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Issue: October 2013 Newsletter

The Facts and Figures of Movement Medicine
By Roland
When Susannah and Ya’Acov read the first draft of this article they wrote to me “We love the facts and figures you have written down but the question that arises is 'so what....?' We mean from your personal point of view.” The answer to this question is at the bottom of the article.

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3 of the fully qualified Teachers – Caroline Carey, Christian de Sousa and Mark Boylan also act as occasional guest teachers for the School.  Caroline has recently taught a very successful weekend in Berlin. Mark has helped with a resurgence of Movement Medice in Italy with a recent workshop in Verona. And Christian is running a regular and popular Movement Medicine class in Paris.

Details of the work of Movement Medicine Teachers and Facilitators can be found on the Movement Medicine Association website


Since the beginning of 1990 Susannah and Ya’Acov have taught a total of 1403 workshops in 142 different locations. 

The School's Birthday.

The official birthday for the School is 10th January and its exact birth time was 5.26am on January 10th 2008.  Susannah, Ya’Acov, Roland and Susanne were there for the birth. 

So back to Susannah and Ya’Acovs' question - what do all these facts mean to me?  When I first pondered this question I thought I should write something about the global reach of the School but the real answer is very different and concerns a 9 year old boy who would happily spend hour after hour sitting in the window of the house where he lived, watching the traffic going by and ‘collecting’ the numbers from vehicle registration plates.  The only part of the registration he was interested in was the numerical bit and when he acquired a new one he would record it on the charts he had drawn in the red  notebook he had been just for this exercise.  As the blank squares on the chart were filled in, the boy became deeply fascinated by the patterns that would form even though there was no method he knew of to divine their meaning.  As an adult the boy likes to find meaning in the figures but still just loves them for their own beauty.

This little clip from South Africa might interest you.  Nur Felix asked the group during the last workshop with Ya’Acov and Susannah did there if they could do a dance to one of his tracks for his music video. See if you can spot Ya'Acov and Susannah doing a little shuffle across the dance floor at one point.

Yours from a stormy Devon. 


Forthcoming Workshops
November is a busy month for Susannah and Ya’Acov and they are teaching in a number of venues throughout Europe. Their schedule is below:

November 2013

1    Luzern, Switzerland   Susannah Move!   Kristin +41 78 801 32 10   

2 - 3   Luzern, Switzerland   Susannah Arc of Time   Kristin +41 78 801 32 10    This workshop is full and there is a waiting list.

5   Where you are!   Susannah  & Ya'Acov Bringing the Dance Back Home   Roland +44 1803 762255

8 - 10   Hamburg, Germany   Ya'Acov Tending the Circle   Jens +49 40 729 100 61 

8 - 10   Paris, France   Susannah  Source   Pierre-Henri + 33 615 325 816

15 - 17   Munich, Germany   Susannah  Circle and Sword   Claudia +49 89 292644

15 - 17   Cape Town, SA   Caroline Carey Heart Matters   Jayne + 27 737487743

22- 24   London, UK   Susannah Love Stories   Alex + 44 7868842219

22 -24   Johannesburg, SA   Caroline Carey Circle, Fire and Phoenix   Jayne + 27 737487743 

22 - 24   Prague   Ya'Acov The Way of the Dancing Warrior   Veronika +420 776 243 348 

December 2013

2 - 11   Rill Estate, Devon (R)   Susannah  & Ya'Acov Professional Training Module 1   Roland +44 1803 762255

17   Where you are!   Susannah & Ya'Acov Bringing the Dance Back Home  Roland +44 1803 762255      

18 - 22   Waldhaus, Switzerland (R)  Susannah  & Ya'Acov Returning Home   Roland +44 1803 762255

We are also now taking bookings for the following courses in 2014: Journey of Empowerment in Waldhaus, Swizerland, Phoenix Retreat and Initiation.  All of these are by application and the forms can be found at  You can return the completed forms to

The Power of Community
By Susannah
Recently I read these words by Malidoma Patrice Soma. He writes: “My sense is that the West’s need for healing is rooted in crises of personal identity and purpose. Whether they are raised in indigenous or modern culture, there are two things that people crave: the full realisation of their innate gifts, and to have those gifts approved, acknowledged, and confirmed.

