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Issue: June 2012
A Big Thank You!

We’d like to pass on Peter and Anuradha’s thanks to the Movement Medicine dancers who have been buying music from the Musical Mosaic from the . And we’d also like to give you the latest very exciting report about the Mosaic, so you know a bit more about what it is you are supporting!

Anuradha Vittachi and Peter Armstrong run the organisation ‘One Climate’. Peter was originally a film-maker and someone who, for many years, has been at the forefront of digital interactive technology. Many years ago he decided to use his technological whizz kid know how in service of life on earth. Anuradha is a journalist and writer who is a strong visionary. Peter and Anuradha have adopted, manifested and developed Susannah’s vision which was originally called 6 Billion Reasons and is now the One World Mosaic.

Peter says: “Thank you so much for all the support for the One World Mosaic. This is about how individuals together make up the vital big picture, so that every contribution in words, pictures, cash, video or music is hugely appreciated and plays its part in building the whole experience for those who encounter and are moved by the evolving mosaic.” Below is more current information about the ‘One World Mosaic’.

One World Mosaic project.

Mosaic Power

From OneWorld UK

A Unique Development

OneWorld UK has been pioneering new ways to unlock the power of deep-zoom mosaics - together with our partners: Professor Nigel Osborne, Alcatel-Lucent and Bell Labs, the Global Campaign for Climate Action and the School of Movement Medicine.

We are now ready to take our mosaic-building technology to new levels with two projects that are already getting underway:

-        The One World Mosaic presents our planet in an inspiring new way: sparkling and glowing with thousands of images and messages, sent in by people from around the world. All these different people - from parents to presidents - are expressing their longing to protect life on Earth, sharing with their fellow human beings what stirs them most deeply to act for positive change.

Click on the link below and you wiil be able to read Anuradha and Peters' review of the exciting progress of the One World Mosaic.

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