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By Roland


I love late summer – the changing light, softer sunshine, morning mist, digging potatoes, picking plums and relishing the softest of succulent figs from a tree which has benefited from a glorious warm Devon summer.  Late summer is the time too that we start planning ahead for how we are going to spend the darker months of the year.  I have a few suggestions for you.

More than a Bedroom Metaphor
by Ya'Acov
We were recently at a wonderful festival in Sweden called the No Mind Festival offering 5 Rhythms Ecstatic dance as one of the many workshops on offer. We were reminded, being in that context, of just how radical the philosophy and practice of the 5 Rhythms is.
Dancing with Dawn Morgan
By Moke Coote  

“ ....... an autumn workshop, where the dance was the herald of change”   
We all ask questions all the time and we want to know what to do, how to be for the best, how to live.  We ask ourselves and we ask others.
Second Wave Productions
"Sasha and Olga" , by Eva Maria Chapman

We are proud to present Eva Chapman’s extra-ordinary story of her journey to find and heal her roots. Eva grew up in Australia in the 50s, buffeted by the resonances of huge suffering.
Interview with first (and still only) Slovenian 5 Rhythms teacher: Bojana Boh

Interviewed by Silvija Tomčik Kelly


1.How did you first meet with 5 Rhythms in your life? What was your first workshop, your first teacher and personal experiences?


I first met John Kelly in Ljubljana in Grijaž, a place with exhibitions and presentations of various spirituality-related activities. I had an exhibition of paintings, and John was invited to present the Five Rhythms.

Organiser – Teacher
by Silvija Tomčik Kelly
One of the turning points in my life was when I discovered the power of action, my power of action. That I can do things that I can make things happen. That I can be of use to the wider community, to the world.

It happened during the war in my country, I was then into my adolescence, around 16 years old. Weird enough time by itself, not to mention a challenge how to be wild and free in a time when you are under sirens and need to hide in shelters.

Dancing towards the light
by Marold Emmelkamp
Last Solstice I joined Adornment of the Heart. During the last night, we were in a beautiful ceremony, dancing towards the light and I received a very deep profound healing. Since then life is shifting and Ya'Acov asked me to share my story. I am delighted to do so.

So here I find myself, sitting in a wonderful sunset, writing about changes in life of which I dreamt so many times in the past.

Heart Hexagon (6 Colours, 5 Rhythms) – Poor Man’s Stained Glass

by Richard Pantlin


I was inspired by moving the venue of our regular Wednesday class to make a piece of Poor Man’s Stained Glass.  Until 18 months ago, the class run by Andrew Holmes was held in the large hall of a primary school on the edge of Oxford. 

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