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Issue: April 2012

Why I am afraid of girls

By Roland

I should be more specific. The particular girls I am referring to are invariably aged between 8 and 10 years old and they are usually in pairs. One of them hisses at me as if I am a pantomime villain and the other follows up with a loud ‘tut tut’ of disapproval.

Regular readers of this newsletter will have probably guessed that I have been spotted again with a chainsaw chopping down some trees. The trees in question were two smallish sycamores in a piece of woodland that I own. The reason for their felling was both for their use as firewood and also to give more space for other, and in my opinion, more worthy trees to grow into. However, it seems that in the eyes of many, and the many here seems to include all young girls, the only ‘good’ thing one can do with trees is plant them and that woodland management when it involves felling trees is definitely reprehensible. One of the trees I was making more room for was a Tree of Heaven(Ailanthus vilmoriniana/altissima). By co-incidence we recieved an email a few days later from a friend in Nottingham saying that an application had been put into fell a Tree of Heaven from the front garden of the house that Susannah and Ya'Acov when they lived in Nottingham. Periodically, as the tree grows it causes a problem for the garden wall. Susannah and Ya'Acovs' solution was to pay money for rebuilding the wall and we would like to see the present owner do the same rather than felling such a wonderful tree. See the bottom of this article for further details about this.

After the two girls had gone, I stood for a while reliving a vivid memory of standing in a small school asphalt playground of my village school in Oxfordshire, a sharp pain in my throat caused by holding back tears, surrounded by a group of girls chanting:

‘Roly Poly Pudding and Pie

Kissed the girls and made them cry.’

To this day I cannot remember what I had done to earn this punishment. My reverie was broken by the approach of a local man walking his dog. We talked for a while about the merits of different types of chainsaw and then about the value of sycamore as a wood for burning. “Terrible wood,” he commented, “No flame and no heat.” A few minutes later a young man with dreadlocks wandered along. He spoke enthusiastically for a few minutes about how he really appreciated some hazel stands, which I had coppiced a few years earlier and now standing magnificent with about 100 wands reaching about 7 feet up into the air. “You don’t see that so much these days,” he commented and then he looked at the sycamore that I had felled and said “Wonderful wood – lots of heat and good flame too!”

These absolutely contradictory views reminded me of how it seems that the Movement Medicine’s community view of Facebook has changed recently. Two years ago I stood up at the closing ceremony of the Summer Long Dance and announced that some of the photos that had been taken would appear on the Movement Medicine Facebook site. There was a brief moment of silence and then a murmur of discontent which grew in volume and was joined by catcalls and the kind of hissing that I usually only receive from small girls when they see me cutting down trees. Later, someone took me to one side and explained to me in tones reserved for those who make unintended racist or sexist remarks why Facebook was a terrible site and that we shouldn’t ever use it or promote it. To be quite honest, I didn’t really understand the reasoning but certainly the sentiment was absolutely clear. In a similar way before the start of the last Apprenticeship in the summer of 2009 I set up a Facebook group just for participants to use. It was a failure and hardly anyone used it and within a few weeks they set up their own site on Ning. So prior to this current Apprenticeship, the first module of which begins on Saturday 7thApril, we set up a Ning Group for them to use. Would you believe it, within a few weeks they had set up a Facebook Group for themselves which seems to be far more popular than the Ning site. Ah well, Ning or Facebook I don’t mind. If you not happy using Facebook that is completely OK with us. We hope this newsletter helps you feel part of the ongoing Movement Medicine dialogue. I will certainly be burning the sycamore wood in two years’ time when it has dried out. The scout information website tells me it ‘burns with a good flame with moderate heat. And please always call me Roland never Roly.

Actually, it would seem from the doubling in numbers of our Facebook members from just under 500 a year ago to near a 1000 now, that attitudes have changed. If you are not already a member and wish to join, go to Facebook, look up Movement Medicine, then find the group and put in a request to join it.

In a similar way numbers are growing for our Webinar group. The next webinar takes place on Tuesday 3rd April at 7.30 pm UK time. It onlycosts£35 for 10 webinars and there is a facility so that those who sign up can catch up on any webinars they miss. If you sign up and then find it’s not for you we will give you your money back provided that you tell us within 5 days of your first webinar. Click here to sign up Some people are getting together so they can dance as a group and others are finding the webinars useful to dance at home on their own. A common piece of feedback is that the webinar helps to foster a feeling of being part of a larger community of dancers and like-minded humans.

It seems strange that just as the new Apprenticeship Group is about to start, we are busy planning the next one which will begin in September 2014. But it is important for us to do this in order to give people time to plan how they are going to do the pre-requisite work. We are changing the requirement a little for the next Apprenticeship. In addition to theJourney of EmpowermentOngoing Group,Initiationand thePhoenix Retreatwe will also ask people to complete theS.E.E.R Process. In order to facilitate this, we are also going to make theS.E.E.R Processavailable as a weekend workshop. We still have places left for this year’sJourney of Empowermentwhich will be heldin Switzerland starting in May and for Initiation which will take place in our new purpose-built dance studio at the Rill Estate starting Aug 31st to September 9th.

If you are interested in either of those courses you can find out more by following the links or contact me phone 01803 762255. It is possible to get a discount of up to £165 if you book forInitiationby May 1st.

Also Coming Soon.

April 20 – 22nd. Munich. Susannah.Source. (The Dance of Sexual Energy) Contact: Claudia +49 89

April 20 – 22nd. Warsaw. Ya’Acov.The Way of the Dancing Warrior. Contact: Olga +48 509 774

May 10thDublin Ya’Acov.Pachamama Symposium. Contact: Kate + 353 83 370

May 11 - 13thDublin Ya’Acov.For All Our Relations. Contact: Kate + 353 83 370

May 17thThun, Switzerland, Ya’Acov.Ascension. Contact: Katriona +41 33 676

May 18th– 20thLuzern, Switzerland, Ya’Acov.The Way of the Dancing Warrior. Contact: Katriona +41 33 676

May 18th - 20th Denmark. Susannah,E-Motion: Dancing with the Heart of the World. Contact: Bina +45 22 84 88 22

May 25th– 27thLondon Ya’Acov.E-Motion: Fire in the Heart: Contact: Alex + 44 7868842219

June 31st - July 2nd. Israel. Poetry of Presence.  Contact Aviya +972-9-7418203

Hoping we see you on a dance-floor some time soon


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What does YOUR creativity have to do with the future of our species?
By Susannah

Everything! The creative impulse inherent in the universe is developed in our species to a powerful degree. It’s free expression and development was squashed in many of us by the kind of education which was designed to create participants of the industrial age.

