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Issue: September 2012
Dear Ya’Acov - I love to dance!

by Sinead Cullen

I wrote a ‘Dear Ya’Acov’ email earlier this year, after ‘For all our Relations’ in Dublin. We had a powerful weekend of dance and movement with a magical longdance on Saturday night and we finished up on the Sunday morning with a gentle gathering.

We all sat together, Ya’Acov talked about integration, choice and about letting go in order to make room, for new choices and new commitments. I felt he was saying it just for me, in relation to a barrage of questions and doubts that had arisen for me in the week prior to the workshop. Sitting listening, I still didn’t have answers, I probably had more questions but more importantly over the weekend I had experienced some quality time spent with my truth. Truth may be any myriad of feelings, beliefs or ideas but for me that weekend my truth sang simply and joyfully throughout my body:

'I love to dance!!!’.

 Through the Saturday night when I moved within our circle I repeatedly landing into a place of deep gratitude and tingling joy. It reminded me of how I felt as a child when I would draw: I believed that my drawings weren’t really mine, that they were given to me and came through me in some way. And that was exactly how I felt that Saturday night: privileged to be witness to this ‘dance’ that was lilting through me to land on earth and then rise and flow, bubbling, giggling, stretching and spinning…….. playing in this body that it had decided to visit, to experience a little piece of what it feels like to be on earth. What a privilege and what joy! I felt I was moving and being moved by gratitude: for the joy of ‘being’, for the privilege and grace of this body and for the witness of it all who whispered: I love to dance!

 I LOVE to dance because it makes me come alive, it brings me alive. When I dance I feel, I know, I trust..I AM the earth, the water, the fire and the air.

 I love to dance to feel that connection with the little 5 year old me who wanted to be Anna Pavlova and told people she would be a prima ballerina when she grew up…but she never took ballet lessons, and with the 9 year old me who dreamed of joining the cast of Fame and who leaped around the living room in a leotard and matching legwarmers (didn’t we all!!!) but still didn’t have any dancing lessons, with the 16 year old who eagerly joined a dance group but left because of the shame of not knowing the steps. And now here in this 39 year old body...after no dance lessons in this lifetime and no desire to learn the steps… I feel the steps and turns and stretches and wiggles inside eager to get you and express themselves, and the certainty of just one thing: I LOVE TO DANCE!

 I love to dance because I know who I am when I move, I know who I am to the very centre of this body. I love to dance because when I do, in the company of others, I know that there’s no place that I end and anyone else begins…we truly are ONE, connected through the unseen and unspoken but well danced fabric of the universe.

I love to dance because for me it’s a portal to the truth where the light comes in, to a true place of Being, to a gift to be savoured in every sense of foot touching floor, earthbeat weaving up through ankles, pulsing through muscle and bone, pouring into swaying hips, coiling up through spine, hugging shoulders, creeping out through outstretched arms, tickling fingers and bubbling into the head to embrace the sky and then tumble back down.

 I love to dance……… and that morning listening to Ya’Acov I realised that “.. I only really feel connected when I dance. I want to stay connected…. so I need to do more workshops!!! I need to dance more often. I need to dance all of the time!!!!!!”

 And then the penny dropped, you know when you’ve had a thought a thousand times but this time the penny is brighter and more sparkly.

A-HAAAA!!!  I CAN dance all the time!! There’s nothing stopping me! My life is a dance, my life is THE GREAT dancing lesson!!!”.

 And so with the penny came the joy of a sparkly fresh realisation, new permission, and new freedom. And so it was in that moment .. and I’ll see how it goes in the next and the next: one step, one sway, one bow, one stomp, one wiggle, one wobble, one stretch… one breath at a time….. all part of the dance… and I love it all!

 Thank you Ya’Acov for holding the space for the weekend, for opening the door, for inviting us in … to be danced.


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