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Issue: September 2012
Fred's Dream

by Kathrin Siegrist
Dear beloved Movement Medicine dancers, We are just spending a very touching and nourishing week at Waldhaus in Switzerland doing the 2nd module of Journey of Empowerment. All this tender energy between everyone in the group is such a precious gift! Thank you all! My own process is very strongly connected to that of my sonís. By sharing our story with the Movement Medicine community, it may facilitate a way for our journey to go further... another piece to our puzzle in the realization of Fredís dream.

Frederico is 13 years old and in a wheelchair because of cerebral palsy. My intention has always been to support him in finding his path to fully develop his potential. A year and a half ago he embarked on his journey into the world of wheelchair fencing. He finally found a way to experience himself as a dynamic and whole individual. Fred’s dream is to start wheelchair fencing in a more professionel way. It feels like a deep soulful and heartfelt calling.

His fencing master was the coach for Germany’s Paralympic wheelchair fencing team for more than 10 years. Currently Frederico is the only wheelchair fencer in Switzerland.

In order for Fred to take part in competions, we have to travel around in Europe.

 As I don’t have the financial means to faciltate Fred’s dream I am looking to find sponsers or to make connections with people and organisations that may be able to help. He needs a fencing competion wheelchair and the required gear. He also needs a second weekly lesson and money to cover his travel expenses. We may need to find a specialised wheelchair producer in order to open the field for more wheelchair fencers in Switzerland.

 If there is any way in which you could help or provide us with information or connections- we would be so happy to hear from you.

With love and gratitude

Kathrin Siegrist

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