The good news is that the unique, creative potential latent in each of us may be suppressed, but it is still there, awaiting the right conditions to blossom. We witness such blossomings, in our work over and over again, and often, it does not take very long, given the right conditions. Another name for Movement Medicine could be “The Resurrection of Creativity”.

Being on the consumerist treadmill as producers or consumers does not necessitate much creativity. We can easily participate without being aware of where what we buy comes from, what benevolent or abusive systems our spending choices support. Our food, our things, our clothes seem to “appear”, our rubbish seems to “disappear”. But, as we know, but can so easily forget, they do not. Our economic system means it is entirely possible to avoid awareness of the costs, or benefits of our choices.

Looking on the other side of the equation, to be freely connected with one’s own inherent, vital, creative spark does not make one a good, obedient consumer. What supports this is rather a sense of need, inner lack, hunger for meaning and a robotic sense of needing to “keep up” with the crowd. But this orientation is devouring our home (earth) and deadening our souls.

What if, instead of knowing yourself as someone who needs and wants more ‘things,’ you knew yourself as an inspired creator, a being at the edge of the evolutionary wave, forever falling into new horizons. What if you knew your contribution was unique and essential? What if you allowed the joy of cultivating and making your own contribution to fill your life; singing, dancing, laughing, and loving along the way? What if you knew that you were thus playing your part in the evolution of our species? Our whole curriculum is devoted to supporting people to finding their own way with this. 

My Ongoing Group, The Journey of Empowerment, has, at its core (as those of you who have been on it know well!) this empowerment of creativity and inner alignment, which over and over again has revealed the beautiful, powerful latent creative talent in each one of us (yes you too!), and the power of co-creation which emerges naturally in the right conditions.

I’ll end with these words from Swami Niranjan (whose wonderful words we discovered in South Africa behind the sun visor of Samantha Brauer’s car, (thank you Samantha!) which are very relevant to true empowerment as we understand it; the empowerment to align your purpose, guidance, your heart and your action as you make your life an offering back to life. Here he is:


“What is spirituality and what is the role of spirituality in our lives?

For many people, spirituality can take the form of meditation, the form of prayer or the form of a belief.

But what is the meaning of spirituality in its true sense?

We know that human beings function at three levels: at the level of the head or intellect, at the level of the heart or feeling, and at the level of the hands or performance.

True spirituality manifests when the head, heart and hands are in harmony with each other.”

Swami Niranjan


Wishing you faith, courage, connectedness, mutual support and the joy of co-creation with life on your own path and look forward to dance with you when next we meet!








Spring time and the Call of the Land
By Ya'Acov

“It’s so strong to be in nature and to feel part of it. Everything seems clearer from here away from the distractions of the modern world. My place in the landscape feels the same as that of a tree, the rocks, the birds hunting overhead, the wild horses and the river. Here, I don’t have to be anyone. I can truly just BE myself.”

From Vision Quest notes.

Spring is in the air and I’ve just put a date in my calendar to take myself out on Vision Quest again. At some point during our Spring Equinox ceremony at the end of the SEER Process this last week in Switzerland, I had the realisation that it was time to get out on the land again, to fast and to look into the great mirror that is nature. As I was looking through our calendar for a spare few days (not an easy task!), I began to ask myself why it feels so important for me to regularly do this. After all, I am already following a vision for this life. It’s been clear for a while. And surely I spend enough time in ceremony! I came up with two reasons. The first is that it’s been nearly two years since I went out and spent that time alone in nature. I’ve come to know that something inside me needs the very particular medicine that being out alone without distractions brings. It’s a bit like not knowing you’re hungry and then walking into a baker with the smell of fresh bread just coming out of the oven. Suddenly, hunger jumps to the front of the awareness queue and bread is what you need. The smell of the spring has catalysed that hunger to go and sit, dance and be with the land we live on and to drop into the very unique state that only close contact and dialogue with nature can bring us to.

The second reason is that we’ve come to recognise recently just how important the Vision Quest is as part of the School of Movement Medicine’s curriculum. So much so that we have just decided that from now on, all Movement Medicine apprentices will be expected to participate in a Movement Medicine Vision Quest either before or during their apprenticeship. I’d like to tell you why.

Any of you who have been to one our workshops or attended one of our webinars will no doubt have heard us talking about the essential intention of Movement Medicine as a practice. We can tell you in nine words: Be who you are and give what you’ve got. Our whole curriculum is based on travelling through three journeys, made up of the nine gateways that arc across the top of the Movement Medicine mandala. The Journey of Empowerment covers the first three gateways of the body, the heart and the mind. The intention here is to help students to find their ground in the body, give more space to the intelligence of the heart and give the mind a useful role as the receiver of information. When all these three parts of the human being are working well together, then the vertical axis or the connection between heaven and earth is active. In the ancient tradition of Kabbalah, it is said that the soul is woven from the three strands of the body, the heart and the mind.

The second journey is The Journey of Responsibility that covers the gateways of the past, the present and the future. The intention here is that we can transform the past from being a weight of undigested stories that interfere with our ability to be who we are in the present into a source of energy and wisdom that gives us the backup to be the ones we are. From this strong, grounded place, dancing at the centre of our own circle, we can consciously participate in dreaming and co-creating a future that is sustainable, just and free for all beings. The SEER Process and the Initiation workshop teach the main tools we have for working with the past. The Phoenix Retreat teaches us the tools for understanding and releasing the host of understudies that crowd the stage of our lives, and bringing back the lost fragments of soul that these understudies came into being to protect. And yes, the Vision Quest is the place where we bring all that we have learned to the great mirror that is nature to pray, dance and ask for guidance in receiving and choosing a story that dignifies and enlivens our existence. The future is not predetermined. It is the result of the human dance of a massively complex web of choices, actions and responses with the rest of the web of life and with what one of our teachers used to describe as the ‘will of the Great Spirit.’ The Vision Quest is a time to look into the perfect mirror that nature provides and see where we are in the creative project that is life on earth. Why is nature such a perfect mirror? It is because everything in nature is simply being itself. The river does not try to be the wind and the willow tree has no ambitions to be an oak. Nature works. It balances itself out. I am not trying to paint nature as a pretty new age form of perfect kindness. Nature creates and destroys. It exists in cycles. The autumn will strip the trees bare and the spring will begin the whole dance again. Humans are different. We have been taught to wear masks. We are being encouraged all the time to be a ‘self’ that is designed for us by others.

