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Issue: May 2012
Shop News

Thanks to all of you who have been downloading the great music from the Musical Mosaic. There are now more new songs up, including clips; some great choral wonders from Helen Yeomans and her Glorious Chorus. Thank you Helen! Christian de Sousa says about Musical Mosaic: "Loving the music, it got me discovering Matthew and Volker's music, both of which been meaning to check out and are fantastic."

And we now have Susie and Ayla’s wonderful “She and I” CD in stock, as well as Helen’s CDs, and the quirky, wonderful Wan Allin Runa by Jeff Delachez. If you need help finding anything or simply prefer to speak on the phone, you can always call Frazer on 004 (0) 1803 731003 or see the website:

Here’s Ailsa Lucas talking about She and I: The album is full of beautiful, tender, heartfelt, passionate, songs ... full of wisdom ... coming from a place of real love and care for all in this world ... and a desire to engage fully with life ... I soar when I dance to it ... “


Susannah and Frazer

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