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Issue: June 2012
Earth Fire Water Air

By Andrew Marstrand


Earth's body against my body
Sees through my body
The Earth takes me
With its earth
Its trees
Its sunlight
This is the true coming
All the others foreshadowed
And at night
In the Earth's shadow
I breathe in all that ever happened
I breathe in the story of myself
I breathe in all the old stories
I breathe out
Never ending
Like the rotation of the Earth
Yes that ends says the astronomer
No says the frog in the pond
As he leaps into nothing


The fire says it's fine to be a hunter
The fire says it's fine to be human
The fire says what was fear
Is now fire
The fire says the fire's your body
Dance of the body
Melting into fire
Time swallowed by the fire
Words swallowed by the fire
And born as music
The dead being born, babies born
With the memory of death
Which is sweet, which is pure
Which is all I ever wanted
Fire that came from nowhere
And will go back to nowhere
All of everything
Eaten by the fire
It already was


Water flowing over my body
Under my ground
Over my buildings
Under my insects
Water never new
Always ocean or sky
Water always new
In its lines
Which aren't lines
A hole in its mathematics
Undoes whatever exists
Dissolving into the laughter
Of a bird at the end of a twig
Who knows nothing
And will die laughing
Like a stream
Unfolding in a creek
The ever-changing
Ever-unchanging self
As far as the mind can see
Water is laughing
What else is there to do
All is repeating recombining
Like molecules
In the tiniest place of water
And now it resets to zero
Before water was thought of 
Zero disappears
And all is falling
Out of mind into now
Where the first and last thing to do
Is nothing






By Andrew Marstrand

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