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Issue: September 2012
Caroline Life Story

by Caroline Carey

Iíve been dancing many many years within 5Rhythms groups, training as a 5Rteacher and also becoming a Movement Medicine teacher last year. I have given so much of my stories to the dance floor, cleansing and healing undoing trauma and receiving in the gifts of life. Transforming myself many times, I have faced the challenges of overcoming a history of abuse.

This was years ago. Now my life is a whole other story, some times with out that particular story to unfold, I find myself wondering what is next and what do I need to do with it? There is not a single essence of that history in my bones and this is mirrored in my present relationship, I can see no familiar patterns of those years. I find that quite extraordinary even though I can see how it effects other areas sometimes. The pattern of giving oneself away is often key to this drama.

So having written a book on the story which was written alongside my Movement Medicine practice over about six years and sharing that with people, often who have been through similar experiences, it became time to take that step further.

When I met my man, Ben nearly four years ago and we fell in love, we shared our stories and got to know each other deeply. Ben read my book and being a film maker asked me if I thought I could write a script on it, for a film. I had never written a play or a film script so I was unsure, but decided to give it a go. It took me a year to play around with ideas, write and re-write, put it aside and feel into the process. Using my imaginative mind and creating ways to express the story through pictures.

Ben and I came together late in life and so we knew we would not have children, therefore we felt we needed a creative project together to inspire our partnership. Ben has wanted to direct his own movie/drama for many years so here was an opportunity to ‘do it together.’

I realized that this was the story of many women/men and it was not going to need to totally mirror my own life, so this gave me more poetic license and made it more exciting for me to invent possible outcomes and scenarios within it.

I have ensured a good level of humor as well as the drama to tell the story. Opening our hearts through laughter really helps the process move along and enables a deeper connection to the story being told. The need to laugh at our human condition sometimes is a welcome break to relax and entertain as well as tap into the heart of this issue.

In the promo that we have created to show the film to possible investors, my own daughter plays the role of a teenage girl finding her way through adolescent relationships, first time sexual experiences with boys and then a teenage pregnancy and having to leave home. Seeing my daughter going through this on screen was quite a shock! Even though it was me bouncing on the bed during a sexual interlude with a long haired hippy! He was sipping tea in the kitchen with my brother at the time! We did have some funny moments and my shock at seeing it all has to be followed with ok, reality check here, this is just a film.

It is just a film, but so close to the truth as well. For many peoples truth, remembered or not.

The redeemer is the dance and it is only through these many years of dancing through countless workshops and processing through the movement, what I needed to uncover, I can now make this film in a confident and detached way.

If I was still some how caught up in my past history, it would not work and would just be another way of ‘off loading.’

My hope is that it will encourage others to find the medicine of dance, to see that there is hope and ways to heal. That our repeated patterns within relationship are there for  a purpose and are a valuable tool to help us transform our lives even when they are challenging and uncomfortable.

It is also a way of showing how we can take our history, heal it and then turn it into creative art work, whether that is a book, a painting, a poem, a piece of theatre, or a movie.

It’s a strong message we are putting out there, we hope it goes far. So far it is being endorsed by the charity NAPAC and we hope to find investors to help manifest this very big dream.

If you would like to watch the trailer or the promo please click on these  Youtube links, one is a 4minute and one is an 8 minute. You can also visit the website for more info

Both promos are on the website.

And some great news is that our 2 ½ minute trailer has just been chosen for a trailer festival! To be viewed by potential producers.

 Please feel free to send us any feedback or any feelings you may have around these promos, I am very interested to know what it evokes, the stories of our connection to dance and abuse and to the healing that happens to us when we engage in these workshops. Especially as a Movement Medicine teacher bringing these issues to light within my work.

 4 min trailer

 8 min promo


With love Caroline xx


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