There are countless people in the West whose efforts are sadly wasted because they have no means of expressing their unique genius. In the psyches of such people there is an inner power and authority which fails to shine because the world around them is blind to it. … Our confirmation or acknowledgement of ourselves is not enough…. We need the redemptive social response…”

From ‘The Healing Wisdom of Africa’ by Malidoma Patrice Soma

When I read this, I felt a powerful double response. One was a great big thud of recognition of the truth of these words, both for myself and for what I see in many of the people we work with, and the other was an awkward, almost embarrassed, reaction to the implied need for others to see us.

I’d just finished teaching the last module of the ‘Journey of Empowerment’ (known as J.O.E.) at Rill.  And this J.O.E. showed a glorious flowering of individual and collective talent, creativity, potency and beauty, just as all the other J.O.E. journeys have done. We show up wiling to be seen and to see, with love and with truth. We show up with a welcome for each of us both in being as we are, and in our becoming what we can be. It’s a rigorous journey and at the same time, a very tender, gentle one. And the results are audible, visible, clear to apprehend. Once again its been a stunning journey to see and hear what we ‘ordinary’ humans are capable of once we release ourselves from the shackles of shame and start to believe, feel and sense that we are welcome, that we have something of value to share, and that we are accepted and loved as we are. The glory we heard and saw in each other was pure joy and medicine to witness and to be part of. Thank you to each one of these journeyers for the heartful courage that it took to take all those steps, individually and together.

I recognise that one of the most fundamental factors that contributes to this growth, which we see in J.O.E. and on the Apprenticeship, is community. However brilliant Movement Medicine teachings or teachers might be, it’s only with the soil of healthy community that our humanity can fully grow its roots and blossom forth. There seems to be a fortunate alchemy at work. The kind of people who come to do Movement Medicine mixed with the work itself and the space we hold seems to create a space where the kind of community can evolve in which each one can flourish and offer their gifts to the whole. The belief that everyone is of value, that everyone has their own unique medicine, is one of the foundational orientations of Movement Medicine. And it is our experience over and over that, given good enough circumstances, it is simply our nature to naturally want to grow into being and offering that personal medicine.

So this was my joyful “YES!” of recognition to Malidoma’s words. We are the most social of animals. We don’t grow into full person hood without interaction with others. The need to be accepted and for our gifts to be welcomed and perceived by others is part of our “social animal” nature. We are primed to be inter-dependent, communicative, co-creative. And to naturally be life long learners, to speak, to sing, to dance, and to develop who we are and what we have to give.

In the awkward part of my response to Malidoma’s words I see reflected the individualism of our culture, and the “should” of independence which also gets reflected in some spiritual teachings. I recognise the idea that the need to be seen is an ego driven thing, rather than a natural part of our human nature. Interesting, I feel an update coming on! Without denigrating our individual freedom, responsibility and power of choice, how would it be to accept tenderly our need for each other and to be seen and received by each other? I feel myself balking at the word “need.” But I think that is actually internalised programming from the ‘new age’ which often echoes the individualism of the culture is purports to be different from.  I do need love. I do need to feel accepted and to feel that my offering is received and valued. Yes.

Wow. I’m surprised how strong this little inner dialogue is for me. I guess it’s connected to our western socio-historical fear that keeps us veering away from feeling ourselves as intrinsic, deeply inter-dependent parts of the web of life, to be able to feel ourselves as related, and to honour our real need for community, love, acceptance and honouring. When I and we don’t allow this, no wonder we strive for the power to be unassailable and un-needing of connection in our separate fortresses. Which, of course, is a dangerous illusion which is driving us towards an insane and ultimately self destructive  “eating up” of the world which sustains us and which we are part of.

