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Issue: July 2007

by Ya'Acov


Foundations in Movement Medicine & Ceremonial Practice

An Ongoing Group with Ya’Acov Darling Khan


Assisted by Mark Boylan & Caroline Carey

September 2007 to June 2008


Well, the transformation has started and the course doesn’t even begin ‘til September……..

A last little note from me to wish you all a wonderful Summer before I put my computer into hibernation for a few weeks. Did you know that unlike animals, computers prefer to hibernate in the warmer months? Well, mine does anyway. So, if you’re e-mailing me between July 16th and September 3, you’’ get one of those polite little replies saying that I’m out of the office for a while. I will get back to you come the wonderful onset of the colour feast we call Autumn.


I also have some news to share about my ongoing group, Ritual, which starts September 11th. It’s a story of silver linings. We heard from Peter and Freddy that their plans had moved ahead faster than they had thought and that therefore, they were going to need to close the Rill Centre in December. Who knows who’ll buy it of course. It would be such a shame if it didn’t get to continue to be a centre for courses. There is such a lack of quality spaces around the South West of the UK and we a re still dreaming that someone will show up and that it continue to be available. I’d like to tale this opportunity to publicly thank Peter and Freddi for being such wonderful and generous hosts in our time working at Rill and to wish them all the very best as they set off on their new adventure.


In the meantime, the speed of Peter and Freddi’s changes have meant a little chaos in our programming for 2008. Well I suppose that in 18 years with Gabrielle, we learnt that a little chaos is nothing to be afraid of and so, amongst all the rain, we have been seeking out silver linings inside our summer clouds. So, I have good news and very good news. The good news is that we have found a new venue for modules three and four of Ritual. This might be good for all you mainland European dancers who couldn’t make the travelling to the UK four times in a year. We will now work at Bois Le Comte, the beautiful and recently renovated centre in the Ardennes (Belgium – three hours by train from Brussels) where we have been working for many years. The very good news is that as a result, the course will be £250-00 cheaper. So, if you’re one of the many people who’ve told me that you’d love to do the course but couldn’t quite afford it, or one of the many who’ve asked me if at least some of it could happen in mainland Europe, then this may be the little open door you’ve been waiting for. The circle is already strong and there are still a few places left. If one of them feels like it may have your name on it, please contact Roland or Susanne for more details. The other thing to note is that the change in venue has meant that the date of the third module has changed by one day to March 16-21st and the last module has had to change to June 18th to June 24th.


Once again, I’m happy to have the opportunity to wish all of you a truly blessed and nourishing summer. Thanks for all the dances so far this year. This has already been the most remarkable and challenging year of my life. Yum!


P.S. My e-mail address has changed. Please make a note of my new address in your address book if you want to:


Ya’Acov. July ‘07

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