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Picnic in the Park?
by Roland

A very small silver car pulled up beside me.  Inside were two very classily dressed women of mature years.


“Can we give you a lift?” asked the very well spoken woman who was the driver.


“No thanks.” I said, wondering where, even if I wanted a lift, both I and my backpack could fit in such a tiny car.


“Oh!” said the other lady, in the passenger seat, in an equally posh voice as the first, “We are going to picnic in the park.  We thought you might be too.”

by Ya'Acov


Foundations in Movement Medicine & Ceremonial Practice

An Ongoing Group with Ya’Acov Darling Khan


Assisted by Mark Boylan & Caroline Carey

September 2007 to June 2008


Well, the transformation has started and the course doesn’t even begin ‘til September……..

Wild at Heart Reveiw
This month's winner of £100 School of Movement Medicine workshop voucher
By David Kellett
I wanted to write a review of this magnificent event as it has moved me and touched me so deeply.


I’m quite new to 5Rhythms and Movement Medicine work but right from when I started to dance the Rhythms it felt like coming home to something I had forgotten rather than “learning” something new. I saw the Wild At Heart workshop advertised and thought – “That would be nice – dancing with other men.”

Dancing Across Borders : the birth of a 5 Rhythms non profit
By Lucy Nerot
The moment that Dancing Across Borders was born in my mind will forever remain a secret. I can’t remember when or how the name came to me, but the moment it was there, it was obvious : this is my work. I was born dancing across borders, from a French father and an English mother, and when, 30 something years later, I started listening, feeling for the flow of my dancing and teaching path, it took me to a village in Mesang, the poorest rural district of Cambodia.
Egypt & Children
by Caroline Carey

Two years ago I received an email from a lady in Egypt, 'Hi' she said 'remember me, I’m living in Egypt now and I would really like you to come and do a workshop here'.

'Hi Mara, how lovely to hear from you', I remembered her from the 5Rhythms classes when she lived in Cork.

So I said 'yes, of course', even though I was nervous at the thought of going to Egypt as I’m not much of a traveller.

Within a few weeks we had set some dates, and then she said 'um just what is 5Rhythms' !!!!

Mass Meditations for the Planet
by Peter Brown
Did you hear about 'Fire the Grid'?  I suspect most of us did, and quite a few of us participated.  How many of us stopped to consider if it was a good idea?


I chose not to participate in the one hour fire-the-grid meditation on Tuesday 17th July.  I chose to write this instead at (roughly) the same time.  When I first heard about it, I was sceptical.  It just seemed too new agey to be worth much to me; but then I do tend to be over-dismissive of anything leaning that way.

Butterflies and Demons
By Eva Maria Chapman
I am blessed to have met Susannah and Ya’Acov. They encouraged me to write and publish my stories.  I have had an amazing life and have learnt many amazing lessons. These I wish to share.  ‘Sasha & Olga’ my first book, published last year, is about what I had to face within myself to honour my parents- to honour a mother who, from a crazed wounded place, beat me mercilessly as she descended into schizophrenia, and a father, who from deeply embedded bitterness, banished me from his heart for 33 years.
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