Movement Medicine as a practice teaches us how to connect the deepest places inside us, through the intelligence of the dancer, with the space and the environment around us. The MESA practice that we teach is the perfect tool for being in dialogue with the environment around us through being connected to the landscape of our own body-heart-mind. Come into your body and into your heart and open your mind and then ask nature a question, and nature will answer. Indeed it does all the time. Add to that the giving up of our daily habits and distractions and the huge gift of undivided attention in an expanse of time, and the Vision Quest becomes a pilgrimage back to the heartlands of what really matters to us. Are we on track? Have we recognised the beauty of what we are, the gifts that each of us brings, and the path we are choosing to walk? Have we committed our lives in the direction that is in harmony with the reality of who and what we are? A few days in nature in ceremony in this way is like a visit to the Oracle.

And in talking with some of our friends at the SEER Process late one evening this past week, I came to understand that the healing that happens in the workshop becomes real when it manifests in our ability to make our contribution through whatever we do with full heart and commitment. Full-hearted actions that are in alignment with the truth of who you are, whether they be large or small, public or private, are the fruit of the work we do on the dance floor. Giving what you’ve got with full heart is where love manifests; love for yourself, love for life, and love for creation.

And there is one more thing I want to tell you that makes my body shiver with anticipation when I think of getting out and setting up my circle in the beautiful place on Dartmoor where we take our ‘Vision Questors.’ As strong as it is to recognise oneself as earth, fire, water and wind in the dance studio, to get out on the land and let these elements inside you connect with the elements that are all around us is a profound source of strength and nourishment. As I write, I’m remembering a session we had recently with Helen Poynor, our movement mentor, and our fantastic staff team, Jo Hardy, Sue Kuhn and David Rose. We spent an afternoon moving on the cliffs near Beer, a beautiful little fishing village in Devon. Helen held the space for us and gave us a movement score to work with. It involved bringing into nature what we had spent the morning practicing in the studio. Lying on the ground, eyes open or closed, moving from position to position, slowly following the dancer into the dance. I lay down on the beautiful earth, and promptly fell deeply asleep. I woke a few minutes later fully awake and ready to move. The earth of my body was ‘talking’ to the body of the earth and I felt fully alert, nourished and recharged.

A friend of mine this week was telling me his understanding of this whole 2012 story we’re in. He told me that he had learned that for the past 26000 years, we had been travelling through the underworld of the universe and that the coming of the new sun means that we will move around the circle and up into the light of a new consciousness. I don’t know if he’s right. His story certainly sings in my heart as a prayer. The thing is, we cannot know the future. But we can pay our part in shaping it. And in order to know how to play our part, we need to be with the Oracle from time to time. I have learned so much from the many Vision Quests I have been on. And these teachings have become the foundations of so much of the trust in life that has grown and grown in me over the years. Nature has taught me that things grow in harmony with the seasons. Nature has taught me that decay and death are part of the health of life. And nature has taught me that a fulfilling life comes from the knowledge that we are part of the web of life and that behind it all, there pulses the unfathomable dance of empty space, silence and mystery.

And that, dear travelers on life’s road, is where we are all headed, sooner or later, surrendered or resisting, screaming or singing, clinging on or like a leaf in the autumn, giving everything to our last dance before we become the compost for whatever comes next.

Think about it. The circle gathering for this year’s Vision Quest still has space for you. If you feel that one of those spaces may have your name on it, why not give Roland a call? Wishing you the peace of the wise ones, the passion of the new buds, and the recognition of your own true nature.

Ya’Acov. April 2012.

P.S. A huge thank you to everyone to got involved in our fund-raising webinar Shamantics, in aid of our Achuar brothers and sisters in the rainforest. We managed to raise over £2500-00. Watch this space for more global based Shamantics dance ceremonies. Yx

A Shamantic Experience
by Jens (The wonder whose genius makes the webinars happen)

It is Saturday night. Dancing together with 10 others. The music is the recording from the Shamantics just the day before. Even though it is a recording we feel this strong energy. At the end drenched in sweat Ya'Acov said something like “a huge thank to Jens in Hamburg who worked his socks of...“Oh that is funny, your name is Jens too”. “No my dear I am Jens”. In this moment a 36 hour struggle came to an end. Time to look back.

Friday morning the Shamantics day. A week ago I send new hardware to Ya'Acov so that we can connect a video camera to the computer. The webinars are record with a normal webcam. But for the Shamantics that would be no fun. We made some tests in the morning and they were perfect. Some days before we tested the internet in the school. The connection was also perfect. So I was looking forward. This should be very easy this time.

At 5:00 the computer was connected to the internet. I am sitting in Hamburg, Germany about 1000 km away and taking control over the computer in the school. Panic, the internet speed is not good enough although we tested it before. Sitting 1000 km away from the problem does not make the problem better. So trust the people on-site. They managed it. 6:00 I start the video stream but I can not receive it. Panic. I get the first mails „How do I get connected for the webinar this eve“. There are instructions explaining it. I test several things but nothing works. Ok time for plan B, C...

I call the owner of the video server.. „Sorry I am on the autobahn. Wait, I can stop here. Sorry no internet here. I call a friend.“. 6:30 the friend calls me. We have a problem with the firewall in the school. Can we configure it? No. Can we hack it? No time. Try to use another video server which might solve the problem with the firewall. Programming, testing.

My email account gets more and more emails. “PLEASE HELP, I am here with 20 people waiting”. I know we have 50 people who want to watch the live stream. If they are all of this kind, then there are 1000 people waiting just for me. Keep cool. Should I answer each email or try to get the problem fixed. Thursday I have installed a new messageboard so I place a message there.

We tried some hacks. Nothing worked. 7:30 I have to accept that I have lost. The only thing I can do is a recording which I can provide later. After a while I recognise that we use the wrong audio input. Stop, change and start again. And 15 minutes before the Shamantics ends the internet connection was cut. May be the school shuts down their internet at 10:30. How can you know that.

Oh what a night. I cannot remember that I ever lost in such a situation. Normally I find a solution that is fine. But this time ... I was so broken-hearted that I could cry. Feeling so sad that so many people are waiting for me and that I disappointed them. Wow.

But the emails I got then were so astonishing and amazing. Starting from “thank you for letting me know”, “thank you for trying”, “don't worry we are connected anyway and making our own music”, “that gives me the time to clean my room” up to “you rock!”.

On Saturday morning after a hard night with nightmares I woke up with strong headache. Trying to find out what went wrong. Finding solutions for the next time. Getting the rest of the recording. And while I was listening to the recordings I decided to dance with Karuna in her group to night to give it a good ending.

