WOW! Putting gear away in the attic; WOW! Tasting the Fire in the pizza; WOW! Making love; WOW!


Much of this (and more) will continue to seep through, from the depths of the experience and unconscious, until I'm ready to receive it, and spread it. This writing gives some flavor – and the story goes on, will continue to unfold and lead me to new crannies and nooks, to wide vista’s and plains, to foamy rivers and… Waterfalls! For all my relations, so that my people may heal![2]



Thank you for reading this, and witnessing my journey. Our journey.


Yours in the web of life,

Photo by Sue Kuhn



[1] From the Nag Hammadi texts, documented by Elaine Pagels, The Gnostic Gospels, cited online by Hamilton Reed Armstrong “The Da Vinci Code Decoded”

[2] That is all and everyone of this global village: or ‘us lot’, as Ya'Acov said so poignantly.

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