School of Movement Medicine - Mindfulness in Motion
Issue: July 2007

Picnic in the Park?

by Roland

A very small silver car pulled up beside me.  Inside were two very classily dressed women of mature years.


“Can we give you a lift?” asked the very well spoken woman who was the driver.


“No thanks.” I said, wondering where, even if I wanted a lift, both I and my backpack could fit in such a tiny car.


“Oh!” said the other lady, in the passenger seat, in an equally posh voice as the first, “We are going to picnic in the park.  We thought you might be too.”

“No. I’m afraid not” I replied and then  by way of explanation I added “I’m walking.”


“Oh” the passenger lady repeated in a disappointed tone and as they sped off, I was left wondering what exactly they had meant.  Did they mean they were going to have a picnic in a park somewhere where lots of people regularly have picnics or was it a special event called Picnic in the Park where lots of rich people sat with their hampers in idyllic surrounding to raise money for charity?  Or, and this last idea blossomed in my imagination as I continued my walk down the road , was ‘picnic in the park’ some kind of coded reference to a particular kind of outdoor orgy?


However, about a mile down the road when I heard the muffled thud of bass guitar drifting over the fields, the mystery was solved and I smiled as I imagined my pair of ladies twirling on the grass and swinging their pearls above their heads as they danced to the music.


What cannot be described as a picnic in the park though has been sorting dates and venues following the news that the Rill Centre would be closing for business as from Christmas.  Finally though, with lots of juggling, endless phone-calling and emailing we are there!  One of the biggest problems has been with Ya’Acov’s Ritual Ongoing Group which starts in September.  We have now arranged for the final two modules to take place at Orval in Belgium and can even offer the course at a cheaper price than originally advertised.  Email Susanne at if you would like an application form.


One other decision we have had to take as a result of the time we have spent on this ‘picnic’ of reorganisation is that we have had to put our postal mailing back to the beginning of September. 


We are just finalising the details for Susannah’s next Ongoing Group which will be called Fundamentals and details for this will shortly be available on the website and you can get application forms from me at .


I am regularly asked whether we will ever be offering a professional training in Movement Medicine and I have found it frustrating to say that I really didn’t know.  So now I am very pleased to be able tell you all it is inevitable that Susannah & Ya'Acov will offer a training at some point. This will not be a training in the 5Rhythms but in Movement Medicine. They do not know yet what form this will take but naturally, any work you are doing with them will count as prerequisites for any training the School of Movement Medicine eventually offers. If you want to teach the 5Rhythms, you will need to train with Gabrielle. All work with the School of Movement Medicine counts as "Waves" level work prerequisites for any work you wish to do with Gabrielle or the Moving Center.  Please do not ask me for further details as I really don’t have any.


Initiation has been full for some time with a waiting list but for various reasons some people have dropped out and now the waiting list is very small indeed so if this is a workshop you wanted to do but thought it was not possible now is the time to ask for an application form.


There are also a few places available on the Making Love workshop for couples 10 – 14th October which will be held at the Rill Centre in Devon.  Contact me for application forms


Wishing you all a splendid and dry summer (especially for those of you in the UK where we have been having the wettest summer since 1839)












by Ya'Acov


Foundations in Movement Medicine & Ceremonial Practice

An Ongoing Group with Ya’Acov Darling Khan


Assisted by Mark Boylan & Caroline Carey

September 2007 to June 2008


Well, the transformation has started and the course doesn’t even begin ‘til September……..

A last little note from me to wish you all a wonderful Summer before I put my computer into hibernation for a few weeks. Did you know that unlike animals, computers prefer to hibernate in the warmer months? Well, mine does anyway. So, if you’re e-mailing me between July 16th and September 3, you’’ get one of those polite little replies saying that I’m out of the office for a while. I will get back to you come the wonderful onset of the colour feast we call Autumn.


I also have some news to share about my ongoing group, Ritual, which starts September 11th. It’s a story of silver linings. We heard from Peter and Freddy that their plans had moved ahead faster than they had thought and that therefore, they were going to need to close the Rill Centre in December. Who knows who’ll buy it of course. It would be such a shame if it didn’t get to continue to be a centre for courses. There is such a lack of quality spaces around the South West of the UK and we a re still dreaming that someone will show up and that it continue to be available. I’d like to tale this opportunity to publicly thank Peter and Freddi for being such wonderful and generous hosts in our time working at Rill and to wish them all the very best as they set off on their new adventure.