Now I'm sitting here and looking back. What a community, how amazing was this feedback and this encouragement. This flexibility while dealing with these problems. What kind of space did we create. Doing a ritual like this. Being connected. This warmth and open-heartedness. This simple saying thank you, 21 gratitudes like Susannah and Ya'Acov are teaching. That is what my heart lets rise. And that's why I'm doing and loving this job. Thank you Roland, thank you Susannah, a big hug and a kiss on your head Ya'Acov and thank you all.


A Dream of a 48 hours Long Dance
The Movement Medicine Summer Long Dance in Somerset with Ya’Acov and Susannah Darling Khan.

by Louis Brem

“I had a dream, I saw myself, in the midst of people dressed in white, in a marquee, in a field, somewhere in Somerset, dancing. - Then I woke up and found myself in a field somewhere in Somerset in a marquee dancing in the midst of people dressed in white.”

These words, gently emerging from the loudspeakers, wake me up. Ya’Acov is calling us back to the dance after a short two hours of sleep. We roll our sleeping bags to the side, and begin to move to music, dancing through the tent again. First awakening the “dancer” in me – this authentic and often concealed aspect of myself - handing over the lead of my physical body to him. Taking up the challenge to be authentically myself in the dance, neither leaving anything out nor adding anything in, simply dancing exactly the movement that is right here. Trusting my inner dancer, letting myself go in the music.

36 hours ago we dancers, clothed in white, walked through fields and over hills to a great tent for the Summer Long Dance. Since then we have been dancing here through the 21 stations of the mandala of the School of Movement Medicine. In groups of four dancers we support each other. At specified times we change places – one dances and one witnesses the other’s dance. To be seen and witnessed in my very own dance is a new inspiration for me. No evaluation, no discussion, simply see and be seen.

In the centre of the tent stand a sapling, and on the four sides are the altars of the elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water, arranged by the compass directions. At the end of the ceremony the tree will be planted in a suitable place near the site of the dance. Thus each Long Dance leaves behind its tree. As in Indian Sundances, there’s a tree at the centre. What’s new for me here is that we not only use the resources to hand, but create new ones.

We dance the Elements, the Body, Heart and Mind, for ourselves, for others, for community, for and with the ancestors, dancing for from joy of life, from love. We dance alone, with partners, in larger groups. After a dance I let myself sink back into the support group, to go back home, to integrate the new experiences of this dance and then dive back in again to bathe in a sea of dancers.

There are meetings in the glance of an eye, in body-gestures, in harmony or also in opposition. Brief moments or longer ones, but always with lively pulsating people. My own vitality will be responded to; in movement, ever more aspects of my unconscious arise, which I had thought I must conceal. My inner dancer carries these elements through the dance to the surface, and being witnessed I will become visible in that respect. I may dance with all that I am, and may meet others with that. In this I experience a great healing, which becomes movement as medicine.

The rules are simple: whoever is dancing dances, whoever wants to rest rests. Each in their own time. We are 150 dancers from all over the world, who succeed in communicating mainly without words, through body language in dance, and where necessary in whispered English.

We are supported in the dance by a healing team who offer everything from osteopathy to massage and spiritual healing, all of which is needed as most of us are no longer 20 years old. I’m, fascinated with the musicians and DJs who guide us in the tent, who have the intuitive ability to pick up and transpose the needs of the dancers.  Also Kirtan (Hindu call and response singing) has its place in the ceremony, becomes a dance, and the dance becomes a prayer.

The collective intention of the Long Dance lies in expressing our gratitude for life and for everything we receive, in communal dance, prayer and song. The most profound way to show our gratitude is by being completely authentic, and by daring to dance our dreams, our selves, our relationships with loved ones, the community of life on earth, the ancestors and the great mystery.

At the beginning of the ceremony, each one of us spoke out our individual intention, our alignment for the Long Dance. There was a wide variety of goals. A good many of them were about the healing of the earth, good fortune and happiness for all beings; others had a more personal theme such as health, emotional healing, or healing of relationships. My personal intention was to re-integrate some forgotten aspects of myself, which haven’t made it through from my single life to family life. As the dance went on I reconnected with an intimately known vitality, into which I can expand myself again. I experienced a deep contentment and connection with all the dancers. I’m glad I can take this home with me and share it with my family.

In the tent it gets light and dark and light again, and time has lost its meaning, just as hunger and tiredness have lost theirs.

Here I am and I dance.

Here I am. I have a dream.


Article and photographs by Louis Brem, originally published in German by “Spuren” magazine (Switzerland) 

issue Nr 101 autumn 2011

Translation by Katriona Forrester

We are currently taking bookings for the 2012 Summer Long Dance.  Contact Roland for an Application Form

Der Traum eines 48 Stunden Langen Tanzes

Der Movement Medicine Summer Long Dance in Somerset von Ya’Acov und Susannah Darling Kahn

Louis Brem

„I had a dream, ich sah mich inmitten von weissgekleideten Menschen in einem Zelt auf einem Feld irgendwo in Somerset tanzen - dann bin ich aufgewacht und habe mich hier, in einem Zelt auf einem Feld irgendwo in Somerset inmitten weissgekleideter Menschen, tanzend, wiedergefunden“

das sind die Worte Ya’Acovs zu denen ich aufwache, er ruft uns nach kurzen zwei Stunden Schlaf wieder zum Tanze. Wir rollen unsere Schlafsachen zur Seite und beginnen uns wieder, zur Musik tanzend, durchs Zelt zu bewegen. Erst den „Tänzer“ in mir erweckend um ihm die Kontrolle zu übergeben. Die Herausforderung annehmen, im Tanzen ganz authentisch, ganz mich zu sein, nichts wegzulassen und auch nichts hinzuzufügen, einfach tanzen, genau das bewegen, was grad da ist. Dem inneren Tänzer vertrauen, mich der Musik übergeben.

Wir sind vor 36 Stunden in einer langen Prozession weissgekleideter Tänzer und Tänzerinnen durch die Felder und Hügel zum grossen Zelt, zum Summer Long Dance gezogen. Und seitdem tanzen wir hier durch die 21 Dimensionen des Mandalas der „School of Movement Medicine“. In Supportgruppen von jeweils vier Tänzern/Tänzerinnen unterstützen wir uns im Tanz. Zu gewissen Zeiten wechseln wir uns ab, einer tanzt und einer bezeugt seinen Tanz. In meinem ureigenen Tanz, meinem Gebet, gesehen, bezeugt zu werden, ist eine neue Inspiration für mich. Keine Wertung, kein Austausch darüber, nur einfach sehen, gesehen werden.