So, this article is written in honour of community: our real need for each other, for human connection and inter-connection, our need to see and be seen, to welcome and be welcomed, in our originality, our suffering, and our beauty and in our simple humanity. I celebrate our inter-dependence with the whole community of life on earth, and our real need to feel our connectedness and our interdependence, to welcome and be welcomed by the natural world.  Thank you for reading. I’m going out to bow to a tree and send some kisses on the wind to all my relations. Please include yourself if you want to!

Do take a look at our calendar. I’m going to be in Luzern, Paris, Munich and London this November, let’s rock and roll!

Wishing you good connections, every smile makes a difference!

And thank you to Marold Emmelkamp who gave us the Malidoma books at the end of assisting on the last AP, 


Susannah DK


Susannah’s Autumn Term Calendar



1-3            Arc of Time in Luzern. Contact Kristin +41 788 013210

5                Bringing the Dance Back Home: Webinar online wherever you

8-10           Source in Paris. Contact Pierre Henri:  + 33 615 325 816

15-17         The Circle and the Sword in Munchen. Contact Claudia on +49 89   292644

22-24          Love Stories in London, Contact Alex + 44 7868842219



2-11            Professional Training Module 1 at Rill with Ya’Acov

17               Bringing the Dance Back Home: Webinar online wherever you are

18-22          Returning Home: Switzerland with Ya’Acov. Contact Roland





Ya'Acov is Writing
By Ya'Acov
Dear Friends, I have started to write my next book and so I'm sorry to say, there will be no article from me this month. i will return with a little report on how it's all going next month. I hope the Autumn or Spring is treating you well and look forward to seeing you on a dance floor over the next months. With love. Ya'Acov.


Movement and My Cello
By Matthew Barley
On October 31st I shall be coming back to Dartington to play a concert. It will be nearly 20 years since I took an ongoing group with Ya’Acov and Susannah in Dartington and it’s satisfying to reflect on the amount of creative growth and exploration, not to mention sheer hard work that has taken place since then.

On October 31st I shall be coming back to Dartington to play a concert. It will be nearly 20 years since I took an ongoing group with Ya’Acov and Susannah in Dartington and it’s satisfying to reflect on the amount of creative growth and exploration, not to mention sheer hard work that has taken place since then.

In 1995 I launched into the 5 Rhythms with a huge appetite and used the experience to examine what I was doing on the cello, why I was doing it, and how I wanted to proceed for the next steps in my career. I knew that I needed to rethink my whole cello technique in order to improve the standard of my classical playing but I also wanted to explore improvising more and begin to create more unusual programmes. 

The dance and movement work that I did that year was like a fuel injection that still lasts today – I remember two moments in particular. One was during a time when I was wondering if I should give up on my core classical repertoire and leave it to those with better techniques; Susannah put on the Elgar Cello Concerto and as we moved, tears pouring down my cheek, I realised I could never leave this world of classical music that is so very deep in my soul – I have never looked back since then. I was just going to have to find the discipline to work harder. 

Another was towards then end of a module and the whole group was clustered together like one giant breathing organism in the middle of the dance floor – and I was on the outside, my back touching the group, playing my cello, improvising and feeling an inexplicable sense of positive energy, that everything really could turn out the way I dreamed.

18 years later, and that includes years when I only took about 10 days off cello practice, often 4/5 hours a day, and many projects that have become increasingly daring with what I play and how I play it, it’s such a pleasure to return to the Great Hall – one of the country’s really inspiring venues for acoustic music – to bring back the fruits of these years.

