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Issue: September 2012
Oh What a Summer!

By Susannah
Oh what a summer, culminating in the glorious Olympic and Paralympic festivals and our own Darling Khan festival of relationship as we went off in a borrowed motor home to Northern Spain and Portugal for 2 weeks of gloriously intense immersion in being with each other. Sometimes I felt we’d unwittingly signed up for our own “understudy pressure cooker workshop!” More of that in the other article: “Love Stories.”

Here, I want to tell you about some wonderful things that have happened in the Movement Medicine community this summer, including the Long Dance.

 At the Community Gathering in July, in which apprentices from the 1st and 2nd  apprenticeships came together at Rill, inaugurating the new movement studio/temple which is featured on the cover of our new brochure. (In the rest of this article ‘AP 1’ means the first Apprenticeship and ‘AP 2’ means the second Apprenticeship).

This meeting of the two groups was very special, in the way that the more they saw of each other, the more the respect between the groups grew, and in the way that they were able to work together to create the first Movement Medicine Council and to work as a team at the Long Dance.

Each group’s different contribution to the whole was palpable. Each group has comes at a different time in the evolution of this work and at the same time is an intrinsic part of that evolution. The maturity of the AP 1 field was so clear; the way in which the pioneering work of AP 1 has opened the channel for AP 2 to begin at a different level. 

When the steering group (of AP 1ers) presented their work on recommendations for the Movement Medicine Association website (which will represent all the MM Apprentice and qualified teachers and facilitators) and for the formation of the Council (the professional body of the MM Association, responsible for holding the field of qualified MM teachers and facilitators as it grows), the respect for the depth, precision, quality and responsibility for this group grew and grew.

The depth of presence, strength and energy of the AP 2 field was apparent from the start.  When we were in the process of the formation of the Council, the AP 2-ers stood in a circle of witnessing presence around the AP 1ers. The AP 1ers were in the centre engaged in a mostly silent and physical process of discovering who was right to be where, in which role of the council. This is called a silent fishbowl way of working, and I’ve never experienced a fishbowl like it.

The potent, loving, generous presence of the AP 2ers held the space for what was a wonderful, subtle, delicate and sometimes difficult process, as we all waited for the interoceptive “click” of rightness. And we got there! The Council has already started work on its remit, and you’ll doubtless be hearing more from and about it soon.

I give my full respect and a huge bow to the many and various work that has been done and manifestations of self-organizing community which are emerging. All those community meetings in AP 1 paid off as the skills which were learnt there come into action in a bigger stage. I also want to honour the influence of family constellations, drama therapy, Boal theatre work and Quaker decision making models which come through various ones of us, woven into the mix. The Council (of 9) is now functioning, and beginning its work which will culminate with its next steps at the Winter Dream dance (open to all Apprentices past and present).

Then came the Long Dance, which was back at Earth Spirit after a debacle re the Dartmoor site with the planning authourities which even ‘Gandalf’ was not able to swing!  Well, what to say about this extra-ordinary Long Dance? The rain, the trench digging, the incredible calmness and focus of everyone, the music, the dance, the prayers, the singing, the incredible Apprenticeship teams doing everything possible to keep us all comfortable, the outside crew working in the rain with straw and mud and strong love to keep watch and keep us safe through it all. Late on Saturday afternoon we opened our dance to the non-human members of community of life on earth; inviting the animals of the land, of the sea, of the air, the trees and plants, to speak through our dance and be heard. As we opened these doors, and tuned to this wavelength a strong cathartic wave of feeling and messages came through, so fast and strong, it was as if this gateway had been waiting to be opened, and when it did we all dropped to another level of palpable connection with the wider field of life on earth. Afterwards, we discovered that this moment had been blessed by a huge flock of rare purple emperor butterflies hovering over the roof of the marquee. This, together with an unprecedented number of bats who flew spirals over the closing fire back at Earth Spirit, felt like a beautiful blessing and confirmation of connection with the animal kingdom. Who knows why this happened, but it felt very good, and I’m sure I’m not alone in still feeling full of gratitude for this Long Dance and all who held it and supported it and participated in it in so many ways, including the bats and butterflies.

Then the Olympics! We were caught by surprise by how emotional and amazing that was. I’m only just now hearing story after story about the incredible impact of the paralympics and how London felt during the whole of August. It’s been very moving to feel so unexpectedly proud of the British way of holding these games.

Wishing you very well wherever you are in your developing life track,

See you on a dance floor soon I hope!

Susannah Darling Khan

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