Im Zentrum des Zeltes steht ein junger Baum, und an den vier Seiten sind die Altäre der Elemente Erde, Luft, Feuer und Wasser in den Himmelsrichtungen angeordnet. Der Baum wird im Anschluss an die Zeremonie in der Nähe des Tanzes, an einem geeigneten Ort, gepflanzt werden. So hinterlässt jeder Long Dance seinen Baum. Wie bei indianischen Sonnentänzen ist auch hier ein Baum im Zentrum, neu für mich ist dabei, dass nicht nur vorhandene Ressourcen genutzt werden, sondern dass neue Ressourcen geschaffen werden.

Wir tanzen zu den Elementen, zum Körper, Herz, und Geist, zum Selbst, zu den Anderen, zu der Gemeinschaft, für und mit den Ahnen und vor allem aus Freude am Leben, aus Liebe. Wir tanzen für uns alleine, zu zweit, in grösseren Gruppen. Nach dem Tanz lass ich mich zurück sinken in die Supportgruppe, komme heim, um dann wieder aufzutauchen und erneut in dem Meer der Tänzer zu baden. Mit Begegnungen in Augen-Blicken, in Körpergesten, im Gleichklang oder auch im Widerstand. Begegnungen flüchtig oder länger, immer mit lebendigen, pulsierenden Menschen. Meine eigene Lebendigkeit wird angesprochen, in den Bewegungen tauchen immer mehr Aspekte aus meinem Unterbewussten auf, von denen ich irgendwann glaubte, sie wegsperren zu müssen. Mein «innerer Tänzer» trägt diese Elemente durch den Tanz an die Oberfläche, und durch das Bezeugen werde ich darin gesehen. Ich darf mit allem, was ich bin, tanzen und darf allem begegnen. Darin erlebe ich grosse Heilung, da wird Bewegung zur Medizin.

Die Regeln sind einfach: wer tanzt tanzt, wer ruhen will ruht. Jeder zu seiner Zeit. Wir sind 150 Tänzer und Tänzerinnen aus aller Welt, die Verständigung erfolgt meist ohne Worte, durch Körpersprache im Tanz, und wo nötig in geflüstertem Englisch.

Ein Healingteam, das von Osteopathie über Masssagen bis Geistheilung alles anbietet, unterstützt uns im Tanz, was auch rege genutzt wird, sind die meisten von uns Tänzern ja keine zwanzig mehr. Die Musiker und die DJ’s, die uns begleiten, faszinieren mich sehr durch die Fähigkeit, die Bedürfnisse der Tanzenden intuitiv aufzunehmen und umzusetzen. Auch Kirtan, ein hinduistischer Wechselgesang, findet Platz in der Zeremonie, wird zum Tanz, und Tanzen wird wieder zum Beten.

Die kollektive Absicht des Long Dances besteht darin, im gemeinsamen Tanz, in Gebet und Gesang, unsere Dankbarkeit für das Leben und all das, was wir erhalten auszudrücken. Die tiefste Art, seine Dankbarkeit zu zeigen, liegt darin, ganz authentisch zu sein und es wagen, seine Träume, sein Selbst, die Beziehung zu seinen Liebsten, die Gemeinschaft des Lebens auf der Erde, die Ahnen und das Grosse Mysterium zu tanzen.

Zu Beginn der Zeremonie haben wir unsere Individuelle Absicht, unsere Ausrichtung für den Long Dance ausgesprochen. Die Ziele waren sehr vielfältig. Manchen ging es um die Heilung der Erde, um Glück und Freude für alle Wesen, bei anderen waren es mehr persönliche Themen wie Gesundheit, emotionale Heilung oder Heilung von Verwandten. Meine persönliche Absicht war es, vergessene Aspekte von mir wieder in mein Leben zu integrieren, Aspekte, die den Übergang vom Singledasein ins Familienleben nicht mitgemacht hatten. Im Laufe des Tanzes habe ich zu einer Lebendigkeit zurückgefunden, die mir altvertraut ist und in der ich mich wieder ausdehnen kann. Ich erlebte eine tiefe Zufriedenheit in mir und eine Verbundenheit mit allen Mittänzern. Ich freue mich darauf, dieses Gefühl nach Hause zu tragen und mit meiner Familie zu teilen.

Im Zelt wird es Hell und wieder Dunkel und wieder Hell, wir tanzen und die Zeit hat ihre Bedeutung genauso verloren wie der Hunger oder die Müdigkeit. Hier bin ich und ich tanze. Here I am. I have a Dream.

Louis Brem, 2011

We are currently taking bookings for the 2012 Summer Long Dance.  Contact Roland for an Application Form

Movement Medicine Buch
Susannah und Ya'Acovs Movement Medicine Buch ist jetzt in deutscher Übersetzung im Buchhandel oder von erhältlich. Wir finden, die deutsche Übersetzung ist sehr gut gelungen.

"I refuse to be a victim"

By Megumi Miyata

March 2012

I was again in beautiful Devon at the end of winter with other beautiful soul seekers for the Phoenix Retreat.

I had an intention for "closing a cycle" of 12 years. 12 years ago I had fallen down from the cliff just before a sweat lodge had started. It happened in the middle of total darkness in the valley of Himalaya in India. There was a rainbow gathering, which is a gathering from all the ages from all the nationalities forcamping in nature sharing knowledge and friendship.

There were 2 people who built a sweat lodge in deeper into the forest where of course no electricity neither any facilities. It was my first experience of sweat lodge. Having absolutely no idea what it is about, I just had been there for my curiosity to be in the "sauna in the nature".

After hours waiting till the rocks become hot, we all entered the lodge. Just before pouring the water on the hottest rock I've said. "I want to do my last pee before it starts". Opened the door, couldn't see anything in the dark, took few steps forward, bringing down the trouser then.....I made my fall.

During this 12 years I've been offered the opportunities to do the sweat lodges but somehow didn't happen. In one of the opportunities the master of the lodge has told me that I was the victim of the bad intentioned or wrong prepared lodge. Since this is a sacred ceremony you just can't hold it as a playing a game. Possibly it was part of my "survival understudy" working quietly in order to protect me from another fall.

Learning the Phoenix process was a powerful process itself. Accepting whole being as I am right now gathering all the resources and reclaimingthelost fragment of my soul. Whole process requires total concentration to catch the sensation in my body and heart, I found my mind trying to judge and deny all the visions and sensations. What has helped me was the advices from several directions say: It doesn't matter if they are your imagination or really what has happened, important is the fact that those visions come to you on that very moment and what it represents to you.

