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Issue: May 2012
The Great Mother

By Ann Cleary

Once upon a time in the farthest galaxy the Great Mother sat surrounded by her dreams and creations. Stars and suns hovered in the background and the stuff of future beings and planets lay scattered at her feet.

The Great Mother was alive. She glowed with love and
grace and was surrounded by a haze of luminous green
light. She herself was abundant, neither fat nor thin, with
enough weight to survive many winters of neglect and
forgetfulness. The Great Mother laughed a lot and in
between smiles she sang, and danced and dreamed. In her
dozing she imagined places, beings, and all the life that
might be created.
One warm afternoon she dozed. In her dreams she saw all
kinds of new and amazing creatures and because she was
the Great Mother as she dreamed her dreams came too. A
tiny drool of spit fell from her lips and from that cricket was
formed and he click-clacked in her love. Out of her armpit
rolled a tiny drop of sweet sweat and from it salmon was
made. She loved this sense of creation and so she spent a
lot of time dreaming and in this way all of creation, including
humankind, came into being.
Once created in dream all kinds of beings and places
manifested themselves and lay scattered about the vast feet
of the Great Mother. Soon there were so many beings that
the Great Mother felt her dance restricted as she had to tip
toe to avoid squashing them. She could barely move. That
night again as she slept and snored, she dreamed of a
home for all of new creatures she had made. She saw deep
cold rivers where salmon and the other fish could live,
flowers for bees that could make honey to feed bear, trees
as homes for birds and clay that could nurture food. Once
dreamed, a tiny planet started to form, and every dream
added layer and shape to this new home.
In her dreams she plotted out all the threads and intricate
sewings to create a joyous life where all of the creatures
lived to support each other. They understood that their
essential nature was to love, and that it was this love which
created the land, the sea, the wind, the rivers and oceans.
Each form was to have many manifestations, a generation
as a robin, a generation as a lamb, a generation as human
so that their souls got to revisit the wondrous place where
they lived in different ways and to support its life over the
long span of a souls’ being.
A beating heart created the life pulse of the planet and lay
hidden and cushioned by luminous beds of cloud, leaves,
waterfalls and fires. It changed color moment by moment
responding to all the big and subtle changes on the planet.
This heart was imbued with a special task to keep the life of
the planet in place for as long as the creatures on it were
living with love. Its’ fate, the fate of planet, and of the
creatures were united.
When the Great Mother stopped dreaming, she spend a
long time with each of the creatures she had formed. She
sang to them, and with her voice she filled them with love for
each other, and told them of her dreams for them. They
danced and sang with her. They listened to her stories and
in these ways came to feel themselves as one with each
other, with their new home and with the Great Mother
Much as the creatures loved the Great Mother they knew
that her dreams for them meant that they had to leave her
and make a life on the new planet. They were sad but also
excited. They longed to see what their new home would be
like. Cricket clacked so much that he went alone to a corner
so that others could sleep. The butterflies flurried about
tickling elephants with their joy. All of the creatures saw
themselves in each other, mouse looked at deer and saw
her shared soul and spider saw her heart in cat.
The day came when it was time for the new planet to find its
home in another galaxy. The Great Mother held the planet
and its creatures close to her heart. A tear fell from her big
shining eye. The tear enveloped the planet and held
everyone safe as she hurled it with all her might into a new
The planet spun and spun past many other planets of red,
coral and green. The creatures slept and dreamed about
their new home, safely held by the Great Mothers tear until
finally after many, many days the spinning slowed and the
planet found its own slower groove.
Cautiously the creatures roused themselves from their
slumber, stretched and yawned until they were alert to their
new home. They were curious. Slowly they opened their
They were home and their hearts filled with awe and
pleasure when they saw the wonders available to them.
Their home was beautiful. They admired each other, the
green trees, the yellow fields of food, the many coloured
clouds and the breeze that kept them alert. They saw other
planets too, a big white moon, stars and a sun which
warmed and helped feed them.
Such was their pleasure that they spent time being with the
