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Issue: October 2013 Newsletter
Nelson Mandela

By Jayne Bullen
Dear Roland I wrote this attached poem for Nelson Mandela as he enters his time of stillness and is still on life support I thought it would be nice to put it in the newsletter with this intro and some images attached of mourners and well wishers:


Its a time of sorrow and joy, checking in and looking back for South Africans and the world as Tata Madiba slowly leaves us. He has been a beacon of hope for us over the past decades - a symbol of peaceful resolution, a carrier of a flame of faith and tolerance in our country and the world. He is a man who spent decades in prison, innocent yet there for the colour of his skin and integrity of his convictions, who came out and lead our country to democracy in peace. He is a father, husband, grandfather, a president, a cancer survivor and a man that has embodied hope and forgivement to the world. Its hard to imagine a world and country without him here, in it, holding Father. The images are some examples of well wishers and mourners as the country goes into ceremony holding space for his passing. Waiting to mourn.


Thank you Father Madiba

At the times when things were maybe possibly

Just on the brink of

Falling apart

In our land


Your face was there. Your eyes glowed like there would be a tomorrow and

Only they were sure it would be an amazing one.

When everyone else had lost hope.

When many ran to foreign lands in fear

Given up Walked away  Panicked


You stayed here,

Choosing love and forgiveness for us all.

Fighting for Home to stay Home to us all.

You chose to walk away from anger and step out of your jail cell

After all those many, many, many years you could have fallen into rage or given up

Still you

walk tall

Fighting in peace


You became a president in the face of war

Stayed a man in the face of anarchy

Love us all despite the pain inflicted on so many of your brothers.

Teach us how to be integrity not just talk about it.


Thank you my dear father sky Madiba.

Go and be in peace in the skies now.


We, I will stay and make this place work, giving it my our all.

I take the gift of being your daughter deeply, I follow your clear voice in the times when it’s all too much,

I promise you and our land all of this.



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