It corresponded to the message from "The Celestine Prophecy" I just have read on the airplane to London. The first wisdom is about Synchronicity. Realizing "nothing is a coincidence". From the reason why each one of the dancers joined particularly in this Phoenix 2012 to who was going through a phoenix process next to each other, there is a very precise magical mystery shining by the hands of great choreographer. And our task as the participants of this great mystery game, is to find those magic in eachmoments of our life.

Because it's everywhere and anytime.

As a closure and climax of our work together, sacred sweat lodge was waiting for us.

From the preparation it was different from my first experience. There was a smell of primeval. During the ceremony for bringing the elements spirits into the lodge, I've even felt my skull was moving and forming the shape of ancient being.

For me being naked in the small lodge together with 40 more people was a work. Touching the cold soil, mother earth, Pachamama! I called her for more space and air. I'm used to being in sauna, being naked, being so close to the people, and they are lovely companies of amazing mind trying to calm myself by finding all the reason to feel OK being here, though I've been cooking in my stomach the sensation of anger. Why am Isqueezing mysel fin such a tiny space? "Open the door please!!" with Ya'acov's magic words I shouted big "YES!!" in my heart for relief.

But with the fire & moon light coming from the opened door, I've seen someone stretching his legs and having a space to open the arms. My anger has become a monster.

The door was closed again and in the dark my monster asking me to shout, tobeat and express my anger forbeing miserable and pity in a tiny space while others having lots more space than me.

Top of the top in my miserable frustrating point, suddenly a phrase came into my mind.

"I refuse to be a victim." It came a moment of wonder. It immediately reminded methe phrase from Daoud Nassar, the director of "Tent of Nation project" from Bethlehem, Palestine:

"We refuse to be enemies."

Under the occupation, with the threat of confiscation by Israel of their land inherited from his grandfather legally, Daoud and family choose to live in this way of Hope. It is a constant choice of refusing to -react- to the violence they receive. They choose to act by transforming the frustration into a positive action. And that is the hope. The courage, patience and belief on themselves for they are choosing the right way. It was the strongest message I've received in Palestine.

"I refuse to be a victim."

I realized that moment there are choices. One choice to be a poor girl ending as a victim of whole the process. Another way to be the one who reclaims the responsibility on her being, clearly say NO to the story of the victim. The answer was clear.

I declared my choicenot to be the victimbut to be a free being by asking people to move.

It was that easy!!!!!

Next morning writing about the experience in the lodge of the night before, I first time realized that Ifulfilled my intentions. 12 years ago I took myself a roll of the victim in my first sweat lodge, yesterday I broke this chain with my own choice. I refuse to be a victim.

I am not a victim anymore.

Of course the story doesn't end here. I witness my "victim understudy" even more than before the phoenix retreat. But I know, I always have the choice. And I could succeed once, I can succeed again. Till my victim understudy transforms into the treasure in my history.

What has spirituality got to do with politics?
By Susannah

I would say that most spirituality comes to the same point in essence; “we are one”; we come from the same source, the same spirit moves through us and in us. What we do to each other we do to ourselves. So if we are all linked with everything, part of the same family, then how we organise ourselves, the big movements of law, economy and moral priorities which politics are part of, and which come to effect each one of us, becomes a concern of us all. Democracy can end when you put your paper in the ballot box, or it can be an attitude of global citizenship which effects how you think about the world, how you feel and what you do. If you know that what you do is part of the great inter-connected system of life on earth, what you do, or don’t do, what you buy, or don’t buy, where you bank your money, all have meaning and significance, along with the subtler levels of prayer, meditation and direct personal contact with others.


From a spiritual perspective, there is an alignment which happens when what I do, what I say, what I feel are in one accord. I sing about loving the earth and I recycle the aluminium container I was given lunch in. I see and feel how I participate in the web of life, energetically and physically. I make the links. As above, so below.  On earth as in heaven. I make the effort to bring my actions in line with my beliefs.

Three ideas contribute to my understanding about this:

1)    The saying that “a people gets the government it deserves” (which I first heard from Jake Chapman). This does not mean a people are to blame for everything a government does, but that the will and participation of the people is a necessary part of government.

2)     The idea that a government cannot move its policy very far in advance of where the critical mass of its population is.

3)    And a speech I heard from Ed Milliband several years ago. Ed Milliband is now the leader head of the Labour party in the UK, and was then the minister for Energy and Climate Change. He said something that deeply affected me, which I remember as this: “We, the politicians, know what’s going on (re climate change). We’ve seen the science. We’ve got the picture. We know what is needed. But that actually is, is so radical, so bold, that we (politicians) don’t have the courage (yet) to go for them, because we don’t yet feel that you, the public, have woken up to the urgency and scale of the task. Please, please, if you understand this, make a much bigger noise! We need to feel the public’s support urging us on, mandating us to do what we know is necessary.”

Please forgive me Mr Milliband, if I have misquoted you. This is my translation of the spirit of what I understood him to mean.


So what happens if a percentage of people who are “tuned in” to awareness, love, creativity, care for the earth and care for humanity, “tune out” of politics, and assume that nothing of worth or value can be done there. I would say it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. There is a generation of us who have become so cynical about politics that we leave it to others, and thereby don’t put our input into the systems which otherwise would benefit and be influenced by our holistic participation. I recognise myself, and many of my network in this, and at the same time the urge to connect and make our contribution. 

I was talking to one friend about the One World Mosaic, and how it had a real chance to present the passion and mandate of people from all over the world to take care of earth and its future, to the politicians and negotiators at The Rio Climate Change Summit. He said “well, I think most of us are sure that Rio will come to nothing”…. If I had not censured my real answer, it would have been something like: “Of course it won’t if we, collectively, have already given up on it! That is self-fulfilling, smug despair. Even politicians are people with souls who (like you and I) need the support of others to come into their best, most courageous selves.  I too know this cynical despair place, and how I have tried to save myself from the bitter pain of disappointment by not risking too much of myself in the first place. There is no way of knowing what will happen, but what we do, or do not do will be part of what creates that outcome. We have a choice to risk ‘throwing our hat into the ring’ seeing ourselves as participants in the evolving dialogue about our shared future. In this we become vulnerable. That is simply the nature of choosing the empowerment of action”.

I believe that in politicians there is, as in each one of us, a dialogue between self-interest and care for the whole. I believe that what drove many politicians into that arena was a genuine wish to make the world a better place, and that the seductions of power are huge and difficult, but that a strong mandate from the people can awaken their dedication to service. For me, we denigrate our species, our spirituality and our common humanity when we decide that a whole group of people and a whole arena of activity (politicians and politics) have nothing to offer and are nothing to do with us.