In the meantime, the speed of Peter and Freddi’s changes have meant a little chaos in our programming for 2008. Well I suppose that in 18 years with Gabrielle, we learnt that a little chaos is nothing to be afraid of and so, amongst all the rain, we have been seeking out silver linings inside our summer clouds. So, I have good news and very good news. The good news is that we have found a new venue for modules three and four of Ritual. This might be good for all you mainland European dancers who couldn’t make the travelling to the UK four times in a year. We will now work at Bois Le Comte, the beautiful and recently renovated centre in the Ardennes (Belgium – three hours by train from Brussels) where we have been working for many years. The very good news is that as a result, the course will be £250-00 cheaper. So, if you’re one of the many people who’ve told me that you’d love to do the course but couldn’t quite afford it, or one of the many who’ve asked me if at least some of it could happen in mainland Europe, then this may be the little open door you’ve been waiting for. The circle is already strong and there are still a few places left. If one of them feels like it may have your name on it, please contact Roland or Susanne for more details. The other thing to note is that the change in venue has meant that the date of the third module has changed by one day to March 16-21st and the last module has had to change to June 18th to June 24th.


Once again, I’m happy to have the opportunity to wish all of you a truly blessed and nourishing summer. Thanks for all the dances so far this year. This has already been the most remarkable and challenging year of my life. Yum!


P.S. My e-mail address has changed. Please make a note of my new address in your address book if you want to:


Ya’Acov. July ‘07

Wild at Heart Reveiw

This month's winner of £100 School of Movement Medicine workshop voucher
By David Kellett
I wanted to write a review of this magnificent event as it has moved me and touched me so deeply.


I’m quite new to 5Rhythms and Movement Medicine work but right from when I started to dance the Rhythms it felt like coming home to something I had forgotten rather than “learning” something new. I saw the Wild At Heart workshop advertised and thought – “That would be nice – dancing with other men.”

So I booked on to the workshop and then traumatised my self with anxiety about travelling to Belgium. Actually booking the Eurostar and then travelling on it to Bois Le Comte was easy in the end. It became something of an adventure – and like a quest in a Fairy Tale as I kept meeting more and more guys going the same way at each junction in the journey.


Bois Le Comte is a lovely place. So peaceful and silent – no road noise, no train noise, no aircraft noise – you would have to go along way from so called “rural” Hertfordshire where I live, to find that kind of peace. The Dance Temple is a magnificent room – high ceiling and a magnificent solid oak floor. The countryside around is very beautiful – rolling pasture land and forest.


What can I say about the workshop itself? It was wonderful! The dancing was great – with amazing music from Ya’Acov and his assistants Peter Brown (thank you for the Weeping Song – one of my favourites) and Michel Wery. The Ritual work was inspiring and deeply healing. I shan’t describe it too much as that might spoil it for you if you make the same journey one day. But I did see the energies of blocked despair, rage and loveless-ness leaving the bodies of my brothers. I felt those energies leaving me. It was powerful and moving. The Sweat Lodge (my first) was humbling and beautiful – I felt lots of unnecessary, convoluted thinking leave my psyche as I sweated with my brothers and in its place I felt a deep knowing and confirmation of my path in life.


To have witnesses and fellow travellers as open and loving as the men in this group was very healing in itself for me. I, like a lot of men I suspect, have a lot of hurt in me where I have felt my self judged and condemned by other men – indeed by the whole culture of how we men are expected to be in western society. The circle we formed through the workshop was so healing – the masculine strength, honesty and integrity so powerful that I really feel that it has gone a long way to healing the hurts I have accumulated in my masculine energy in the forty two years I have been in this masculine body. I have found a huge change in my confidence since I got back to England, a confidence to just be me without fear of what other men might think or judge about me.


I will go back for any other Wild At Heart or similar that Ya’Acov runs. I’m signed up for Ritual and excited about that coming soon.


Thank you Ya’Acov for making the impossible and the improbable possible and thank you to the new brothers I found in the magical circle of Wild At Heart for being the wonderful and kind Wild Hearted men you are.
David Kellett DO, Osteopath and Franklin Method Teacher

Dancing Across Borders : the birth of a 5 Rhythms non profit

By Lucy Nerot
The moment that Dancing Across Borders was born in my mind will forever remain a secret. I can’t remember when or how the name came to me, but the moment it was there, it was obvious : this is my work. I was born dancing across borders, from a French father and an English mother, and when, 30 something years later, I started listening, feeling for the flow of my dancing and teaching path, it took me to a village in Mesang, the poorest rural district of Cambodia.

