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Issue: April 2008
Whirlwind in … Awakening out

 by Jude (Now Seeker of Totnes home). 
This Awakenings is my first workshop with Ya’cov and Suzannah, their energy blends so beautifully together, like sumptuous dark chocolate and deliciously roasted coffee! (Sugar free and decaf if necessary of course). Seeing them working together reminds me of the completeness in the union of the male and female principles. Working seamlessly together, both offering all they have to the whole with their unique expressions. The offering now super powered from both expressions giving themselves totally. Thanks to the wonder of this union the workshop was filled with wisdom, practicality, nurturing, humour and love.

As for my part, I had quite a whirlwind entrance, hot off a plane from Peru and totally exhausted…. “How would this effect my dance”, I wondered, “An opportunity to dance and be with the tiredness” said positivity. Negativity replied  “There you go running yourself ragged, trying to fit everything in!”.  But the happening was totally different to all this mental rambling, as it usually is for me… As soon as my body moved into that well known space, where it could be free to move and be just as it wanted, this release sourced the energy from a different place. Exquisite movement, without a hint of thought about tiredness, Peru, or where I was meant to be staying that night… all dissolved with an inward “Yes!”


As we were taken through various exercises, I felt glorious doors of opportunity and possibility opening to me through the dance, new ways of expressing this divine nature that shimmers through my being, and embodying all the aspects that make up ‘me’. With total support and guidance, honestly looking at the ancestral line and letting it move. Whatever pain, joy or rage was there being with it, being alive with it and the ever present reminder that without each part of this line, without all of the suffering and joy that they went through, I would not be here in this form, and dancing in this beautiful space… an incredible gratitude bloomed within me.


We also invited in the elements to teach us how to be with them, so that they can flow without blockage and allowing their qualities to shine. In me, the earth element needed safety and femininity and the fire element felt overpowering. The earth element was helped along by my first time dancing with a skirt, can you believe it! This added a new dimension to the dance, light and floaty steps exchanged the usual funky ones, and I felt unbelievably elegant. Its incredible how long its taken me to wear a skirt, with such an inner knowing that it would help me to embody another aspect of the feminine. This delightful noticing was mixed with strong power stances to more embody the earth element. The teaching came to feel safe being grounded as I am abundantly supported and not to be in fear of living in this reality.


Working with the fire element has always scared me, and my awareness of this started at a previous workshop with Ya’Acov. Here again it showed its power, and the fear arose… then came the wonderful guidance to invite it in, and to ask it to show me how to move with it.  I brought in the help of other exercises with the elements we had been shown, and used my invocation to allow the fire to move freely though my being and into the manifested world through service… and then it was free! Dancing my fire totally and sharing it was a wonderful gift and incredible fun!


I left this workshop with a deep knowing that more of my being was conscious, that more space had been created for things to happen through me, and all wrapped in an incredible sense of belonging. I so deeply resonate with the movement medicine teaching, it contains what I feel is needed to be a more conscious and loving human being, bringing a deeper awareness into every moment and a freedom to allow creativity to flow through me. Currently I live in Edinburgh and am hoping to move closer to the community in and around Totnes, to continue the work with Ya’Acov and Susannah if anyone reading this hears of any house/space sharing opportunities please contact me at

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