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Issue: September 2012
Dreaming our Life into Existence

by Kathrin Keller

Christmas 2007, I was sitting in the Australian desert watching in awe papa sun go down after a beautiful sunny day and at the same time grandmother moon appearing on the other side of the horizon. Growing up in the mountainious region of the Black Forest and then moving to the jungle of Berlin, I never knew what it meant when I heard or read: at full moon, the moon rises at the same time as the sun goes down! Well, some things you just have to see, feel, taste and take in yourself to truly understand and never forget again.

 In this very night, pondering at the stars with no planes crossing – yes, there still are these places! - I was thinking of my becoming so far and my further way. A warrior of my own dance, my guiding star lead me a long way, never letting me down, which doesn't mean never letting down what I thought I wanted or needed or yearned for. This special night, in the middle of the Australian continent, I was ready to search for a teacher again. Being able to find your way in the jungle alone is a good quality, no doubt, but I knew to find a teacher that you can truly listen to is a bliss.

 Setting my mind on this, Susannah popped up in my mind. She just appeared in the energetic web that connects us all, waving her hand, winking, beaming her blue eyes over to me and saying: YES! I didn't know her much at the time, but I have been dancing with her in Berlin 2003 and it was a great experience, and I knew – or thought I knew – she was coming back to Berlin every year.

 When I checked I realized she was actually not due to come, well... what I discovered was that she wasn't a 5 rhythms teacher any more! With a few big question marks around my head I was posting an email and received the answer, that she was actually happy to come, if I could organize? Well, that was the beginning of an intense and happy relationship between me and Susannah, me and MM, me and Papa The Sun and Grandmother Moon... me and the growing big circus of the School of Movement Medicine. It was the beginning of my way being healed and held... since when I was happily organizing (and getting a more organized organizer every year). I dancingly learned that Susannah's way now, the Movement Medicine way, is much more a Kathrin way as I could have thought of before, since at the same time, I started working with a Colombian Shaman and by now, I happily drum my way through life. The Berlin community and I were happy enough to dance 5 workshops with Susannah from 2009 – 2012. A beautiful circle of dancers gathered and we moved into a wonderful light and wooden dance room, big windows to the green of both sides, an oasis for us city dwellers, actually called “Eden 5 star”.

 At the same time, Movement Medicine grew and I am sensing all the energy flowing, all the people growing, all the spaces that are created and all the places that are healed, all the teachers becoming...

This year I am part of the Journey of Empowerment, I have only been there for one module so far, and I can tell you it triggered a healing so deep, me, connected with my yang-side quite strongly, and knowing my ways around there, wouldn't have found for a long time: my beautiful, hurt and blessed, painful and blossoming, yin-side.

What will grow in the second part of this amazing year 2012?

Well, in all the unsureness of my life right now, spinning a wheel of opportunities, maybes and magic moments, one is sure:

We are keeping the beautiful energy of our Movement Medicine circle in Berlin spinning twice a year, we are inviting and getting to know further spaces that is Movement Medicine, and the next workshop happening will be  Christian de Sousa's wonderful “Dreaming Body” workshop in October 2012.

In this workshop we will explore Movement Medicine as a way of dancing to bring our dreams into physical reality, in our lives and in the wider world. Christian teaches Movement Medicine in London and Paris and has a particular interest in how the dance can bring the medicine of nature into big cities. I heard of his many good sides of all directions and we are very much looking forward to meeting him and his work and spirit.

We will be dancing in Eden 12th - 14th of October 2012.

An online flyer is on the School's website:

If you are interested in joining in the dream dance, contact me for further details:

or 0049 30 28458820

Hope to see you on one of life's many dance floors soon!

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