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Issue: April 2012
Shop news!

The new amazing, beautiful, subtle, deep CD Deep Flight by Aarom Andreas Gantenbein is flying off our shelves. We’ve produced this CD because Ya’acov and I love this music so much and we wanted it to be more widely available.

Our book in German is....

receiving rave reviews in terms of the level of its translation. Thank you to Kristin Glenwinkle and the translator Ms Fath-Engelhardt who worked together so beautifully to create this end result, and to Martina at Innenwelt Verlag for believing in the book, and to Anveshi for his suggestion of Innenwelt as an appropriate publisher! Yeah! And it’s got a beautiful new cover! Its called - guess what?! - Movement Medicine by Susannah and Ya’Acov Darling Khan, and you can get it from us, or from bookshops in Switzerland or in Germany.  If it’s not on their shelves, please ask them to order it for you. Or you can get it from

And the Musical Mosaic Musical Mosaic  keeps being donated more and more amazing music for you to download as MP3s (all money raised goes to support the One World Mosaic). One World Mosaic project Have a listen and decide what you want! The process of downloading is a bit more time consuming than with I-tunes, but it works! Do persevere, we are told the extra-ordinary music is worth it!

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