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Issue: October 2013 Newsletter
Movement Medicine Shop

By Tabitha
Dear MM community, Tabitha here! Just a few words to let you know that we now have Caroline Carey's wonderful new book of poetry, SHE has a voice, in stock along with her other two brilliant books, MsGuided Angel & Reclaimed Innocence. Take a look:

Also Susannah's much anticipated new album of medicine songs All the Earth is Sacred

will be out soon. Also highly recommended! There are 12 songs on it which many of you will recognise if you’ve been on the longer workshops or the Long Dance. Advance orders of the CD are £10 (saving you £3.00). We hope, (but sorry, cannot promise!) that it will be ready for Christmas. The CD will be accompanied by a song file which has all the words, music and chords in it.  You will be able to buy them separately or together. We have a few copies of the old All the Earth is Sacred Song File (as it appeared at the Long Dance and Initiation) available, also for £10. The new (amended version) will be out in the spring for £13.

It has been a joy to connect with many of you at the recent shops at Rill & I look forward to seeing some of you at Love Stories in London next month. Please do get in touch if you have any questions or suggestions & I will do my best to assist you. You can shop online, or you can call me: +44 (0) 1364  631171  or email:


With so much love to you all, Tabitha.




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