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Issue: September 2012
The Space Between two Worlds

by Maria Edit Antal

Yesterday I cut my right ring finger really badly on a big mirror, without a frame, after having cut my hair. I could see the beautiful white ligament in my finger so the wound was deep but fortunately not too deep. The ligament is fine. Thank you guardians and protectors!

 The mirror in the bathroom went into 1000 pieces. I dialled 112 for the ambulance that did not want to come and get me of course and I got really angry. I was home alone and I needed to dial for a taxi. I managed to do that with heavy bleeding fingers and as I put my bottom in the taxi I fainted. I have not fainted since I was a teenager; more than 20 years ago. First I was nauseous and dizzy, very uncomfortable, then I approached a dream state with hundreds of different thoughts after each other. It felt like I was gone for a half an hour but probably not more than 30 seconds. Up in the hospital (where also both my parents were, at another division for totally different reasons) the doctor needed to stitch 4 stitches. I got 2 anaesthetic injections in the finger. I did not feel anything when he started to stitch so I dared to watch him work. I was lying there, taken care of, feeling very grateful and amazed by both his skills and the drugs I got and for the whole modern medicine and the access I have to it!!! I fell in love with the doctor’s passion and joy I sensed in the way he worked. The drugs made me nauseous and tired the rest of the day and I could feel the chemical smell of it through my outbreath.

I share this with you as someone who chooses rather natural, ancient, alternative and spiritual ways of medicine and I am also someone that got heavily attacked for doing so by the modern medicine world. This in turn had the consequence that I have disrespected and distrusted modern medicine for a whole decade. Funny enough the last 6 years I became very good friends with two medical doctors that are both open for ancient, spiritual and alternative ways. I recently talked to one of them encountering a challenging meeting with natural and spiritual healers. There still is a deep wound between the two worlds with lot of distrust both ways. It is enough to walk into a health food store to hear the owner talking about how modern medication is destroying peoples’ minds. What if that medicine is actually saving their lives? As we know it is a destructive territory to judge, which I at least need to be reminded of every day.

This hospital experience I got yesterday, in a beautiful place in Sweden, is widening the space in my mind between these two worlds and I am whole in my being with them both. The presence of my non-judgemental attitude empowers me to choose. A negative, stubborn and stiff wall in my mind has melted away into aliveness, understanding, love, respect and gratitude. This does not mean that I am not considerate of what comes my way.


Please never use a big mirror or any kind of mirror without framing! I hope I won’t!

With Love and Respect, 21 July 2012

Maria Edit Antal

Movement Medicine Apprentice Teacher and Visual Artist:

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