The programme includes Bach, Britten (with an amazing animation on screen, synced to my playing by foot pedal and computer), Gavin Bryars, James MacMillan and a couple of pieces with electronics by Dai Fujikura and DJ Jan Bang. The concert follows a cycle of the soul, starting with pre-life, going through life, death, the afterlife and ending with resurrection. It’s a great musical journey to be taking on Halloween in a magical part of the world…and I shall be remembering with deep gratitude the gifts of Ya’Acov, Susannah and the mysterious world of ecstatic dance,


Click here for tickets, and here for Matthew Barley’s website

An Invitation
By Sinéad, Angie, Petra and Catherine
You are warmly invited to share your personal stories around your experiences with environmental and social justice issues in your daily life. These stories can be funny or serious, personal and something that you are happy to share.

The idea behind this invitation came from the desire within a group of AP2 apprentices who met on a number of our AP modules to discuss how to communicate environmental and social justice issues within the Movement Medicine Community. We wanted to find ways that we could inspire and support one another around these issues; harnessing a wide spectrum of solutions, inspiration, views and reactions without judging or preaching.

We were very excited when we came up with the idea of making regular contributions to the MM newsletter on these topics; inviting others to share personal challenges, goals, achievements etc. We felt that this way of sharing personal stories would optimise our community energy and skills and help gather momentum, inspiration and connection around topics that can so often feel daunting. 

We felt also as Movement Medicine practitioners that we could find a way of linking more deeply these experiences with our MM practice by looking for their connections, links and overlaps with the MM mandala. 

As a beginning to this proposal I would like to share one of my own personal personal  stories. 

“Sinéad’s composting conundrum”

I live in an apartment in the centre of Dublin with three others. It’s a very strange location in the middle of a city block amongst a group of restaurants and hotels. Because of this odd location the local council doesn’t provide residential services such as recycling and compost collection. We arrange our own recycling: making monthly trips to the local recycling centre with glass, paper, plastics etc. However our compost situation has been tricky as there isn’t an obvious way to deal with it in the apartment. I couldn’t bear seeing our vegetable and fruit peelings being thrown in with the 'unrecyclables' and being the flatmate with the greatest passion for our compost I set myself the task of finding a solution. 

I figured that this would be an easy task: we could just donate our compost to a local community garden. On searching I discovered that there were not many community gardens close to our apartment but I contacted the nearest one and let them know that we had compost for them. As it turned out they were having a terrible time with a rat infestation in their compost heap and didn’t’ want to add to the situation by taking in a greater volume of the stuff.  So this turned out not to be a viable option and I decided to try another approach. 


Plan B: this involved contacting the local GIY (Grow It Yourself) group and donating our compost to them. So I searched and happily found them and the location of their monthly gathering and, in the hope of finding a good home for our compost, I went along to the next local meeting. The GIY folks were a truly lovely group of people: very passionate about vegetables and very keen to help me but they did not want our compost. They suggested that I look into ‘getting worms’.  

I was beginning to feel like a character in a children’s’ storybook: a combination between Goldilocks, the Lorax and a character I remember in a story about a hedgehog who was really really hungry, but couldn’t find anyone in the garden to share food with him. I remember his words “I’m Huff the Hedgehog and I want my dinner if I don’t get it soon I’ll get thinner and thinner”. Perhaps mine was a slightly different situation… I digress….


So…. I took ‘Plan C on board and started my ‘worm research: I looked up some great websites and discovered the “Wriggly wrigglers”, and fabulous names for worm homes like the ‘Can-O-Worms Composter' that you can keep on your balcony or in your garden and others that you can keep under your sink! Unfortunately we don’t have a balcony in our apartment and have no access to outside space, so I focused my research on under-sink-worm-homes. Once I was satisfied that I’d found the perfect one I called a house meeting and made my ‘worm proposal’: I started off with: “So how would you girls feel about getting some pets?” The girls were horrified! I got a huge NOOOOOOOO to my proposal and my pleas fell on deaf ears, there was no way in hell they were letting worms into the apartment!

