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Issue: October 2013 Newsletter
The Facts and Figures of Movement Medicine

By Roland
When Susannah and Ya’Acov read the first draft of this article they wrote to me “We love the facts and figures you have written down but the question that arises is 'so what....?' We mean from your personal point of view.” The answer to this question is at the bottom of the article.

New Brochure.  We are putting the final touches  to the School’s new brochure prior to sending it off to be printed.  We will send a copy out to everyone on our database in the middle of November for whom we have a postal address.  

We have 2604 people with postal addresses out of a total 7754 people on the database.  These 7754 people live in 61 different countries including Peru, Pakistan, Mexico, Mauritania, Malta, San Marino, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Latvia, Estonia, Egypt, Cyprus, Brazil, Bali, Romania, United Arab Emirates, South Korea, Argentina, Hong Kong and India.  The total number of people on the database is steadily growing but over the years the number of postal addresses to which we have to send the brochure has dropped from over 5000 to its present level.  Given the regular steep rises in UK postal rates this trend is much welcomed!

If anyone is not sure if we have their postal address or would like multiple copies do contact me by email on

Newsletter.  There are 7129 people who are subscribed to the newsletter.  The actual readership of each issue is much lower than this with an average of 850 people reading each issue.   This newsletter has been running since November 2003 and this is its 72nd  edition.  Nearly all the past editions are available at  

Bringing the Dance Back Home is the name of the Movement Medicine webinar which is broadcast 10 times a year.  For a fee of just £35 subscribers not only get access to 10 live webinars either when they are broadcast live or later at a time of their choosing, but they can also follow any of the recorded webinars whenever they want and as often as they want.  

There are 194 subscribers for this service from 25 different countries.  There are a total of 22 webinars that are in the archive section of the webinar site for subscribers to watch.  To book go to

The next webinar will take place at 7.30pm UK time on Tuesday November 5th. 

Facebook. The number of members of the Movement Medicine Facebook group has recently risen to over 2000 – 2045 at the moment of writing - with an average of 6 new people applying to join each day.  If you would like to join please follow this link!/group.php?gid=83540210050.  There are numerous varied postings of interest to the Movement Medicine community made by members of the group, including regular contributions by Susannah and Ya’Acov.

Apprenticeship.  The 2nd Apprenticeship Programme came to an end in September and now most of the 54 people from 18 different countries who completed the programme are signed up to continue their studies with the Professional Training which commences in December this year.   

Applications for the next Apprenticeship which will commence in August 2014 have to be submitted by the end of  February 2014.  For more details and to find the application form please go to

There are now a total of 101 people who have completed the Apprenticeship Programme.  Of these 10 are now fully qualified Movement Medicine teachers, 35 are Apprenticed Teachers, 2 are fully qualified Movement Medicine facilitators, 3 are Apprentice Facilitators, 3 are Apprentice Teachers and Apprentice Facilitators,  10 are Movement Medicine Practitioners and 46 are going to start their training in December.

3 of the fully qualified Teachers – Caroline Carey, Christian de Sousa and Mark Boylan also act as occasional guest teachers for the School.  Caroline has recently taught a very successful weekend in Berlin. Mark has helped with a resurgence of Movement Medice in Italy with a recent workshop in Verona. And Christian is running a regular and popular Movement Medicine class in Paris.

Details of the work of Movement Medicine Teachers and Facilitators can be found on the Movement Medicine Association website


Since the beginning of 1990 Susannah and Ya’Acov have taught a total of 1403 workshops in 142 different locations. 

The School's Birthday.

The official birthday for the School is 10th January and its exact birth time was 5.26am on January 10th 2008.  Susannah, Ya’Acov, Roland and Susanne were there for the birth. 

So back to Susannah and Ya’Acovs' question - what do all these facts mean to me?  When I first pondered this question I thought I should write something about the global reach of the School but the real answer is very different and concerns a 9 year old boy who would happily spend hour after hour sitting in the window of the house where he lived, watching the traffic going by and ‘collecting’ the numbers from vehicle registration plates.  The only part of the registration he was interested in was the numerical bit and when he acquired a new one he would record it on the charts he had drawn in the red  notebook he had been just for this exercise.  As the blank squares on the chart were filled in, the boy became deeply fascinated by the patterns that would form even though there was no method he knew of to divine their meaning.  As an adult the boy likes to find meaning in the figures but still just loves them for their own beauty.

This little clip from South Africa might interest you.  Nur Felix asked the group during the last workshop with Ya’Acov and Susannah did there if they could do a dance to one of his tracks for his music video. See if you can spot Ya'Acov and Susannah doing a little shuffle across the dance floor at one point.

Yours from a stormy Devon. 


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