I feel and believe that, in terms of the future, there is still everything to play for. In the words of the Lord of the Rings, “the quest balances on a knife edge”. Nothing is too little to matter. Each of us has a part to play, if we are willing, in the great turning. And what is needed, it seems to me, are people strong in their own integrity, alignment, creative flow, able to imagine “into” the space of what has not been before, able to (in the words of Martin Luther King) “make a way out of no way”.  People able to collaborate, improvise, and operate as intelligent, empowered, autonomous parts of a larger, interconnected system.  People whose motivation and reward is love and the joy of being part of evolution. People who are life long learners, able to play many roles, to lead and to follow, and to say “yes” to the mysterious arisings of co-creation. And you, (yes you!) are part of this web of interconnectedness, and your own, never to be repeated being, essence, actions and creative possibility make a difference. In which direction this difference goes, depends on what you choose, moment by moment and day by day.

We heartily inviter you to participate in the following projects that we are part of:

The One World Mosaic project here you can make your statement (with picture and with words) for the Mosaic to be shown at the Rio Climate Change Summit and beyond.

Musical Mosaic Down loading some of the beautiful music from the Musical Mosaic supports the One World Mosaic come to its full potency as does buying anything from the 

The CD from the last Long Dance 21 Gratitudes is sold in aid of Survival International, and the Long Dance itself raises money and prayers for life on earth in many forms.

I’ll end with these words from Swami Niranjan (whose wonderful words we discovered in South Africa behind the sun visor of Samantha Brauer’s car, (thank you Samantha!)


“What is spirituality and what is the role of spirituality in our lives?

For many people, spirituality can take the form of meditation, the form of prayer or the form of a belief.

But what is the meaning of spirituality in its true sense?

We know that human beings function at three levels: at the level of the head or intellect, at the level of the heart or feeling, and at the level of the hands or performance.

True spirituality manifests when the head, heart and hands are in harmony with each other.”

Swami Niranjan

Wishing you faith, courage, connectedness, mutual support and the joy of co-creation with life on your own path and look forward to dance with you when next we meet!





“Nature doesn’t know rubbish”
This month's winner of £100 School of Movement Medicine workshop voucher

By Karin

I read that on a truck, after one week S.E.E.R. process in March ‘12. And I thought, this claim fits wonderful together with the process. Past “stories” aren’t rubbish that has to be depolluted, they also can be dung. Every strategy I found to “survive” about what happened in my life, I can take now acting with it.

When Ya’Acov asked us in the first circle, what our heart is telling us, the word sexuality came in my mind. But – of course – I didn’t talk about that. What would other people think about me? I can’t tell others about my wish, to heal it. Would not everybody think about it, when he/she sees me? Would I be to flashy? After one week S.E.E.R. process and another week “acting” with my incantations and after reading the book of Ya’Acov and Susannah I decide now to write the first time about my sexual abuse. No details. No “stories”. I just decide to open a new chapter of my life. And in this chapter “I’m able to express everything” (Incantation). Without shaming or blaming. Without denouncement but also with no wrong defense for others (and myself) any more. As I read in the book “Movement Medicine” that every 4th girl and every 6th boy were abused until 18 I was really shocked. I didn’t mentioned, that so many people are concerned.

When I was a little girl, psychologists told, that children will forget what happened. And that the parents shouldn’t talk to the children until the children will start to talk by themselves. So nobody talked with me. And I didn’t talk to somebody. Not forgetting, what happened.

They did their best. They didn’t know it better. Information, people who are couraged enough to talk, helped to change this situation until now. So talking and expressing, what is aching – whatever it is - is always important!

And now, writing about this is another step in my healing process. Why should I be silent? Why should I be ashamed of it anymore? I was a child. And I’m not guilty! I want to be free. And I want to live my life with all my energy. So talking about heals me and helps hopefully others, to do so as well.

The S.E.E.R. process was a very important step for me, to be able to write that. And to stand for it. It was the first time, that I deeply felt, what happened and how violating it was. So it was the first time, that I can completely feel (for) my “little” Karin. And this is really! important. If you can’t feel for yourself, you can’t feel for others.

And that’s the really dramatic point. I’m a mother and I didn’t heal myself before getting children. Because everybody (including me) thought, that everything is “OK” with me. I had a very rational “understanding” of what happened, I had “excuses” for everbody (unfortunately not for myself) and so …I did my best. I didn’t know it better….sounds equal…..!

When you don’t heal yourself and don’t feel for yourself it could happen, that you will turning from a “victim” to an “actor”. And that’s really horrible. If you start realizing, that you are acting in way, you don’t want to, but “it” just happens, you don’t really know why, the blaming is going on….

So it has to be a decision to stop that “destructive”-cycle. To stop being a “victim”, because as a victim you can’t act. And if you are an “actor” by now, stop blaming you, but start to take responsibility. And do everything you can do, to heal yourself. Then the healing process will take place in all surroundings.

In this situation I was so grateful to find the S.E.E.R. process, after several other very helpful and valuably “stations” on my way. It was very important for me, that I felt really save and well supported by Ya’Acov, the trainers and the group. And that everything had the chance to “come out”, without feeling scrupulous. There was enough strength around me that makes me feel save going in my processes. It gave me the chance to go deeper and deeper. And I know, that I have to go in there. Because in the process another “black box” opened…

But now I know, that I don’t have to be fearful about that. Whatever will be in that “black box” – the S.E.E.R. process gave “back” Mother Earth to me. The first day was amazing: to found out, that lying on the “floor” (Mother Earth) can mean to carry me….wow! Until now, “god father” was my help. By the S.E.E.R. process I got back my roots, I got back my legs, I got back my breath in fearful situations…I got back my memories as a child, playing in nature…with slush, “healing” wounded trees…

Of course, I’m not happy, what happened to me and not proud, what I was doing to others. But probably I have to make this experience by myself, so that I can “understand”, how it is “trying to do your best…” and to “forgive”…. And I could say, all this is “rubbish”. But I really believe, that Life always gives us opportunities to decide. To decide for light and love or to stay in darkness. And I believe, that darkness has to be there somehow, to be able to decide. In each moment we have the possibility. And somehow it will succeed and in other situations it won’t. But I guess, to be on that way and to stay in this direction is important.

The S.E.E.R. process was a great gift for me. I felt the composition of the several elements as so wonderful and really healing. Thank you so much!


