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Issue: September 2012
Expanding the Circle

by Simone Gantner

The idea of raising money is not an easy task for me because I never had a very positive relationship with money in my life in terms of having enough to do all that I want to. But once registered for the Long Dance, I decided to make it a positive experience for me and for those who would donate money. I wanted to use my creativity instead of just asking people for money which felt awkward to me.

And it became such a great experience that I am writing this because I want to inspire you to use your talents and creativity to make the money raising an opportunity to spread the energy and benefit you get from Movement Medicine out into our communities, out into the world and above all to make it a benefit event for yourself as well.

For this year’s Long Dance I and 3 other members of my community had chosen to raise money for the International Council of Indigenous Grandmothers. I wanted to give people a feeling what I was raising money for and to give them an experience in exchange for money. I had the idea to organize a benefit movie-night where we would show the film about the Grandmothers (For the next 7 Generations) and make it an active event. And because the first one was such a success, we decided to organize another one. Before the movie we made a meditation and sang a song for all the Grandmothers in the world to open our hearts fort their message and even that was very touching. How a bunch of people, most of them have never met before, can come together and create such a strong common energy in such a little while?! - I was really amazed. After the movie we felt the need for a talking circle to share our impressions, feelings and thoughts. Later we sang again together and the second night smoked the peacepipe together. Everybody had been so inspired by the Grandmothers sitting together in a circle and share and 1 hour later, we were doing the same thing! One participant shared that he was very touched by sitting in our circle, because the circle of the Grandmothers had emerged from the vision of one person and so did that circle from my idea of the movienight. In this way one circle creates new circles and they interconnect..... what a beautiful vision.

The other thing we did was organizing a dance-event by the water in an old open air bath by a big pond in our town. That was another great thing, especially the part of it, where we took a moment to thank and pray for the waters all together and invited people to dance for the water. Care for the water is a core concern of the Grandmothers and we wanted to give people a chance to link themselves actively with their prayers, their visions, their work. It was amazing how people tuned into our call without hesitation and with their full hearts - somehow grateful to get an opportunity for that.

Again we were amazed how many people (about 80) came, danced and celebrated and supported our project and it was such a nice evening. At the end I was very happy and felt blessed to see how many people we had inspired with our actions, how many beautiful meetings we had made possible, how much positive energy we had created in our community and had sent out into the world, what big circles our intentions had created and last but not least how much money we had raised in the end. I felt satisfied and fulfilled and the Long Dance had not even started yet, or probably had already started with my decision to be part of it?....

And finally, it felt so good to go to the Long Dance, knowing that so many people just from my community had benefited from my participation and in this way where part of it, to feel all their support in my back and finally to dance for and with them at the Long Dance itself. May the energy we created together go on creating its circles and benefit many more beings on this planet. Thank you all!

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