I felt I had reached an impasse and became very down heartened at our compost situation, but after all my research I couldn’t give up. So I found my feet, as any good Movement Medicine practitioner might do, and formulated Plan D: this involved discussions with some friends: a plan to get an allotment with its own composting. We’ve been looking for few months now for a site that’s suitable for us all, but as yet haven’t found one that feels right.  However, this avenue of research has not yet been abandoned and Plan D is still alive, but in the meantime I have implemented Plan E, which involves collecting my weekly compost and cycling it on a 30 minute journey to my sisters “Can-O-Worms” just outside the city. 

This is not a perfect solution but it’s a step in the right direction and adds to my kudos’ as a quirky aunt: my niece and nephews think that I’m ever such a kind person as I arrive every week with Tupperware containers full of food for their worms.

This little ongoing compost adventure started out being an issue about how I deal with my kitchen compost and has evolved into a wonderful discovery of different individuals, groups, and organisations in my community who are all passionate about compost!  


The End.


We hope that you enjoyed this little story and that it inspires you to share some of your own stories. We very much look forward to hearing from you in future newsletters. 


Sinéad, Angie, Petra and Catherine


Dancing my life - dancing my dream
By Christine
Initiation 2013 Imagine - while reading - my fingers, dancing over the paper - trying to express my unbelievable feelings. And my heart - shining across the oceans - to reach all of you wonderful participants of 17 !?! countries, our at all times helpful assistants, our unique human spiritual teachers Susannah and Ya'Acov, my ancestors, my Dancing Warrior, my Wise Elder, my Fool! and all the Archetypal Teachers- sending my deep gratitude.

It was one of the greatest experiences of my life to be on boat with you and
sail together through the deepest waters of all cycles of my life. Wow!!! (how
Tonya, our human Wise Elder would say).

Led by this clear, simple, unbeatable efficient structure, that is given by the
Movement Medicine Mandala, we worked through our process from the first moment of our preparation up to now, when we return home after our long journey.

Susannah's and Ya'Acov's continous invitation, to bring all into our dance -
fully engaged - to transform it, is still to be heard in my ears.

I come home with a deep certainty, that everything of my danced soul dream will come true, when time fits for its fulfilment. That it will become clearer and
stronger through my daily life dance. That I will start my dance, closing my
eyes, imagine all of you and deeply connected send you a huge hug and a smile
of my heart.

So, let us dance our dream and stay connected all over the world.


Gesendet mit meinem HTC


Nelson Mandela
By Jayne Bullen
Dear Roland I wrote this attached poem for Nelson Mandela as he enters his time of stillness and is still on life support I thought it would be nice to put it in the newsletter with this intro and some images attached of mourners and well wishers:


Its a time of sorrow and joy, checking in and looking back for South Africans and the world as Tata Madiba slowly leaves us. He has been a beacon of hope for us over the past decades - a symbol of peaceful resolution, a carrier of a flame of faith and tolerance in our country and the world. He is a man who spent decades in prison, innocent yet there for the colour of his skin and integrity of his convictions, who came out and lead our country to democracy in peace. He is a father, husband, grandfather, a president, a cancer survivor and a man that has embodied hope and forgivement to the world. Its hard to imagine a world and country without him here, in it, holding Father. The images are some examples of well wishers and mourners as the country goes into ceremony holding space for his passing. Waiting to mourn.


Thank you Father Madiba

At the times when things were maybe possibly

Just on the brink of

Falling apart

In our land


Your face was there. Your eyes glowed like there would be a tomorrow and

Only they were sure it would be an amazing one.

When everyone else had lost hope.

When many ran to foreign lands in fear

Given up Walked away  Panicked


You stayed here,

Choosing love and forgiveness for us all.

Fighting for Home to stay Home to us all.

You chose to walk away from anger and step out of your jail cell

After all those many, many, many years you could have fallen into rage or given up

Still you

walk tall

Fighting in peace


You became a president in the face of war

Stayed a man in the face of anarchy

Love us all despite the pain inflicted on so many of your brothers.

