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Issue: October 2013 Newsletter
Belgium Revisited

By Marold Emmelkamp
It must have been almost 10 years ago. I just had discovered the dance some months before, and now I was heading to Antwerp for my first whole weekend of dance. It was a 5 rhythms heartbeat weekend with Jonathan in this beautiful gymnasium hall. I fell in love with the dance (a strange experience for someone who only dared too dance after ten beers) and I stiil remember some dances in which I felt deep joy and connectedness as i had never felt before.

Drinking amd smoking heavily in this those days, my body openend since a long time and I found an aliveness in me that I only remembered from childhood. I was thrilled, excited and I was sure that I woudl definitely go on dancing.

However, my pshychie was not so ready for it as my body and heart were. It took me another year to show up again. I had heard form a crazy dance teacher – people said, he was a shaman -  holding a mens workshop including a sweat lodge. Since this work was in Orval,  I travellled to Belgium again.  And the love for the dance deepened, only this time I also fall in love with the teacher. This little man (body) was talking about fahter Sun, Mother Earth and Ancestors, about power and humbleness, about gratitude and being a warrior. But above all, the energy field in which we were dancing made my Soul flying home. I ,ade the pledge to myself to work more with this man (i think you already guessed it was Ya’Acov), and the rest is history. I took may journeys with him and (later on) also with Susannah, the dance becoming a vessel for holding and changing my life, discovering that every journey is all the time just a new beginning.

In a month I will take another journey to the lands were it once began for me, bringing back the dance. as a teacher. On 23rd (evening) and 24th (afternoon) of November we will dance as deep as we can in Brussels.  In the workshop Awakening the dancer - Éveiller le danseur we will explore some of the maps of Movement Medcine, how they can strengthen our circle and support us in our daily life. It will be a Movement Medicine first timer in Brussels, and is a cocreation with Jerome Jadot, being the organizer and DidierPerrouault assisting and translating (form English to French).

You are all invited to come  and we love your support and good vibes for bringing Movement Medicne to Belgium. More information and booking on

Holding these first dances from ten years ago in my mind, I feel deeply grateful for the journey so far and all the support I have received along the road  from many of you, movement medicine and the dance. And I feel honored to bring this work back to the lands where my dancing journey once started. 

21 Gratitudes, Marold

Marold Emmelkamp




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