For a month I danced the Rhythms with 30 Khmer teenagers every day. They were so amazing in their commitment, their dances and their diving into the heart of the rhythms, that I felt called to make this part of my teaching life.


One of the secrets they revealed to me is that, whatever the level of survival we have achieved, however wounded we are, our soul is there, intact, waiting for an opportunity to shine. I offered them a space to dance, to experience the Rhythms, and watched in amazement as their little souls started shining on our hard clay dance floor under the mango trees. The memories of these blessed moments gave me the energy I needed to turn this one time experience into a long term project.


I realised I needed support : these kids come from families that seriously struggle to survive and the only way for them to experience the 5 Rhythms is for us to offer it to them. I was not born as Bill Gates’ daughter, so I had to dive into the unknown world of fundraising. I created a non profit and started looking for financial support. It turned out that it’s much easier to find “official” support – at least in France- when you help people survive, than when your project is to help them live fully through the dance. With no grants from the government, I turned to people who know what it is like to let their soul shine in the dance, to people like you.


My second trip was largely financed by members of the 5 Rhythms teaching community who organised benefit dances. It was amazing to bring the energy of dancers from England, France, the USA, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium to a bunch of teenagers out in the sticks in Cambodia. The funds also enabled me to bring art supplies, which was like bringing water to the desert. They made hundreds of beautiful drawings during our month together. I am planning to go back to that village for a month in January and then work in southern Cambodia for a week with deaf children, and a week in Phnom Penh with orphan teenagers living with AIDS.


I need all the support I can find. If you feel called to help, please write a cheque in € to Dancing Across Borders, or or a cheque in £ to Lucie Nerot and send cheques to:


Dancing Across Borders 1 rue Francis Picabia 75020 Paris FRANCE.

If you would rather transfer money, contact us at


If you want to organise a benefit dance in your community, write to me at and I will provide you with pictures of dance, drawings, and 5 Rhythms poetry written by the Khmer children.


For more information, go to or write to

Egypt & Children

by Caroline Carey

Two years ago I received an email from a lady in Egypt, 'Hi' she said 'remember me, I’m living in Egypt now and I would really like you to come and do a workshop here'.

'Hi Mara, how lovely to hear from you', I remembered her from the 5Rhythms classes when she lived in Cork.

So I said 'yes, of course', even though I was nervous at the thought of going to Egypt as I’m not much of a traveller.

Within a few weeks we had set some dates, and then she said 'um just what is 5Rhythms' !!!!

I was a little shocked, 'aren’t you Mara who used to come to my classes?', 'no she said I think we have got the Maras and Carolines mixed up'. And so we had both of us thinking the other was some one else. She thought I was a totally different Caroline who taught something meditative, and I thought she was an old student. Mistaken identity. And yet we had made a strong connection and shared some lovely emails long before we realized this.

So anyway travel to Egypt we would. Me and my girls.

I decided to give my daughters anunforgettable holiday ( they had never been on holiday before) as well as hang out with Mara and her extended family over there, doing what ever in the way of a workshop would happen.

Mara has designed and built a block ofapartments in downtown Luxor. Within this building is a school and workshop room where she brings in the local children to help them with reading, writing and learning English. They are very poor where education is concerned and many live in very poor conditions. It was an incredible eye opener for me and my girls. But each of the girls became such lovely friends. Particularly Daisy and Manu who walked everywhere hand in hand. Florence played her recorder for the little ones and taught them nursery rhymes, while myself and Daisy and Willow taught body parts and an incredibly simplified and rather chaotic version of the 5Rhythms. They LOVED it and where so keen to learn more.

We visited many homes, spoke to many new friends and there was always somebody who wanted a friendly chat even though they were incredibly shy of us. Apart from the young men who seemed convinced we were the spice girls!

