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Issue: September 2012
Long Dance Stories

By Jane Skullman
Thank you for a great journey during the Long Dance. Very challanging but also a lot of magic in it and I feel truly blessed. During the community rounds with the animals and the forrest I got a really profound insight from the trees which I would like to share! I also have included a story from phoenix which is a sunshine story.

Advice from the trees

To grow is one of your main tasks in life and the best and easiest way to grow are following our (the trees) example.

Find your roots and grow within. Nothing starts to grow outside of you. Start growing inside and let it rise within you until it is ready to emerge.

When you bud reach for the sky and streach as far as you can. When in full blossom, shine and breath in the moment!

And then...

Let go! Let go of the story, let go of the idea. Set your self free and let everything fall to the ground....

and from the ground start over again. Make room for the new, go inside and see what has already started to move inside you.

For each completed circle you do you will earn an annual ring! And just as us, the more rings we have we grow taller and can share more knowledge to the world.

We become wise!

Phoenix story

As a result of the Phoenix I had 4 different incantations to work with when I arrived home

One of the thing I should do with the incantations was to plant them as seeds and nurturing them to grow. I used diffrent seeds - plant for each incantations.

In that way I had to "hang out" with them each day and it would be easier to remeber and get them to be a part of me.

Three of the seeds germinated almost at once and it was really nice to se them grow. The fourth seed would not grow at all! This incantion is about me finding my space and follow my journey.During the phoenix process when I was turned to soul school, the soul piece that approached me was a little mouse. This mouse climbed up to my shoulder and wispered in my ear to always take three breaths before deciding what to do, wich I have been doing ever since. And I also remember to be persistant! So I replanted, change soil and repeted the words over and over again. But nothing happend.

Almost 2 months after phoenix we had a spring cermony in my circle! In the cermony we held a sweatlodge and just before it started I went to the back - outside of the lodge and there it was, the mouse. I recognised it directly. The morning after the fourth seed was also germinated and it grows stronger each day.

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