Teach us how to be integrity not just talk about it.


Thank you my dear father sky Madiba.

Go and be in peace in the skies now.


We, I will stay and make this place work, giving it my our all.

I take the gift of being your daughter deeply, I follow your clear voice in the times when it’s all too much,

I promise you and our land all of this.



Contributing through our quality of being
By Ailsa Lucas
On the last part of the Apprenticeship there was an Open Space to explore, connect and initiate work with others on ways we wished to contribute to the wider world. My response was a desire to deepen my capacity to contribute to others through my quality of being with them, and to value this way of making a difference as highly as more obviously active forms of contribution like, say, creating events to raise consciousness around issues that matter to us.

And I’m aware as I write of a voice saying ‘no that isn’t enough’. So I wonder whether I’m writing here to defend ‘being’? I’m not sure. What I guess I will do is write something about why I feel it is an important form of contribution in itself.

One of the reasons that how we are, how we live, in the everyday feels so important to me is because I value congruence very highly. In every moment of our lives we have the chance to ‘be the change we want to see in the world’, as Gandhi is said to have suggested. When I speak about contributing through our quality of being I am very much speaking about doing that from a place of deepening our awareness of each of our inner world, our immediate world and a wider perspective which includes all life. And from that awareness to find ways to respond in each moment as best we can in line with our sense of what matters.

One thought that comes to me here is how easy it is to feel and say we want world peace, for example, yet how hard it can be to negotiate the conflicts of our everyday lives in ways that truly honour the feelings and needs of all involved. When I see destructive ways of responding to conflict in both the wider world or in me and my immediate relationships, my response, at least for now, is to put a lot of effort in to learning ways of negotiating conflict that are more constructive, and to do my best to practice that in my everyday life. I believe that learning to live and embody the changes we want to see in the world is the foundation for growing and inspiring it on a wider scale. How else can we begin to understand what would really be involved in that level of healing?

Then I find myself thinking about how the way we are in our everyday lives ripples out. I wonder whether that way of making a difference is more powerful than we recognise? If I embody congruence or inner awareness, say, certainly I will support some others I encounter to find those things in themselves too. If I raise the conflicts I experience between me and others in a way that enables us to negotiate them successfully, for some that will open the door to doing the same elsewhere, and so it ripples out. And I believe that having the opportunity to experience such things directly can often be much more powerful for people than having someone tell them how important they feel something is. And as I see it, the more of us there are with direct experience of things like resolving conflicts in a way that meets the needs of all involved, the more likely we are to see how that can be possible in wider scale issues, and to support initiatives that come from that place. How would the world be if we all stepped up our commitment to embodying that which we wanted to see in the world throughout the many moments that make up our lives?

Another reason I think I value offering through ‘being’ so highly is because I see myself living in a society in which ‘doing’ has often been valued to the exclusion of ‘being’. Or perhaps it would be more accurate to say it is because I have personal feelings of pain and loss arising from my own embodiment of the message that ‘you will only be valued for what you do’. Of course I want to achieve things. I want to contribute. I want to make a difference. I believe that’s a natural part of being human. But my sense is that we’ve got lost to the point where an awful lot of doing happens for the sake of doing, without coming from a place of full awareness, connection or passion. I believe that when we really give ourselves space to rest in being, it allows our doing to emerge naturally in a more responsive, healthy and sustainable way. I often experience myself as under pressure to do more, yet there is a strong voice in me responding with ‘no, I need more space to grow my awareness, to connect with my inner wisdom, and to allow what emerges to emerge from there’.

I was fascinated by something Jo Hardy said on the Apprenticeship. So far as I understood it, she was suggesting that the superego, that part of us that has fixed ideas about how we should and shouldn’t be, is to some extent an internalisation of what Joanna Macy calls the ‘industrial growth society’. So that system that causes so much destruction and suffering is to be found here inside us. Isn’t then, my personal work in freeing my energy to flow in more aware, connected and responsive ways, and inspiring others to do the same through my quality of being with them, an important way, in itself, to work on changing that system?