It is such a different place, I as a woman experience so much freedom in my own culture, I can work, educate myself and not restrict myself to one relationship or be dominated by anyone. That’s not the way there. Female circumcision is still carried out amongst little girls. The children ran after us desperate for pencils and paper to write with. Books and toys are needed. Even in the schools they have so little. It seems to be a place tomerely sit and listen. Daisy emptied her pencil case and gave away pretty much everything they had bought with them. She still writes to Manu.

I am taking my girls back to Luxor in February '08, I am very keen to continue the time we have had with the children and to help keep the relationship between the children alive.

I’m combining a workshop for dancers to come and meet thefamilies and for us to dance and share experiences there. I have a big vision as does Mara that our cultures will meet in friendship and we can offer our support in as many ways as possible. We have a lot to learn from them too.Marais nowworkingwiththe governors.

Maybe also this needs to begin with the children.

When we go next February I shall be taking a suitcase of pencils, pens books and anything I can get hold of for the children. If you feel you would like to contribute or even come with us then please let me know. There is also an arrangement to send equipment via airlines.

And you can view Maras website on

Thank you for reading this

with love

Caroline x


Mass Meditations for the Planet

by Peter Brown
Did you hear about 'Fire the Grid'?  I suspect most of us did, and quite a few of us participated.  How many of us stopped to consider if it was a good idea?


I chose not to participate in the one hour fire-the-grid meditation on Tuesday 17th July.  I chose to write this instead at (roughly) the same time.  When I first heard about it, I was sceptical.  It just seemed too new agey to be worth much to me; but then I do tend to be over-dismissive of anything leaning that way.

By the time I'd got the third or fourth email about it, from people I know, love and respect - I decided it was worth a little more investigation than simply to dismiss it out of hand.  Partly because I thought there might be something different about this one.  Partly because I questioned whether my scepticism was more about laziness.  But also out of guilt... and that's where it gets interesting for me.


So I visited the fire-the-grid website and read up on it all, watched some of Shelley Yate's talks on You Tube.  Her story is truly remarkable, and well worth a look if you haven't already.  And it almost convinced me in that she seemed to be saying what I judge to be 'the right things'.  So it was all about connection with the earth (ok, I can go with that), about knowing your gift/bliss and putting it to good use (sounds fine to me); she didn't seem to be overly dualistic, there was space in Shelley's conceptions for the bigger picture too.  All of which I found reassuring.  So yes, maybe there was something different, maybe this one might be worth doing after all.  Maybe I could dance for an hour, though frankly I'm pretty sure it wouldn't have been to the music Shelley recommended.  I've never been one for 'spiritual purity' in music, as no doubt anyone who comes to my classes would testify... 


However, I decided to take it a little further, and google critiques of the proposed meditation.  What I found was interesting, and set me off on this particular journey.  By far the most entertaining critique came from a website based on 'reverse speaking'.  Apparently, if you played Shelley's spoken words backwords (sound familiar this one?), you would find the truth, that the beings who had instructed Shelley to get us to 'fire the grid' were actually aliens who use the grid to imprison us... highly entertaining.  A new age update on the old story about heavy metal records played backwards revealing devil worship.


But there were other, much more interesting critiques too.  The one that caught my attention was concerned with the potential effect of directing a large amount of energy into the core of the earth.  I wasn't exactly sure this was what Shelley was suggesting; but I could see how her words could be interpreted that way.  The critique was very simple.  If you send a large amount of energy into an already unstable, chaotic system, the net effect is not likely to be peaceful - rather it's likely to accelerate and amplify the processes already underway, with highly unpredictable results.  In other words, it might accelerate the global climactic conditions that threaten us, rather than reduce them.


Once again, this isn't necessarily to contradict Shelley's message.  She also referred to 2012 in her writings, a suggestion that the fire-the-grid event wasn't expected to produce some immediate and final effect, but was part of a whole series leading up to whatever is supposed to happen in 2012.  Within that view, firing more energy into changes already taking place might well be a way to accelerate us towards 2012.  If you buy into that particular story.


But that guilt was still niggling me regardless... what's that all about?  Some of the critiques spoke of how these kind of 'campaigns' play on our good intentions and our guilt.  They essentially say, 'if you're a caring human being, if you are sensible/evolved/intelligent/prayerful (put in whatever word hooks you), then you will want to do this -after all, what harm could it do?'  (well, if it's potentially as powerful as Shelley suggests, it could surely do a great deal of harm if not done right, yes?)  That kind of appeal does get to me, as it gets to most of us - it's there in all those chain-emails that come round, usually with some genuinely beautiful story or piece of wisdom, but ending with 'send this to x number of people within y minutes and you'll get your wish/good luck...'  Some of them go on to promise dire consequences if you don't - they all imply it, whether it's stated or not.  