planet and all its creatures - lying in the sun, arching their
backs, sleeping beside rivers, running on two legs or four
through long green grass.
Their wonder and pleasure in the earth dulled the deep and
piecing pain they felt at leaving the Great Mother. Every day
they were filled with amazement and gratitude as some new
experience kindled their love and respect.
Time passed as the planet passed years, and years, and
years in this harmony. Then a great haze descended on the
planet and for months the creatures felt that they could n’t
see properly. Their senses dulled. They still felt the Great
Mother in their bones, and in their heart. Yet each day a
forgetfulness seemed to separate their memories from their
new life.
Days turned into years and after many, many, many, years
the heart of the planet started to feel subtle changes. The
creatures had started to forget who they were. They started
to believe they really were how they looked. This affected
humans in particular as their forgetfulness left them feeling
like they were the most superior, the most intelligent, and
most powerful beings on the planet. They started to see
themselves as separate from everyone else and as in
charge of the planet itself. They felt that all of the planet was
for their use and pleasure alone. The human creatures even
started to harm the planet by cutting it, soiling it and
poisoning it.
Over many, many, many, turns of the sun more and more of
the living creatures fell into dissonance, fear, and distrust.
Competition replaced love and they forgot the Great Mother,
the heart that held them and the love that had united all
creatures. Slowly, ugliness replaced beauty, instead of
abundance scarcity of food and water meant many beings
died too soon. The creatures doubted their nature and set
up elaborate systems to control thought, action and feeling.
The heart at the centre of the planet felt itself weaken. It still
gave all its attention to holding the planet in place but it felt
so sick so often that its power was diminished.
Far, far away, the Great Mother watched it all. Her heart
filled with sorrow as she saw all the wonderful beings she
had created diminished. She saw their fear, and pain, and
hunger. As tears fell from her face crystals were formed.
These took on all and every color and they were charged
with the pure love of the Great Mother. These trillions of
crystals knew their purpose was to bring healing. They too
took to the air and travelled the long, long way to Earth
where no one saw them because most of the beings had
lost the knowledge of the heart.
Yet in some of the creatures there was a lingering knowing,
a sense of loss and a seeking that rendered them restless.
The crystals found these beings and sank into their bodies.
Slowly the medicine of love they brought started to flow in
the creatures. It took many forms. Some started to speak a
truth they had felt deeply and secretly in themselves. Some
danced freely again. Some found the courage to balance
their fears with actions of love. The deeper the medicine of
love went into their beings the more uncomfortable their old
lives became. They no longer wanted the same things.
What had passed as love become now became deeper in
them, as they felt more gratitude for every moment. While
this brought them pleasure, there was also pain. The
creatures lived with fear as all they knew fell away. Money,
homes, families, the stuff of their lives. At the same time the
creatures became aware of the possibility of another life and
more and more of them choose love. It was as if they had
outgrown their shoes, and their old lives caused them pains
and pinched their toes. Until after a time they kicked off their
shoes and stepped into a new way of walking.
At first they were clumsy because they had all forgotten
what a life of love could be like. Their challenges were many
- belief in love, trust in what they called spirit, courage to
constantly be aware and the determination to find their way.
For many it was like breaking through ice to reach the sky. It
was so long since love had been the purpose of living that it
took some time to redesign all the infrastructure of the
planet. No one knew what an economy based on love
looked like or what children needed to learn in school.
Love drove people forward until it was today, and it became
clear that every thought, every decision, every action fed or
killed the love within. With this knowledge it became easier
to make love the core of living. When they did this, when
they fully committed to living from love their world changed .
There was always enough, the birds sang in praise.
Abundance was everywhere.
Far away the Great Mother sat and wept again. This time
her tears were from a joyful heart and these tears flew off
into all parts of the galaxy reminding all of us of the power of
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