PS. For those, who were on the process: please attend, that I just gave my first name (as a first step). Thank you.

What have the Achuar got to do with Movement Medicine?
By Susannah

This article goes on an elliptical journey which includes a little review of DK history, but does answer the question not too far down the page! Please be patient and read on!

The guiding aim of Ya’Acov’s and my life since we met in 1986, has been to find or create a creative, holistic modality through which people can heal their relationship with themselves, each other, the earth and the spirit.

The vision which originally brought me to dance as my healing path (it was back in 1988) was of people; people of all ages, of all cultures, dancing and singing together in a great snake through the rain forest. That vision led me to Gabrielle Roth, Ya’Acov got there too, by his own route, (though we were already together) and the rest, as they say, is history.

When we met Gabrielle Roth and trained in teaching the 5 Rhythms, one stage began. When, 18 years later, in 2007 we founded the School of Movement Medicine, another step was made. And when we first participated in an Awakening the Dreamer Symposium in 2008, (with Bernadette Ryder, thank you!) and Movement Medicine met the Pachamama Alliance a new stage of our work began. So what’s all this got to do with the Achuar?

The Achuar are a tribal people indigenous to the Amazonian rain forest in Ecuador and Peru. They so fiercely protected themselves and their forest home when the Spanish invaded South America that the Spanish left them in peace. In the 1990s they realised that they and their lands were once again under threat, this time from the oil companies whose exploits had already been disastrous for the people and eco systems of their neighbours to the north of Ecuador. In the face of this challenge, they did a special thing; they reached out for alliance and partnership to the very world that was threatening them. A group of people from the USA heard their call and answered them and the Pachamama Alliance was born. That was in 1996. This alliance has been successful in protecting their lands and forest through supporting the Achuar to gain the legal title to their land. And the Pachamama Alliance has also created a potent process called the Awakening the Dreamer Symposium, which supports and challenges us to awaken from the “trance of the modern world” the paradigm of apparent necessity which traps us in the consumerist mode which is eating up the world. This process was created in answer to a direct request from the Achuar to find a way to “change the dream of the modern world.” We find it to be a deeply moving, intelligent and exciting process which is awakening, empowering and inspiring on many levels. We trained in how to lead these Symposiums with Bernadette, and now most often present this work in a workshop called “Dancing with the Heart of the World” which is an integration of movement medicine and the symposium.

The next ‘Dancing with the Heart of the World” is on 18th - 20th with me in Copenhagen in May

And Ya'Acov is running a Pachamama Symposium on May 10th in Dublin and Susannah is running one in Warsaw on October 19th.

The Achuar are very present in the Symposium, so we have “known” them for several years, on this level. Then this January we went on a journey within Ecuador with the Pachamama Alliance. They took us deep into the Amazon to visit with the Achuar, and we found ourselves meeting and being met in mutual recognition and joy. The connection became deeply personal.

As it happens, our visit coincided with a time of new crisis for the Achuar. Despite having legal title to their lands and despite the Ecuadorian government having enshrined the rights of nature in their constitution, the Achuar and the forest of which they are guardians are once more under serious threat from oil and open cast mining. They and their neighbours, with the Pachamama Alliance, and the Fundacion Pachamama together with other organisations such as Amazon Watch, are making an all out effort to protect them and the forest of which they are the guardians.

During our time with them, they asked us to help tell the world about why and for what they are now fighting with every atom of their strength. They are fighting for the future of their children, for their forest home which they love so much, and for the future of our children and for the whole world and all of us who live here whose future hangs right now in the balance, and whose fate is inextricably interwoven with the fate of the tropical rain forests.

Our recent Shamantics gig was one way we (and many of you- thank you!) answered the call we received from the Achuar to spread the word and support them and their forest, for the sake of the whole world and all of us and all future generations.

So it feels to me as if the vision which led me to dance as a healing path has come full circle back to the forest. I hope you can sense why this work of comradeship with the Achuar and with the forest is not just “Susannah and Ya’Acov’s private passion” but an intrinsic and fundamental part of the vision and direction of Movement Medicine. I hope you will continue to join with us in finding creative ways to speak out and act to protect them, the forest and all of our futures.

Information below:

Pachamama Alliance Awakening the Dreamer sympsosium:

In Copenhagen for ‘Dancing with the Heart of the World” our integration of movement medicine and the ‘Awakening the Dreamer Symposium.”

love to the big “we” which includes everyone and everything,


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receiving rave reviews in terms of the level of its translation. Thank you to Kristin Glenwinkle and the translator Ms Fath-Engelhardt who worked together so beautifully to create this end result, and to Martina at Innenwelt Verlag for believing in the book, and to Anveshi for his suggestion of Innenwelt as an appropriate publisher! Yeah! And it’s got a beautiful new cover! Its called - guess what?! - Movement Medicine by Susannah and Ya’Acov Darling Khan, and you can get it from us, or from bookshops in Switzerland or in Germany.  If it’s not on their shelves, please ask them to order it for you. Or you can get it from

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Letter from Sarah Wearden

Dear Friends,

I had the great honour of hearing Polly Higgins speak last night. Some of you I imagine will be aware of her. I wasn't and it was just by chance that I ended up at her talk, in a very small gathering in Oxford. I came away incredibly moved, inspired and relieved and feeling she is one of the most important people living on the planet in playing her part in helping making a change. She is bringing through something very important.

Polly spoke at the end of how what she has been birthing, needs and wants to pollenate(or pollynate as some one has joked) ..and she asked that we spread the word. So here I am.

For those not knowing Polly she is a lawyer and has taken on Mother Earth as her client. She is in the process of implementing a law against ecocide...what she sees as the 5th crime against Peace. Just as genocide became a crime, not so long ago. She is currently working towards the next Earth Summit, in Rio in June. She has an enormous heart, an incredible mind, and wealth of knowledge and is communicating in such a simple way a solution to what I have seen as a huge and complex problem. Any acts that are damaging to Mother Earth will become a crime and this is how it will be stopped.

And the amazing layer of this work for me is that is not about bringing the CEO's to court and punishment, its bringing in restorative justice and helping those powerful people at the top shift their work from destructive to creative business.

I'm still absorbing all that she talked about, I'm not a lawyer and i'm only just begging to grasp all of the if you want to find out more here are the resources...

Here are the websites:

The views expressed here do not necessarily represent the views of the School of Movement Medicine. Roland Wilkinson, Nappers Crossing, Staverton, Devon TQ9 6PD, UK Tel & Fax +44 (0)1803 762255 http://www.