The point is, these things play on our sense of guilt and hopelessness.  We don't believe we can make a difference.  Until recently, I lived a total contradiction around this stuff - on the one hand I conscientiously try to recycle as much as possible, not fly, use green alternatives to mainstream products... but I also know that my lifestyle, though in some ways relatively 'green' is still essentially unsustainable in the long-term.  So I have this mix of a green conscience that gets me to recycle even the smallest peices of paper (probably using more energy than is saved) combined with the knowledge that it's not enough, that basically I don't let that green conscience stop me doing or buying anything I really want.  This allows me to feel morally superior to others on the one hand (smug), and also be wracked with guilt on the other.   Not particularly useful to anyone really.  Of course, this mechanism can apply to all kinds of things (and of course has historically been tied into the confessional); but I suspect most of us have it in relation to environmental issues these days.


It was a conversation with Ya'Acov recently that gave me the key to this one (again!) - do it out of love.  Out of love for Grandmother Earth and Grandfather Sky.  Make each little thing an offering, a gift of love.  That's where our true power lies.  That's what lies below the surface for me - that's what leads me to do the 'green' things I do, even though I know that in themselves they're going to save no-one.  I do it out of love.  Love for the beauty of this world.  Gratitude for what we still have, gratitude that I can even dance, in relative peace and safety, if only for now.


Whatever Shelley's intention (and she does say that this must be done out of love, not out of guilt), the way this has been sent around has fed into that mechanism of guilt vs virtue.  The virtuous being those who give their hour to prayer/meditation of course.  But far more worrying in a sense is the lack of clarity.  There does not seem to be a clear, single intention around this.  The messages I have received from different people telling me about this event have all worded it differently.  For some, it's about 'healing the planet'.  For others it's about 'world peace'.  For others, it's about directing energy into the earth's core.  Does it matter?  I think it does, vitally.  Our practice teaches us that our energy does indeed follow our attention.  'Healing the planet' for instance, from the point of view of Gaia, could involved wiping out those pesky humans who seem to be messing it all up for the rest of life on earth.  'World peace' - well whose peace exactly?  Hitler wanted peace, just as long as he and his Reich were in control.  Bush wants peace, as long as it's on his terms.  The planet would be very peaceful if human beings were removed.  Oh sure, maybe we're sophisticated enough to know the difference, to know what we mean by 'world peace':  but my point is that everyone will have their own understanding of what it means, according to their own world-view.  A Christian (or Islamic) fundamentalist will not have the same understanding of 'world peace' as will a rational atheistic scientist, or a postmodern peace activist or a renowned spiritual teacher.  We understand things from where we're each at on our own journey.  


So sending something out in this way, inevitably works to undo what may begin as a very clear, focussed intention.  Each recipient will interpret it according to their own world view, their own perspective, and consequently focus their meditations on very different things.  Many may participate from the dynamic of guilt/virtue, rather than love, which is another way of subverting what appears to be a clear intention.


So this is where it left me.  Very unconvinced at best that this would do anything positive for the human race.  Slightly concerned that it could do something disastrous (it's now 13.17 on Tuesday 17th July, and nothing cataclysmic seems to happened... yet!).  Clear that it's not a good idea to allow myself to be manipulated by my own guilt and fear.  But also with the knowledge that this stuff is central to my life, that I'm more interested in continuing on my own journey of focussing on the details of my daily life through my practice, becoming a more balanced and responsible human being, one who seeks to act with more kindness and love in his daily interactions.  Seeking to integrate his personal actions with the bigger picture.  And often falling short, and having to forgive himself.


I am afraid.  I am so afraid about what is going to become of, yes, firstly me, but also my loved ones, my children, my friends, all of us, the whole of what we know in this beautiful world.  Being frozen in that fear makes me much more vulnerable in a sense than letting it move in me, letting it fire my grid, into feeling, into compassion, into love.  Being stuck in there makes me much more likely to take on board anything anyone suggests will help ' heal the planet', after all, what harm could it do... So, on this occasion, this is my offering of love. No doubt these words fall short in some ways; but I feel like this is the most useful, most loving thing I could have done with this hour, particulary as I'm sitting in a hospital bed right now.





