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Conversation with my Heart

By Rosie Jackson
Medial writing during the workshop POETRY OF PRESENCE, Munich, June 2014) What do you have to say to me, MY HEART?

I have been with you always, from the first moment. I have seen you grow physically and I have provided for your nourishment and flow. I have never tired of this, though largely you are unaware of me.

It is unusual for anyone to ask us – the heart organ as a collective of living and conscious cells – what we may wish to say or what we may desire. Indeed, it is a superfluous question in that our direction and motivation is clear and unswerving – to keep you alive and in good health. If we swerve for a moment, you are endangered. This would be the fatal consequence of our inattention. Therefore, we are totally committed to our path.

But we work in unison with you. If you wish to make our job easy, Beloveds, then you will seek BALANCE. You will treasure your bodies as the temples they are. You will pace yourselves. You will not place yourselves in extreme situations which endanger you. You will seek out adequate rest and movement. You will not fall into lethargy or despondency, for this will prevent movement on a mental, spiritual AND THEREFORE PHYSICAL level, thus slowing down our capabilities.

If movement stops, growth stops also. Excess hesitation means drifting towards listlessness. You become distracted. You lose your centre (and it is no coincidence that we, your heart cells, are present at your centre). In the severe, last stages of decay, you may even have forgotten that you have a centre at all. Then, your memories of it are clouded. Instead of glowing like a guiding beacon for others, you will perceive your centre as an indefinable mass floating randomly on a stagnant pond. When you lose your awareness of your heart, your heart cells will degenerate also.

The lines in the face of a man or woman can tell a story to the initiated. They do not suddenly appear due to “old age”. They appear because the mouth or forehead has been pulled repeatedly in a one direction by the individual concerned. These are often cells which have been nourished with WORRY instead of LOVE. We, your heart cells, also bask in your smile and your attention. We complete our task more rapidly with your gratitude and blessing. Compassion for all is the key.

We, the cells of your heart, are symbolic of this COMPASSION, and indeed our work is of compassionate nature – seeking to serve you to our best ability continuously. We work in perfect unison within your body. Our message to you on earth in physical bodies is TO ACT IN UNISON ALSO – with the world within yourselves and the world outside of yourselves. The connection to all others is there, whether you see it or not, whether you feel it physically or not, so seek to feel this connection with the utmost compassion, but without forgetting yourselves.

Let compassion take the lead. Be patient. Do not judge. It is not that you cannot understand another person; it is that you have not dug deep enough to find that which would help you understand. There is no sudden unsponsored action. A response may seem automatic, but actually there is a reason for that automatism. It may be a SAFETY NET or a SURVIVAL KIT for the person displaying it. When you know this, how can you look upon anyone without compassion.

Re-discover that yearning which drvies you to search out company and exchange with others. Remember being in love – how you could not wait to fall into their arms. Remember how you did EVERYTHING to secure their comfort. Be this for yourselves. Be this for others. We urge you to let your heart speak. May it never be silenced: may the dialogue be everlasting.


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