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Issue: July 2007
Picnic in the Park?

by Roland

A very small silver car pulled up beside me.  Inside were two very classily dressed women of mature years.


“Can we give you a lift?” asked the very well spoken woman who was the driver.


“No thanks.” I said, wondering where, even if I wanted a lift, both I and my backpack could fit in such a tiny car.


“Oh!” said the other lady, in the passenger seat, in an equally posh voice as the first, “We are going to picnic in the park.  We thought you might be too.”

“No. I’m afraid not” I replied and then  by way of explanation I added “I’m walking.”


“Oh” the passenger lady repeated in a disappointed tone and as they sped off, I was left wondering what exactly they had meant.  Did they mean they were going to have a picnic in a park somewhere where lots of people regularly have picnics or was it a special event called Picnic in the Park where lots of rich people sat with their hampers in idyllic surrounding to raise money for charity?  Or, and this last idea blossomed in my imagination as I continued my walk down the road , was ‘picnic in the park’ some kind of coded reference to a particular kind of outdoor orgy?


However, about a mile down the road when I heard the muffled thud of bass guitar drifting over the fields, the mystery was solved and I smiled as I imagined my pair of ladies twirling on the grass and swinging their pearls above their heads as they danced to the music.


What cannot be described as a picnic in the park though has been sorting dates and venues following the news that the Rill Centre would be closing for business as from Christmas.  Finally though, with lots of juggling, endless phone-calling and emailing we are there!  One of the biggest problems has been with Ya’Acov’s Ritual Ongoing Group which starts in September.  We have now arranged for the final two modules to take place at Orval in Belgium and can even offer the course at a cheaper price than originally advertised.  Email Susanne at if you would like an application form.


One other decision we have had to take as a result of the time we have spent on this ‘picnic’ of reorganisation is that we have had to put our postal mailing back to the beginning of September. 


We are just finalising the details for Susannah’s next Ongoing Group which will be called Fundamentals and details for this will shortly be available on the website and you can get application forms from me at .


I am regularly asked whether we will ever be offering a professional training in Movement Medicine and I have found it frustrating to say that I really didn’t know.  So now I am very pleased to be able tell you all it is inevitable that Susannah & Ya'Acov will offer a training at some point. This will not be a training in the 5Rhythms but in Movement Medicine. They do not know yet what form this will take but naturally, any work you are doing with them will count as prerequisites for any training the School of Movement Medicine eventually offers. If you want to teach the 5Rhythms, you will need to train with Gabrielle. All work with the School of Movement Medicine counts as "Waves" level work prerequisites for any work you wish to do with Gabrielle or the Moving Center.  Please do not ask me for further details as I really don’t have any.


Initiation has been full for some time with a waiting list but for various reasons some people have dropped out and now the waiting list is very small indeed so if this is a workshop you wanted to do but thought it was not possible now is the time to ask for an application form.


There are also a few places available on the Making Love workshop for couples 10 – 14th October which will be held at the Rill Centre in Devon.  Contact me for application forms


Wishing you all a splendid and dry summer (especially for those of you in the UK where we have been having the wettest summer since 1839)











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