I need to end here for today, and I’m aware that others on the Apprenticeship who were interested in this subject had other contributions and perspectives which I havn’t been able to include here. I would love if they or any of you with more to share on this subject wrote something for another newsletter …

With love,


Belgium Revisited
By Marold Emmelkamp
It must have been almost 10 years ago. I just had discovered the dance some months before, and now I was heading to Antwerp for my first whole weekend of dance. It was a 5 rhythms heartbeat weekend with Jonathan in this beautiful gymnasium hall. I fell in love with the dance (a strange experience for someone who only dared too dance after ten beers) and I stiil remember some dances in which I felt deep joy and connectedness as i had never felt before.

Drinking amd smoking heavily in this those days, my body openend since a long time and I found an aliveness in me that I only remembered from childhood. I was thrilled, excited and I was sure that I woudl definitely go on dancing.

However, my pshychie was not so ready for it as my body and heart were. It took me another year to show up again. I had heard form a crazy dance teacher – people said, he was a shaman -  holding a mens workshop including a sweat lodge. Since this work was in Orval,  I travellled to Belgium again.  And the love for the dance deepened, only this time I also fall in love with the teacher. This little man (body) was talking about fahter Sun, Mother Earth and Ancestors, about power and humbleness, about gratitude and being a warrior. But above all, the energy field in which we were dancing made my Soul flying home. I ,ade the pledge to myself to work more with this man (i think you already guessed it was Ya’Acov), and the rest is history. I took may journeys with him and (later on) also with Susannah, the dance becoming a vessel for holding and changing my life, discovering that every journey is all the time just a new beginning.

In a month I will take another journey to the lands were it once began for me, bringing back the dance. as a teacher. On 23rd (evening) and 24th (afternoon) of November we will dance as deep as we can in Brussels.  In the workshop Awakening the dancer - Éveiller le danseur we will explore some of the maps of Movement Medcine, how they can strengthen our circle and support us in our daily life. It will be a Movement Medicine first timer in Brussels, and is a cocreation with Jerome Jadot, being the organizer and DidierPerrouault assisting and translating (form English to French).

You are all invited to come  and we love your support and good vibes for bringing Movement Medicne to Belgium. More information and booking on

Holding these first dances from ten years ago in my mind, I feel deeply grateful for the journey so far and all the support I have received along the road  from many of you, movement medicine and the dance. And I feel honored to bring this work back to the lands where my dancing journey once started. 

21 Gratitudes, Marold

Marold Emmelkamp




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Movement Medicine Shop
By Tabitha
Dear MM community, Tabitha here! Just a few words to let you know that we now have Caroline Carey's wonderful new book of poetry, SHE has a voice, in stock along with her other two brilliant books, MsGuided Angel & Reclaimed Innocence. Take a look:

Also Susannah's much anticipated new album of medicine songs All the Earth is Sacred

will be out soon. Also highly recommended! There are 12 songs on it which many of you will recognise if you’ve been on the longer workshops or the Long Dance. Advance orders of the CD are £10 (saving you £3.00). We hope, (but sorry, cannot promise!) that it will be ready for Christmas. The CD will be accompanied by a song file which has all the words, music and chords in it.  You will be able to buy them separately or together. We have a few copies of the old All the Earth is Sacred Song File (as it appeared at the Long Dance and Initiation) available, also for £10. The new (amended version) will be out in the spring for £13.

It has been a joy to connect with many of you at the recent shops at Rill & I look forward to seeing some of you at Love Stories in London next month. Please do get in touch if you have any questions or suggestions & I will do my best to assist you. You can shop online, or you can call me: +44 (0) 1364  631171  or email:


With so much love to you all, Tabitha.




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