I was just a boy when I sat down to watch the news on the tv

I saw some ordinary slaughter I saw some routine atrocity

My father said don't look away, you got to be strong, you've got to be bold now

He said that in the end it is beauty that is going to save the world now

and she moves among the sparrows

and shes floats up on the breeze

she moves among the flowers

she moves something deep inside of me


Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, Nature Boy



Peter Brown

all i can do is dance



Butterflies and Demons

By Eva Maria Chapman
I am blessed to have met Susannah and Ya’Acov. They encouraged me to write and publish my stories.  I have had an amazing life and have learnt many amazing lessons. These I wish to share.  ‘Sasha & Olga’ my first book, published last year, is about what I had to face within myself to honour my parents- to honour a mother who, from a crazed wounded place, beat me mercilessly as she descended into schizophrenia, and a father, who from deeply embedded bitterness, banished me from his heart for 33 years.

I believe that everything that has ever happened under the sun is carried by someone. The particular crucible of suffering in which my parents were cooked, was passed on to me. I am proud to carry it, to bear it, to face it, to transform it. The famines, genocide, social experiments, battles, that raged around my parents, were felt in every cell of their bodies, and they suffered profoundly. I believe that in order to progress the world, this suffering must be communicated and received by another human being. My father took a huge step; he allowed my love in, and communicated his suffering to me in the last two years of his life.  ‘Sasha & Olga’ shows how he let this love trickle into his arid and bitter heart and what flowed between us, unravelled a giant ball of suffering. As they say it takes two to tango. Our tango was fiery and passionate and lives on in this book.

       His suffering was monumental and he had carried it so stoically, had built it into every sinew of his body, so that he could survive. When he at last opened up to me, his heart burst like a mighty river – the tears he held back when his father was imprisoned by the Bolsheviks for non existent gold, the tears he held back when his parents were marched to their deaths by the Nazis, the tears he held back when his beloved younger brother was killed on the Western Front, all burst forth like an almighty dam. Every sinew of his body was softened, every tightening of his jaw relaxed, every bitterness stored in each cell, was released and he died a happy man. I am proud of this achievement. It is a great thing to have done for him. In doing it for him, I feel I have done it for every Ukrainian or Russian who has tried to hide a terrible past. By letting me see his suffering and letting it go, Sasha could move on.  Extraordinary that he managed to let go a lifetime of bitterness and find peace in his heart. I was prepared to listen, to receive. In order to do so, I had to give up my own sense of injury, my own attachment to grievance and not being understood, my own catalogue of heartbreak. The lessons of life are humiliating- and during that journey, I faced a lot of humiliation.

      My mother Olga loved to dance and sing. She was born in 1924, in  little village in Ukraine, a bad time, a bad place for anyone to dance and sing.  As Norman Davies, British Historian said, ‘No nation lost more people in the twentieth century than the Ukrainians.’  Olga was hounded by the Bolsheviks, the NKVD and Stalin and at the age of 17 taken as a prisoner of the Nazis. She spent the last 17 years of her life in a mental hospital. She could not escape her past. It burnt a vivid hole in her heart- the injury and sadness were too deeply embedded.

     But despite all that she instilled in me a love for dance and song. I know when I dance and sing , I dance and sing for her and all my ancestors. I feel they are with me. They are overjoyed that I have managed to transform the suffering that is our legacy, into joy.

     My second book ‘Butterflies & Demons’ is about the place Sasha, Olga and I migrated to, Adelaide. Here I found a far older song and dance that had been trampled beneath the wide clean streets, the song and dance of the Kaurna people. They had sung and danced on the Adelaide plain for over 40,000 years. I feel honoured to uncover their story and blend it with my own. I wish to put royalties towards a statue of Mullawirraburka, the last Kaurna warrior, an unsung hero; a man who danced the ngunyawaietta, or ‘moving with joy event’, passed down from his ancestors, when all the Kaurna people would dance and sing what was happening to them at any given point. This is how they moved forward, literally.

      I am now looking for a publisher. Watch this space. 

The views expressed here do not necessarily represent the views of the School of Movement Medicine. Roland Wilkinson, Nappers Crossing, Staverton, Devon TQ9 6PD, UK Tel & Fax +44 (0)1803 762255 http://www.