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Issue: April 2012
A Shamantic Experience

by Jens (The wonder whose genius makes the webinars happen)

It is Saturday night. Dancing together with 10 others. The music is the recording from the Shamantics just the day before. Even though it is a recording we feel this strong energy. At the end drenched in sweat Ya'Acov said something like “a huge thank to Jens in Hamburg who worked his socks of...“Oh that is funny, your name is Jens too”. “No my dear I am Jens”. In this moment a 36 hour struggle came to an end. Time to look back.

Friday morning the Shamantics day. A week ago I send new hardware to Ya'Acov so that we can connect a video camera to the computer. The webinars are record with a normal webcam. But for the Shamantics that would be no fun. We made some tests in the morning and they were perfect. Some days before we tested the internet in the school. The connection was also perfect. So I was looking forward. This should be very easy this time.

At 5:00 the computer was connected to the internet. I am sitting in Hamburg, Germany about 1000 km away and taking control over the computer in the school. Panic, the internet speed is not good enough although we tested it before. Sitting 1000 km away from the problem does not make the problem better. So trust the people on-site. They managed it. 6:00 I start the video stream but I can not receive it. Panic. I get the first mails „How do I get connected for the webinar this eve“. There are instructions explaining it. I test several things but nothing works. Ok time for plan B, C...

I call the owner of the video server.. „Sorry I am on the autobahn. Wait, I can stop here. Sorry no internet here. I call a friend.“. 6:30 the friend calls me. We have a problem with the firewall in the school. Can we configure it? No. Can we hack it? No time. Try to use another video server which might solve the problem with the firewall. Programming, testing.

My email account gets more and more emails. “PLEASE HELP, I am here with 20 people waiting”. I know we have 50 people who want to watch the live stream. If they are all of this kind, then there are 1000 people waiting just for me. Keep cool. Should I answer each email or try to get the problem fixed. Thursday I have installed a new messageboard so I place a message there.

We tried some hacks. Nothing worked. 7:30 I have to accept that I have lost. The only thing I can do is a recording which I can provide later. After a while I recognise that we use the wrong audio input. Stop, change and start again. And 15 minutes before the Shamantics ends the internet connection was cut. May be the school shuts down their internet at 10:30. How can you know that.

Oh what a night. I cannot remember that I ever lost in such a situation. Normally I find a solution that is fine. But this time ... I was so broken-hearted that I could cry. Feeling so sad that so many people are waiting for me and that I disappointed them. Wow.

But the emails I got then were so astonishing and amazing. Starting from “thank you for letting me know”, “thank you for trying”, “don't worry we are connected anyway and making our own music”, “that gives me the time to clean my room” up to “you rock!”.

On Saturday morning after a hard night with nightmares I woke up with strong headache. Trying to find out what went wrong. Finding solutions for the next time. Getting the rest of the recording. And while I was listening to the recordings I decided to dance with Karuna in her group to night to give it a good ending.

Now I'm sitting here and looking back. What a community, how amazing was this feedback and this encouragement. This flexibility while dealing with these problems. What kind of space did we create. Doing a ritual like this. Being connected. This warmth and open-heartedness. This simple saying thank you, 21 gratitudes like Susannah and Ya'Acov are teaching. That is what my heart lets rise. And that's why I'm doing and loving this job. Thank you Roland, thank you Susannah, a big hug and a kiss on your head Ya'Acov and thank you all.


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