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Issue: June 2012
Confessions of a hemp drinker

By Susannah

Recipes for people and planet.

I’m often asked for the recipes I’ve gathered over the years for delicious healthy food that is good for your health, vitality and well being, and the planet’s too. So here are some of Ya’Acov’s and my favourite recipe and lifestyle choices for the well being of the “earth of our bodies and the body of the earth.” Some of them may seem weird, but they work!

Oil Pulling. If you’re ever around us in the early morning this is what we are doing when we have our mouths full of something and can only can make strange noises our the sides of our mouth if we need to communicate. It’s an ancient Ayurvedic method for supporting health (especially oral health) that we’ve both being doing for a few years to great effect. You take a teaspoon or two of organic cold pressed 9not toasted!) sesame or sunflower oil in your mouth in the morning and swish it around your mouth and pull it through the gaps between your teeth. You do this for vigorously a few (3-5) minutes (we often do it when we are in the shower) and the oil mixture becomes opaque. You spit it all out and brush your teeth. Apparently the stuff you spit out is full of nasties which jump or dissolve into the oil. It gives your facial muscles a good work out, and is wonderful for your gums. Our dentist has been so impressed by the change in our oral health that he now recommends oil pulling to others. Lots of info available re this on the internet.

Plastics. I love my funky blue stainless steel water bottle! And I’m so glad for my own health’s sake not to be drinking plastic molecules. You can get a funky stainless steel (not aluminium!) one and that’s it for life. Extra bonus, its really pretty, and I can carry it in my computer bag without worrying that its going to spill. If you want to do this make sure you get one with a screw on not flip top. Other stuff about plastics. Our local authority collects plastic bottles from the house. It would be easy to think that you cannot recycle any other plastics but you can! At our local re-cycling centre there are facilities to recycle all plastics (except plastic bags). It seems crazy that the facility is there but almost no one knows about it. We learnt about it through Transition Town and now we share a plastics bin (it has a big red-ribbon on it so we can easily distinguish it from the other bins) with our neighbours, and take it in turns to take it to re-cycling, and it feels really good. Ask your local authority, maybe they do (or will if enough people ask) the same. And there is a Dutch group of young people issuing a great “buy no plastic for a week challenge” 11-17 June.

Hemp Milk At the Eden Project there are some swathes of a plant which looks just like marijuana. It is in fact hemp, a related plant, protected (unlike most of the Eden Project’s crops) with a high fence and signs which say, “This looks just like marijuana, but its not! It will not get you high! Please let it grow!” We’ve recently discovered the glories of hemp milk, and though it’s not psychotropic, it certainly feels and tastes really, really good, as well as being very good for you (perfect balance of ETAs and great balance of amino acids).

We love this milk. It’s super healthy, delicious and creamy. We much prefer it to soya and rice milk. The hemp we get is grown in this country. You soak half a mug of hemp seeds overnight (or up to 24 hours) in water. In the morning, rinse well, and put in a good blender (you need a goblet powerful one like a “vita mix”) with a litre of filtered water. Whizz for about a minute. Pour through a clean tea towel in a sieve. These proportions make a rich creamy milk; you can vary the proportions if you want it thinner or thicker. The remains make a good body scrub, or great for the compost. Add a tiny bit of sea salt, some vanilla essence and a little agave to flavour the milk. If you mix it in the blender it forms a satisfying froth! Voila! We love it blended with frozen berries for a creamy sorbet, in tea, on cereal etc. Meat and milk production is costly in terms of greenhouse gases as well as animal welfare concerns and soya growing is often implicated in de-forestation. Rice milk does not satisfy us. Hemp milk’s the best thing we have found to satisfy the ‘milk’ longing, good for body and earth. And if you don’t want to deal with sieves, tea towels and liquidizers, you can buy it from most good whole or health food shops.

Use Ecosia as your search engine. It’s a green search engine supporting the WWF’s work in the Amazon. Every time you use it, money is donated.

More recipes and ideas next time, and please send in yours!

With love for the body (ours, yours, everyone’s and the earth’s).

Susannah and Ya’Acov



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