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Issue: October 2013 Newsletter
Dancing my life - dancing my dream

By Christine
Initiation 2013 Imagine - while reading - my fingers, dancing over the paper - trying to express my unbelievable feelings. And my heart - shining across the oceans - to reach all of you wonderful participants of 17 !?! countries, our at all times helpful assistants, our unique human spiritual teachers Susannah and Ya'Acov, my ancestors, my Dancing Warrior, my Wise Elder, my Fool! and all the Archetypal Teachers- sending my deep gratitude.

It was one of the greatest experiences of my life to be on boat with you and
sail together through the deepest waters of all cycles of my life. Wow!!! (how
Tonya, our human Wise Elder would say).

Led by this clear, simple, unbeatable efficient structure, that is given by the
Movement Medicine Mandala, we worked through our process from the first moment of our preparation up to now, when we return home after our long journey.

Susannah's and Ya'Acov's continous invitation, to bring all into our dance -
fully engaged - to transform it, is still to be heard in my ears.

I come home with a deep certainty, that everything of my danced soul dream will come true, when time fits for its fulfilment. That it will become clearer and
stronger through my daily life dance. That I will start my dance, closing my
eyes, imagine all of you and deeply connected send you a huge hug and a smile
of my heart.

So, let us dance our dream and stay connected all over the world.


Gesendet mit meinem HTC


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